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Akos F.

Akos F.

I am an experienced bass guitar teacher with 10+ years of professional career behind me. I'm looking for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of good playing habits (learning the right songs that you makes you a better musician!). I specialize in rock, jazz and funk. I focus on playing by memory but sheet music and cheat sheets are also available upon request. I also have the following tools available to use during lessons: sound recordings, sheet music, and more upon request. Let's plug in that guitar and play some smooth bass lines :)
/30 mins
Claire A.

Claire A.

Bass is the backbone of all your favorite tunes! As a professional bassist, I've played, performed and recorded with a variety of groups, and toured nationally and internationally, and had my bass lines featured on TV, Video Games and even a Royals commercial. In lessons, we'll go over the fundamentals of technique and improvisation, and how to construct effective bass lines.
/30 mins
Gavin L.

Gavin L.

Focuses can include: Understanding the fretboard, right and left hand techniques, reading bass clef, the role of the bass in a band situation, learning to be able to improvise on the fly, tone shaping, fingers vs pick, basic slap/pop and much more!
/30 mins
Charles B.

Charles B.

I'll teach you to sound like whoever, whomever or whatever you'd like! -Slap (Davie504, Victory Wooten, Marcus Miller, Boosty) -Pick (Blink182, Punk, "Money, Money, Money" bassline) -Finger (Jaco, Jamerson, Rocco) -Upright (Ray Brown, Mingus, Bill Black, Lee Rocker) -Jazz (Walking bass, the Blues, Rhythm Changes) -Latin (Tumbao, Salsa, Samba) -Arco/Bow (Classical & Ballads) -Theory (What is a...? "I, IV, V" or "ii, V7, I") -Reading (Important for school and the studio! ) Try with me!
/45 mins
Joe A.

Joe A.

Experienced teacher of over 20 years. All styles, techniques taught..focusing on fundamental musicianship for beginner/intermediate levels. Hal Leonard books used with lessons tailored to students goals and musical tastes. Teacher and staff member of Victor Wooten's Bass Nature Camp and Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp for over 15 yrs. Let's have fun and learn together!!
/30 mins
Jason M.

Jason M.

As a bass player in a punk rock band I learned to apply the concepts I know on the guitar over to bass and slowly started introducing intervals and right and left hand techniques that are not as common on the guitar. A few of my bass students are professionals and have applied to big name music schools after taking my class.
/30 mins
Edwin I.

Edwin I.

All genres - pop, folk, blues, rock, R&B, singer/songwriter, classical, world, etc. Groove, improvisation soloing Proper technique Repertoire Music analysis
/30 mins
Glenn S.

Glenn S.

Rock and jazz and blues. Scales, walking, and chord theory covered.
/30 mins
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I had my first lesson with Theresa today. I am very impressed. She's very friendly and has a deep knowledge of bass and music in general - she showed me some finger exercises for flexibility, we disc

charles schoch (Bass Guitar lessons with Theresa S.)

Stephen has really been really helping me advance my musicianship in a lot of ways that I wouldn't have gotten from self-study alone. He is generous with his time and attention and really wants to hel

Luke (Bass Guitar lessons with Stephen L.)

The best lesson I have taken! I look forward to future lessons because I am learning so much!

Aaron (Bass Guitar lessons with Stephen L.)

Can't wait to bang-out the drills

Michael (Bass Guitar lessons with Theresa S.)

I had my first lesson with Theresa today. I am very impressed. She's very friendly and has a deep knowledge of bass and music in general - she showed me some finger exercises for flexibility, we disc

charles schoch (Bass Guitar lessons with Theresa S.)

Stephen has really been really helping me advance my musicianship in a lot of ways that I wouldn't have gotten from self-study alone. He is generous with his time and attention and really wants to hel

Luke (Bass Guitar lessons with Stephen L.)

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Bass Guitar Lessons

When you think of the bass guitar, legendary bass guitarists like Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, Flea, and Paul McCartney likely come to mind. While the first bass guitar was only invented in the 1930s, it has since become an iconic instrument in various ensembles, from rock bands to pop groups.

If you’ve always dreamed of shredding on this instrument like those iconic bass guitarists, then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to offering in-person lessons at TakeLessons, we also offer the best online bass guitar lessons around! Sign up with us today to embark on your musical endeavors.

Certified Bass Guitar Teachers

Here at TakeLessons, we understand how valuable it is to work with a tutor who understands your needs. Maybe you want to go at a slower pace or have a specific learning style that works best for you. Because each student is different, we invite you to select a bass guitar teacher who is a good match for you and your studies.

Finding the ideal bass guitar tutor near you is easy! Check out our selection of certified bass guitar teachers. You can review their experience, browse their availability, and even read feedback from previous students. As for rates, each tutor sets their own prices, but prices may range between $15 and $300 per hour. With that in mind, the average cost of an hour-long session is $62.

Once you’ve selected your teacher, you’re almost done. Next, simply choose your schedule and pick your lesson package. Now you’re all set to begin making music!

Online Bass Guitar Lessons for All Ages

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Age is just a number,” and that’s certainly the case when it comes to learning to play the bass guitar. Anyone, no matter how old they are, can learn their way around this instrument!

In fact, we offer in-person and online bass guitar lessons for kids and adults. Our tutors know how to customize their lessons to each individual student’s age group so that they can get the most out of their sessions.

Whether your 10-year-old daughter or 85-year-old grandpa wants to learn, there’s never been a better time to find bass guitar lessons near you!

Bass Guitar Lessons for All Levels

Maybe it’s been 10 years since the last time you played bass guitar. Or perhaps you’ve never picked one up before! It doesn’t matter what you already know about playing this instrument because our certified tutors are here to help.

We provide bass guitar lessons for beginners, who are just starting their musical journey. Plus, we also offer intermediate and advanced lessons for those who are already familiar with this instrument. Your tutor will assess your current skills and develop a lesson plan that best suits your goals and preferences.

Don’t let anything stop you from signing up for bass guitar lessons near you!

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Bass Guitar Lessons

Topics that are often covered in bass guitar lessons for beginners include:

  • Memorizing fretboard notes
  • Introduction to harmony, keys, chords, and scale patterns
  • Diatonic chord introduction
  • Diminished chord patterns
  • How to read music

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Bass Guitar Lessons

Some key skills that are commonly taught include:

  • Slap bass
  • Improving solo speed
  • Double stops
  • Melodic sequences
  • Picking and fretting techniques
  • Ghost notes

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Bass Guitar Lessons

Once students arrive at this level, many bass guitar instructors include the following techniques in their lesson plans:

  • Super bass solos
  • Triplet slap bass
  • Mastering the entire fretboard
  • Style and groove breakdowns

Sign up Today

Here at TakeLessons, it’s our mission to make learning this instrument flexible, affordable, and hassle-free. When you’re ready to sign up for bass guitar lessons, the check-out process is simple: Pick your tutor, choose your schedule, select your lesson package, and score our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee—we told you it was easy!

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Can I teach myself cello?


Yes, it is possible to teach yourself to a certain extent, but we don’t recommend it. When you teach yourself, there’s too much room for error. You may pick up bad habits and poor posture that could negatively impact your playing skills down the road.

That’s why we suggest taking bass guitar lessons with a private tutor. Here at TakeLessons, our certified and experienced tutors will provide you with the skills and tools you need to master this instrument. They’ll help you lay a solid foundation, which will help you get the hang of the bass guitar. What’s more, when you learn one-on-one with a private bass guitar teacher, you have the opportunity to ask all your questions and receive constructive feedback, which isn’t the case when you teach yourself on your own.

What should I learn first on the bass guitar?


It really depends on what you already know about the bass guitar. If you’re just starting out, you might need to focus on learning how to read music, memorizing the fretboard notes, and discovering how to properly hold the instrument. However, if you already know that, you might be ready to focus on your first walking bass line.

Every student’s journey is different, and that’s why we suggest signing up for bass guitar lessons right here with us. During your session, your private tutor will determine what areas you should work on first. Your bass guitar tutor is here to put you on the path toward success.

What is the easiest way to learn bass guitar?


The easiest way to learn this instrument is to take in-person or online bass guitar lessons. Here at TakeLessons, you can choose your preferred private tutor and receive one-on-one instruction.

The reason why this is the easiest avenue is that your private tutor is experienced at creating lesson plans based on your skills, age, learning style, preferences, and interests. Not only that, but your tutor is entirely committed to your success, which means you will receive their full attention. This personalized instruction will help you learn this instrument in no time. You can learn at your own pace and ask all your questions to ensure you understand all the ins and outs.

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