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Accordion Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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I love working with Silvia! She is very encouraging and sweet. You can tell that she is passionate about playing music and believes that it is very important that you enjoy playing. She is working wit

Nikki (Accordion lessons with Silvia R E.)

Rodrigo was flexible with my crazy schedule and was always willing to go the extra mile. I have really developed a true love now for the accordion thanks to him.

Adrian (Accordion lessons with Rodrigo R.)

Rodrigo is very knowledgeable and helpful—he helped make many concepts clear to me in only a few lessons. I am excited to practice and continue to improve my playing!

Connor Bulakites (Accordion lessons with Rodrigo R.)

Rodrigo is an excellent instructor! He explains everything thoroughly and makes the accordion less intimidating to play.

Cassidy (Accordion lessons with Rodrigo R.)

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Accordion Lessons

The exotic sound of the Accordion creates a texture that is deep in tone, creating a warm sound that is perfect for every type of music. From “Squeeze Box” by The Who to “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles, “The Boy In The Bubble” by Paul Simon, there are plenty of well-known hits that use the Accordion as a central instrument to create melody, texture, and tone in a song.

Suppose you’ve ever been interested in learning to play the accordion but are unsure where to find accordion lessons. In that case, TakeLessons has customizable accordion lessons for students at every age and ability level.

Certified Accordion Lessons Teachers

Finding an accordion teacher that matches your interests and goals, is able to teach when you’re available, and all for a price you can afford can be a challenge! At TakeLessons, we make it easy to find the right teacher, sign up quickly, and start mastering the accordion.

Our process is simple and hassle-free. You browse through our list of accordion lessons teachers to find the right fit for your needs and budget. Average prices for these lessons range from $40 per half hour to $65 per hour in most cases.

Once matched with a tutor, schedule a class time that suits your interests and abilities, and you’re all set. We offer classes designed and customized for students at all levels and ages, so whether you’re an advanced student or looking for accordion lessons for kids, we’ve got the perfect teacher for you.

Accordion Online Lessons for All Ages

Finding the right teacher for your interests is one thing, but finding a lesson plan that matches your age is another. At TakeLessons, our certified instructors list the age range they work with to help you find the appropriate teacher for your needs. In other words, if you’re a fully-grown adult, you won’t be placed in a class with an accordion teacher that specializes in toddler music classes.

What’s more, all of our courses are customized to fit every student’s needs, interests, ages, and skills, making them ideal for students looking to start out at any age to the more experienced professionals looking to sharpen their chops and technique.

Accordion Lessons for All Levels

We know that students are looking for lessons and come from different backgrounds and understanding. This is why at TakeLessons, we create individualized classes to cater to every student's level and interests to help them accomplish their goals. Whether you’re an experienced pro or looking for accordion lessons for beginners, there’s a class that fits your needs.

With over 4 million classes taught monthly, our programs are the best online accordion lessons you can find. Or, if learning to play accordion in person is more your speed, we can accommodate that, too. That’s the beauty of TakeLessons, fully customized classes for students of all levels, ages, and interests!

Accordion Lessons Curriculum

Because TakeLessons courses are tailored to each student, our teachers inquire about your experience level, age, and goals in mastering the accordion to design the perfect class for you.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Accordion Lessons

If you’ve wondered about the accordion but have never played one, or have a little-to-no musical background, then an introductory class is ideal for you.

A sample curriculum for beginner accordion lessons will teach the basics such as:

  • Finding the right type and size of accordion
  • Properly holding the accordion and finger placement
  • Squeezing the bellows correctly, and more!
  • Knowing how to play bass, and treble notes in rhythm
  • Learning basic music theory and ear training

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Accordion Lessons

If you have experience playing accordion and are looking to improve your knowledge and technique, intermediate lessons are best suited for you.

A sample curriculum of intermediate accordion lessons may include topics such as:

  • Mastering basic melodies, chords, and scales
  • Reading musical notation and chord charts
  • Combining complex melodies, rhythms, and chords

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Accordion Lessons

For the more advanced musician looking to expand the instruments they can play or for experienced accordion players looking to master their instrument, the advanced lessons are best.

Classes are catered to help individual students achieve their goals.

The advanced lesson curriculum may include the following;

  • Changing rhythms and advanced use of the bellows and air valves to create dynamics in tone
  • Mastering musical theory and sight-reading
  • Preparing for auditions and performances
  • Transcribing from other musical instruments and songs to play on the accordion, and more!

Sign up Today

Signing up for our online accordion lessons is simple and hassle-free. To begin, look over the catalog of instructors, then read past student reviews and pricing before selecting your instructor and course schedule. It’s that simple! And if you’re not 100% satisfied with your lessons, we will refund the remaining money from your account. Sign up today and get started mastering the accordion!


Is it hard to learn to play the accordion?

No, the accordion is not a particularly hard instrument to learn to play. Like most instruments, learning the accordion will take time, focus, practice, and patience to become comfortable mastering it. The best way to improve quickly is to get individual instruction from professional teachers specializing in the accordion.

Is it easier to learn accordion or guitar?

The guitar has a special notation, known as tablature (or tab), to help players learn how to play songs faster. Accordion players must learn to read music (or train the ear) to learn how to play songs effectively. The combination of fingering required for the accordion makes it more complicated to start learning, but much like the piano, the accordion is easier to master quicker than the guitar.

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