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so happy to finally find a relaxed person and you just know he enjoys teaching and doesnt hurry you. am excited for my next lessons

Lorraine (Banjo lessons with Kenton M.)

Kenton was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone.

Gabe (Banjo lessons with Kenton M.)

Ryan provides thorough and patient instruction.

Tim (Banjo lessons with Ryan B.)

Patient teacher and expert practitioner. Really cares about student's growth. He also reminds you to have fun. Always on time for lesson, too.

Barbara (Banjo lessons with Ryan B.)

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Banjo Lessons

The banjo is widely played instrument in many traditional styles of music, and has gained popularity worldwide in the last century.

Origins of the banjo can be traced back to the 1700s. Over time, the instrument became a staple of African-American musical culture as styles of playing were developed. It is now most frequently associated with folk and country music. It has been used by many popular musicians over the years, including the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and the Allman Brothers.

TakeLessons offers an effective, stress-free platform for the best online banjo lessons (and in-person sessions). Get started today!

Certified Banjo Teachers

TakeLessons has put together a team of certified, background-checked banjo teachers. Choose from teachers based on their learning options, teaching style, and price.

At TakeLessons, we believe having options for your education allows for a better experience. That’s why our catalog of instructors offers the best online banjo lessons, in-studio coaching, and at-home sessions. As you search through teachers, you’ll be able to see their background, starting rate, and all their customer reviews. The average price of a 60-minute banjo lesson is $60.

Our platform takes the mystery out of finding great banjo lessons. Sign up to get started right away!

Online Banjo Lessons for All Ages

Learning banjo is possible for every age of learner. From kids to seniors, we’ve got a teacher and a lesson package perfect for you.

Take our banjo lessons for kids, all of which are suited to the youngest banjo players' learning styles and attention spans. Our teachers emphasize fun but don’t sacrifice building technical skills during their engaging banjo lessons. Teens, adults, and seniors will also find lessons crafted around their specific goals for learning the banjo.

Effective learning starts with the best online banjo lessons (and in-person sessions) on TakeLessons. Sign up today to upgrade you or your child’s banjo skills!

Banjo Lessons for All Levels

The key to great banjo lessons is a teacher and a lesson plan tailored around students’ particular skill levels. At TakeLessons, we understand the importance of personalized lessons.

A great example is the approach of our banjo lessons for beginners, which helps you or your child gain a familiarity with the instrument. Our teachers help you learn songs you’ve always wanted to play while also injecting a little history as they introduce new concepts and techniques. Effective banjo teachers achieve a balance between designing lessons for your goals and providing a distinct challenge for your skill level.

Plus, signing up for the best online banjo lessons and in-person sessions is easy and stress-free. Get started today!

Banjo Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Banjo Lessons

  • History of the banjo
  • Fingerings
  • Banjo styles
  • Clawhammer banjo

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Banjo Lessons

  • Bluegrass banjo
  • Folk banjo
  • Incorporating music theory
  • Banjo scales

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Banjo Lessons

  • Advanced music theory
  • Playing with a band
  • Banjo solos
  • Timing and rhythm

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TakeLessons is committed to connecting you with experienced teachers on an easy-to-use platform, offering you banjo lessons for any age or level. Since we are committed to providing the best online banjo lessons and in-person coaching, all of our lessons are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up and start learning today!


Is it hard to learn the banjo?

The banjo isn’t hard to start learning. The instrument’s tuning allows you to pick it up and play a nice-sounding, basic fingerpicked style. Like many instruments, though, the banjo has advanced techniques that will take hard work and dedication to get just right. That’s where effective banjo teachers can help you, showing you new songs while you master your technique. A great tutor can assist you in fixing bad habits, understanding complex theory, and getting your timing just right.

Can I teach myself to play banjo?

You can start banjo by teaching yourself. There are a number of online tutorials and video lessons accessible online, and you can definitely learn some basic scales, fingerpicking techniques, and easy songs by yourself. Without the help of expert banjo teachers, your progress will be slow as you struggle to master some complex techniques. If you have the resources, the most effective way to learn is through in-person coaching or the best online banjo lessons on a platform such as TakeLessons.

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