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About Tracy D.

Edmond, OK
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I can help those, who are new to the instrument, to become familiar with scales, progressions, technique, reading, and musical styles. I enjoy helping students find their voices and tastes by using videos and music that inspires them. If students already have some songs that they wish to learn, I can help them achieve those goals, as well.

About Tracy
I have been playing the drum set in various bands since 2001. I have also been playing with the OKC Community Orchestra since 2009. I have played in symphonic and jazz bands and a percussion ensemble. I have taught a percussion class, private lessons, and I have been a full time music teacher in the OKC district. I have recorded in the studio also, and I enjoy doing a bit of my own production. Rocking on stage is my favorite activity! I can teach you how to be an integral part of a band and play along to your favorites. I enjoy bringing out the best in a student and teaching to his/her strengths. Let's run!

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a very easygoing and patient teacher. I fully understand that the drum set requires a high level of coordination, and I am mindful of this while working with students. I will begin with proper gr
ip and stroke technique as well as the use of a metronome. I will teach the student to read rhythms and drum set notation. I know how to isolate difficult patterns, break them down into understandable parts, and reintegrate them into a piece. I like to use the music that a student enjoys to relate to the written music. I have found YouTube to be an indispensable tool for this, and my students have responded very well. I will work on snare drum technique as well, because it is the primary voice on the set, and the touch and nuance required to play it well relate to the set as well. I will tailor my instruction to suit the student's learning style and preferences. I want to make the learning fun, so I will help the student quickly gain the basic skills to play along with their favorite bands. This promotes musicality as well as solid time. It will also aid in transcription, which will come with development and is a valuable tool. I will use this in tandem with technique-building exercises to form a well rounded musician. I believe that a student should have a familiarity with his/her instrument, so we will also go over the anatomy and tuning of the set. Above all, music should be fun!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music room w/ drum set, hand drums, and seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have a practice pad, snare drum, and sticks. If a student wishes to have drum set lessons in his/her home, that instrument should be there.
**Please note** I do have a drum set in my home.

*** Specialties ***
For the drum set, I am the most experienced in rock, country, and bluegrass styles. I am comfortable with both Stevens and Burton grips for mallet instruments.

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13. ***See my article about rudiments.***
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15. ***See my article about reading drum charts/tabs.***
16. ***See my article about different types of sticks/effects.***
17. ***See my article about Bass Drum Technique.***
18. ***See my article on Snare Drum Technique.***
19. ***See my article on Fills.***
20.*** See my article on Different Drum Types.***

Recording Credits: "The Mary Rose" and "Normandie" from the album, Demos and Premiers, by Callen Clarke and Kyle Dillingham
Logan March 1, 2019
· Drum · In studio
Looking forward to learning more with Tracy!
Leah September 2, 2018
· Percussion · Online
My daughter has really been enjoying her lessons with Tracy! Many thanks!
Journey L. June 24, 2018
· Piano · In studio
Grand daughter was very impressed with Tracy; said she was very nice and is very excited to continue lessons with her.
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Tracy D.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Wade M.

Elkridge, MD
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Since 2004, I've taught students ranging from 4 year old beginners to 70+ year old piano teachers playing everything from classical masterworks to the blues to film music to covers of songs by Billy Joel and Coldplay, among others!

My specialty is classical piano, but I enjoy other styles and a number of my students love to explore other styles, too. You'll learn a solid core foundation that will transfer to playing well in any style; strategies for how to practice well; and, we will custom tailor the curriculum to meet your goals and interests!

Recording lessons, in either audio or video, is recommended so you can easily review during the week.

About Wade
Since I began teaching in 2004, I've enjoyed teaching students ranging from adult piano teachers and hobbyists to pre-professional musicians and children learning for fun. My students have performed in recitals, won auditions at the National Piano Guild, and participated in the Interlochen summer festival, among many other events!

We will tailor lessons to suit your goals.

As a pianist, I've performed across the country as a soloist and a collaborator, including recitals with faculty members of the Peabody Conservatory and the National Symphony Orchestra.

I'm constantly seeking to further my education and improve my skills through ongoing private lessons in piano, organ, voice, conducting, and composition, as well as through masterclasses, workshops, courses, and texts.

Have a question? I'd be happy to answer!

Click the
green button to schedule a lesson today!

--Lesson Style--
I believe in a friendly, lighthearted approach to upholding high standards of excellence. Your goals help set the curriculum, tone, and intensity of lessons. It's amazing how much you can grow when you enjoy the process.

Both studios have grand pianos available for students to play, as well as access to extra instruments, recording equipment, scores, and more.
Benni November 9, 2016
· Piano · In studio
Everything looks good for the first session time will tell.
Jin August 29, 2016
· Piano · In studio
Mr. Meyers has been my son's piano teacher for four years. He is so knowledgable, and is also very patient to student. My son likes his lesson so much because the lesson is fun. From what my son learned, I appreciate what he taught. He teaches student not only play/perform piano but also understand/enjoy piano or music. My son benefits from his good teaching at music thoery. On his first private percussion trail lesson past week, my son's furture percussion teacher is very satisfied with his skills on scales and sightreading.
Rachel August 29, 2016
· Piano · In home
Wade is an extremely knowledgeable teacher with an extensive musical background. He's also kind, nurturing, and seems to genuinely enjoy teaching. Great to work with, whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional looking to hone your skills. Great with kids and adults alike.
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Wade M.

starting at
$45 / 30-min

About Rebecca F.

Bellevue, NE

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Learn everything from "this is middle C" to "this is how you interpret this Rachmaninoff passage" to improvisation and music theory/history.

About Rebecca
I have 50 years of teaching experience, from beginners to advanced students. I also teach the people no one else thinks are teachable because I work with people from where they are and find their best learning styles. Several of my students are now professional musicians, but that's not everyone's course. I teach every age range from 3-83 and everything from classical to country-western. And I teach every orchestral and band instrument, and guitar, bass, and drum kit and some instruments you've never heard of. I also teach voice, pop, rock, opera, doesn't matter to me.

*** Lesson Details ***
Important Note: I will no longer take new students that want lessons every other week, beginning Nov 1. Inconsistent lessons, especially with younger students, allows them to forget too much between sessions.

What I teach is transferable
to EVERY endeavor whether it's music or math or soccer. I require practice on the student's part. You will be able to play recognizable songs within your first month. You tell me what you or your child wants out of music lessons, and I will tell you exactly how to get it.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lesson will happen in a space next to the family room which is upstairs. Teacher has a collection of instruments, music stands, couches for seating. Park on the street or driveway.

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***
I'm flexible. I have taught everything from country western guitar to classical guitar, from Jazz trumpet to orchestral audition music, from barbershop singing to Broadway musical singing. I have even taught ballet. I cater my methods to the student's best learning style.
Paula U. July 27, 2018
· Saxophone · In home
Rebecca is very experienced.
She is a great teacher
lilane S. May 10, 2018
· Violin · In studio
I really like this teacher and most important the student Lily loves her that is most important for her to enjoy the teacher and the lesson she is very excited about learning the violin!
Carl C. February 22, 2018
· Violin · In home
I had a good experience with my instructor. She's very knowledgeable and patient. The area where instructions are given are a little cramped.
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Rebecca F.

Bellevue, NE 68005
starting at
$22 / 30-min

About Ruth R.

Arvada, CO

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As a piano teacher, I am very open to students' musical goals and assist them in working toward them step by step. I work with what motivates my students to learn. I am very patient and teach my students to be patient with the process so that learning music can become a life-long pursuit.

Schedule: Each student is assigned a designated lesson time each week (half-hour, 45 min, or hour slots). Students are expected to be punctual to ensure full lesson time.

Materials: Students will need lesson books and must have them ready for each lesson. The preferred methods to start are Piano Adventures by Faber, All-in-one course by Alfred or Bastien Piano Basics. Please provide a folder or binder to hold additional sheet music, assignment sheets, theory papers, etc. Links to order piano books, sheet music or music theory flashcards will be sent to students prior to their first lesson and may be ordered via Amazon online.

Practicing: Daily practice should become a habit. Students are ...

About Ruth
I have been teaching private piano lessons for 11 years, beginning in 2006. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and Music from Millikin University where I studied vocal performance, piano, and music education. I am also a professional vocalist and perform at local churches. I look forward to working with you and sharing the joys of music!
Andrew March 30, 2019
· Classical Piano · In home
Ruth was patient and kind, but also managed to teach my son something new in just half an hour.
Rochelle August 29, 2018
· Piano · In studio
We love Ruth. My daughter is learning and we are really happy with the lessons. We would recommend Ruth and think she is a wonderful teacher.
Amanda August 6, 2018
· Piano · In studio
Ruth is wonderful. She is very flexible in making sure we get our scheduled lesson. She is alway so patient and kind to my son. My son is loving piano and it makes us so happy! It all has to do with the instructor, for sure!
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Ruth R.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Kaitlyn T.

Oceanside, CA
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My students excel in everything they do because of the techniques we learn that incorporate skills to strengthen learning in subjects including: math, science, languages, reading, writing, creativity and many more life long skills. I challenge my students and encourage them to have fun most of all in pursuing their passions for music.

About Kaitlyn
I am a passionate educator. I own a music school in Oceanside, California called Tilghman's Academy of Music. I received my music degree from Berklee College of Music. All of my students go on to be successful performers and learners in all fields. I have had students from the age of 3-85 years old. I am a professional performer and instructor. I guarantee to make it my goal to help each student reach their maximum potential.
Evan December 17, 2016
· Clarinet · Online
My 10 year old son really enjoyed the clarinet lesson. He learned a lot and thought she was very nice.
Tom October 12, 2016
· Clarinet · In home
An excellent first lesson. Supportive, very helpful and knowledgeable.
Jacob September 16, 2016
· Clarinet · In home
Kaitlyn was great! She knows her stuff and my son is really excited to improve his clarinet skills.
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Kaitlyn T.

starting at
$25 / 20-min
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About Abby Y.

Hermitage, MO
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Taking piano lessons with me will be a pleasurable experience because I make it fun for the student. I always figure out what the student is interested in and tailor the music to what you like.

About Abby
Hello! My name is Miss Yohn and I am looking forward to learning about you and helping you with your needs.

I will not text, call, or email anyone outside of this site. Please do not message me with your personal information.
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Abby Y.

starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Natalie A.

Frederick, MD
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I am one of the most diverse piano teachers you will find. I can thoroughly teach both classical and jazz, as well as theory, composition, and music technology. My teaching style is fun, motivating, and challenging all at the same time.

About Natalie
I have been playing piano since I was 7 years old and grew up with classical training and spent a lot of time composing and learning things by ear at a young age. In high school I attended the Arts & Communications Academy at Thomas Johnson High School. I then traveled to Shepherd University with almost a full ride to study classical piano and composition. After one year I decided I wanted to intensify my studies and attend Shenandoah Conservatory where I began studying jazz piano. While at Shenandoah, I was immersed in a rich learning environment that increased my knowledge and experience in classical repertoire, and gave me my foundation in jazz harmony, improvising, and performing live in a variety of settings and ensembles. In 2017 I graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory with my BM in Jazz Studies. Since graduating I have become a pa
rt of the DC music scene working with R&B artists, singer-songwriters, jazz groups, funk groups, fusion groups and traveled to major cities all over the east coast performing in these various musical groups. Music has been my life for as long as I can remember. I am always performing, rehearsing, jamming, and writing. When I started teaching in high school I realized I had a similar passion for sharing my knowledge with others and inspiring my students. So join me in my studio where you can learn everything from classical piano, to jazz piano, to dealing with synthesizers and learning what all those knobs and buttons mean!
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Natalie A.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Raegan C.

Winchester, KY
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I have been teaching piano to students young and old for more than seven years. My teaching process is tailored to each student and their specific needs/skills. I have taught students as young as 6 and as old as 50. It is my belief that music is a gift that ought to be taught and shared with everyone, regardless of gender, race, or age. Gospel songs, hymns, and church music are my specialty. Learn the basics of music theory, technique, and artistry and participate in recitals!

About Raegan
I am a professional pianist. I completed a music degree at Commonwealth Baptist College in Kentucky.

Piano students can expect to improve week to week. Every person has a unique instrumental style; I teach students to master the basics before improving technique to unlock their talent. I can help any student to play with freedom, confidence, and expression.

I teach piano students of all different ages and experience levels. I studied Gospel/church piano for 12 years, and classical and contemporary piano for 7 of those. I can teach students to read music and pursue classical excellence, to learn how to play Gospel and contemporary music using chord sheets, or both depending on the goals and preference of the student.

My personal passion is Gospel music, but I firmly believe that great technique is essential to any and every style. I loo
k forward to meeting you and helping you to become a master musician!
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Raegan C.

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$25 / 30-min

About Christopher D.

Olmsted Falls, OH

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My piano lessons are customized to meet your specific musical goals, and whether you are an adult wanting to take lessons for the first time, or a teen aspiring to make music your full-time career, I am excited to help you achieve success on the piano. My lessons are rooted in classical training, and I incorporate many contemporary techniques including piano improvisation and playing by ear.

About Christopher
I have played and studied music for over 15 years, performing locally and internationally in a wide variety of solo, chamber, and orchestral music settings. I've had several years of teaching experience, both through my private studio as well as affiliations with local music schools.

While I love performing in a variety of contexts, what I love most is to inspire students and watch them succeed! I have a passion for empowering students to develop their musical skills, as well as to teach them how to have a love for what they do, to problem solve, to have grit, to be disciplined, and to use music to benefit their families and communities.

I started playing piano when I was 8 years old, and in high school I started playing viola. In 2018, I graduated with my B.M. in performance from Cedarville University, and anticipate graduation in
2021 from Kent State University with my M.M. in viola performance. I offer a high level of expertise, drawn from the curriculum of over five master teachers including Peter Slowik (Chicago Symphony), Joanna Zakany (Cleveland Orchestra), Sheridan Currie, Arthur Klima (Cleveland Orchestra), and Jane Jaquith.
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Christopher D.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

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