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Russell S.

Russell S.

If you are ready to start taking your guitar skills SERIOUSLY then stop wasting time and money on teachers who don't fully understand the instrument or subject matter themselves. My name is Russ and I have been playing guitar professionally for 20 years and teaching music and producing records for over 15. I have a Platinum #1 Billboard charting record under my belt, worked with artists such as Mac Miller, Sean Kingston, Red Velvet, Lifehouse and more; and have composed music to 100s of your favorite TV shows! Feel free to browse my official website for a full list of credits. Want to learn to shred guitar? Produce beats? Write your own songs? Dive into theory? Record yourself? This page is the one stop shop. Feel free to reach out with any requests or questions!
/60 mins
Sean S.

Sean S.

The guitar is the most popular instrument to learn, and it is indisputably at the heart of country music. You'll learn some basic exercises to develop core skills, quickly mastering the basic "cowboy chords" that form the backbone of most country songs, and soon you'll find yourself moving smoothly between chords without missing a beat. Building on that foundation, you'll go from boom-chick rhythm strums to learning fingerpicking "banjo rolls," melodic riffs and fills, and alternate chord fingerings to master the whole fretboard. And woven into the practical lessons, you'll also learn practical elements of music theory including harmony and how to transpose to different keys. I'm often asked if you need to read music to learn guitar, and while it can be useful for advanced students, it is not necessary for beginners, and I don't place a lot of emphasis on it. While my approach is grass-roots, you'll learn to "work smarter, not harder," use scientifically-based learning techniques to train your brain and build "muscle memory." I believe that playing music should be enjoyable, and you should also be able to have a lot of fun in the process of learning it! Of course, it's important to devote regular time to practice in between lessons to make steady progress. This effort will bring its own reward as you start playing with greater ease of expression, and your self-motivation will help you gain momentum. I look forward to working with you and seeing your progress as you unfold your potential!
/30 mins
Eli B.

Eli B.

I am offering engaging lessons for adults or young adults who want to start or continue their study of music! I've been teaching for several years in the Denver area as well as online, covering everything from learning how to strum a guitar through advanced contemporary and jazz theory. Some subjects I've explored with my students include: Reading chord charts, Site reading; sheet music, Classical music, Jazz & Pop Standards, Improvisation, Groove & keeping time, Jamming with other musicians, Songwriting and composition, Music production software (GarageBand, Logic Pro) Everyone has a unique musical style, and the ways in which we learn music are just as diverse! I'm an expert at understanding what my students want to get out of music, and I can help you get to where you want to be musically by basing our lessons around the songs and ideas that you want to learn. Get in touch, let's see what kind of music we can make!
/30 mins
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