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Mary Helen S.

Mary Helen S.

Hi there! Thank you for considering me in your search for a voice instructor. As a voice teacher and vocal coach, I sincerely belief that anyone who possesses the true desire and drive can learn to sing and use their voice to it's fullest potential. Vocal technique, especially for singing, isn't something you must simply be born with, it is something you can learn! I provide a safe, encouraging, and instructive space in which to try new things so you can discover your own unique voice and talent. With proper training and practice, you will discover that you really can do it! If you have the passion and the drive to stick to it and work hard, you can sing the music you’ve always dreamed of. Broadway and Musical Theater are special loves of mine and I have been both performing and teaching students of all ages for more than 10 years. I have a BA in Music and Vocal Performance with a background in Vocal Pedagogy and Classical Technique. I offer competitive pricing and both in-person as well as remote private lessons so you can learn from the comfort and safety of your own home! I love helping students grow, overcome their own vocal challenges, and reach their singing goals in a way that is fun, empowering, affirming, and inspiring. I love how excited my students get every time they make a new breakthrough and find they can now do with ease something they may have thought was impossible for them before! I have worked with students of all ages at a variety of skill levels. Everything from absolute beginners to advanced performers who are looking to improve their technique and vocal health. My sweet spot is any student who needs a little help finding their musical confidence, building good vocal habits, and/or infusing their natural love of singing with the technique needed to overcome vocal challenges and take them to the next level. I also have extensive, multi-genre performance experience as a soloist and collaborative vocalist in musical theater, rock and jazz bands, a capella singing groups, and choral music. Therefore, I understand the needs and challenges of the performer and am able to equip students with the tools they need to meet and sustain their performance goals.
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/30 mins


Study with AWARD WINNING, BROADWAY & NATIONAL TOUR Credited Singer. I will provide you with a wealth of information and tools you need to bring your singing voice to the next level, in a fun and relaxing environment. With over 20 years of performing and teaching experience and having studied with the BEST in the industry including 2-time Academy Award winning composer A.R. Rahman and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Learn: - How to prevent vocal damage and strain - How to overcome stage fright and anxiety - How to expand your vocal range - How to utilize your breath efficiently - How to eliminate bad vocal and performing habits - How to choose the material that is right for you - How to improve diction * So much more! * LEARN FROM A TEACHER WHO’S BEEN THERE!
50% OFF$40
/30 mins
Louise G.

Louise G.

Learning or perfecting skills can often feel intimidating and challenging at times. In each personalized lesson, it is my goal that you feel encouraged and appreciated for the unique singer or learner you are. I will give you the tools you need to become a confident and composed performer and to reach your goals as a student. I will provide fun and interactive exercises that help you master the basics of breath, posture, tone, diction, and the foundations of musicianship. Students will learn how to prepare a song and how to present a song in dramatic and interpretive form. Students will learn how to prepare for auditions and competitions (choral, solo, theatre role, etc.), and how to overcome stage fright and other challenges that are unique to live performance. I use a variety of teaching tools such as physical movement, imagery, and visual aids. I specialize in classical singing, musical theatre, and the jazz/blues sound. My goal is for you to enjoy singing and to meet your goals, whether you want to just sing at home for your family or land a leading role in a musical!
50% OFF$24
/30 mins
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She was great! Very helpful, and look forward to working with her more!

Shahmeer Hashmat (Broadway Singing lessons with Denise B.)

I love Denise she is my favorite singing teacher ever

Bryan (Broadway Singing lessons with Denise B.)

always helping me with high notes

Jason Mussachio (Broadway Singing lessons with Denise B.)

My lessons with Denise have been great. I took lessons under the intention of performance in musical theater, and in under five lessons she was able to get it professional-ready. By no means does that

Aaron Jin (Broadway Singing lessons with Denise B.)

She was great! Very helpful, and look forward to working with her more!

Shahmeer Hashmat (Broadway Singing lessons with Denise B.)

I love Denise she is my favorite singing teacher ever

Bryan (Broadway Singing lessons with Denise B.)

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Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons

If show tunes are your jam, you know every note and move in West Side Story, Rent, and other top Broadway acts, and you want to learn how to sing and perform to those Broadway greats, then theatrical broadway singing lessons are for you!

Every month over 4 million students are taught the basics of their passion and master their crafts through TakeLessons private instruction from industry professionals, making us the best online theatrical broadway singing lessons. Whether your interests are to mimic the actors in your favorite musical or perform in local theater, even make it onto Broadway one day, theatrical Broadway lessons are for you.

Get started today at TakeLessons.

Certified Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons Teachers

All TakeLessons instructors are specialists and experts in their field. Whether you’re looking for theatrical broadway singing lessons for beginners or working on mastering your craft, browse through our list of certified, background-screened experts to find the perfect match to meet your goals. As you browse our category of industry professionals, you’ll be able to read a review of past students, agree on pricing, and find the perfect fit for your interests, age, ability, and budget!

Getting started is simple.

After finding your match, connect with the teacher to schedule the types of classes you want, agree on the price, and get going! Prices for individual private theatrical Broadway singing lessons range from $42 for 30 minutes to $74 for an hour.

Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons Online for All Ages

Theatrical Broadway is an excellent form of expression. Whether you’re retired and looking for a hobby, dreaming of standing on center stage in New York or simply looking for theatrical Broadway singing lessons for kids, there’s never a better time than right now to begin.

TakeLessons makes it easy to learn theatrical singing by crafting lesson plans for students of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for a teacher for a 5-year-old, or a 65-year-old looking to pursue your passions, our customizable lessons let you set a schedule that fits your busy days and let you chase your dreams.

Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons for All Levels

We know that every student has different experiences, interests, and backgrounds, so our individualized lesson plans are perfect for students of any level. Suppose you have a theater background looking to hone your skills or simply starting out. In that case, TakeLessons offers customized private theatrical Broadway singing lessons for beginners to advanced performers to help you learn how to perform all your show tune favorites.

Our certified theatrical Broadway singing teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help beginners, intermediate, and advanced performers reach their goals and soar to new heights.

Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons Curriculum

At TakeLessons, you have the opportunity to learn at your pace through individual lessons with top-rated instructors. Whether in-person or if you’re looking for online classes to take in the comfort of your own home.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons

If you’ve ever wanted to belt out your favorite show tunes but don’t know the first thing about singing, a beginner class is ideal. For beginners, mastering breathing and posture are crucial foundations for furthering your skills.

Some things beginners may learn in a sample lesson include:

  • Breathing and posture
  • Vocal warm-ups and maintaining vocal health
  • Tone, range, and matching pitch
  • Learning to read music notation and basic music theory

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons

If you have some background in vocal performance and music, then intermediate lessons are for you.

A sample curriculum for intermediate theatrical broadway singing lessons would include:

  • Sight-reading
  • Vocal exercises, pitch changes, and practicing control
  • Introduction to intonation and vocal dictation, as well as developing vocal tone
  • Creating and developing your personalized singing technique

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Theatrical Broadway Singing Lessons

If you’re experienced in the foundations of singing, our customized advanced classes are perfect to match your goals and to challenge you in ways to grow as a singer.

In the advanced courses, you may do the following:

  • Improve your power to extend your projection and vocal range
  • Perfect ear training
  • Strengthen your vibrato technique
  • Learn song composition and songwriting narrative
  • Personalized audition preparation and understanding of the business of theatrical performance
  • How to find an agent to represent you and get casting calls

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How do I get started in theatrical singing?


If you’re interested in singing for theatrical performance, the best way is to find a teacher who has the experience to help you, be disciplined in your practice, and be consistent. It’s best to find a current professional teacher or retired from theater to help you.

You’ll also need to build a resume of performances—an excellent place to start is a local community theater or elsewhere. Once you build your resume, look for open casting calls, or find an agent to represent you and get appointments for casting calls.

At what age is it too late to begin learning theatrical singing?


It’s never too late to learn something you’re passionate about, whether singing or other things. Find the right teacher that suits your desire and skill and learn the foundations to build upon. In other words, there’s no age limit to get started.

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