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Candid L. B.

Candid L. B.

4.9 (83)
In English, Español ou Português! The classes are a very fun and practical way to learn and practice the recognition of chords, scales, progressions, melodic dictation, intervals, style, timbers and much more! We will use a lot of software and games! * Classes online and in studio in NYC too. Please ask for it by message! PROGRAM - Choose your goals! - Sight- reading development - Solfege: tonal, modal, atonal - Dictation: intervals, chords, scales, progressions, melodies, polyphony. - Reading rhythms patterns - Different conducting patterns - Preparing for tests and applications. Practicing rhythms, melodies, harmonies, chords, you will develop your musicality. Using apps, videos, tracks, you will have amazing material to follow along, watch references and read your special instructions. Choose to add music theory and harmony, songwriting or composing to your program if you wish. Working with coaching plan makes your development easier and stronger! FOR KIDS: My work envolves elements for Music Therapy and Music Education, studies relating Music and the Brain, approaches and material from "Music together", "Piano Adventure". It builds musical knowledge through fun activities, to improve the kid's sense of rhythm, melody, form, harmony, timber, style. In this class, you will also learn: • Music Appreciation • Learn different genres, styles, music from different parts of the world • Music History & Composer • Study composers and compare old & new styles • Rhythm practice • Working on memorizing technique And beyond music: • Language Development and Emergent Literacy • Social and Emotional Development • Cognition and General Knowledge • Physical and Motor Development • Approaches to Learning and Motivation
/30 mins
Joseph B.

Joseph B.

5 (14)
Originally employed and still used in serious study of music. Especially composition but also performance, this art improves the condition of both ability in music and health in life. Can perfect pitch be developed? Many will tell you that it can, but the truth is that it can be improved, approached and at times even lost after you have it. So much of our hearing depends on the stress levels in our lives. Tension diminishes our powers and our health and a self aware, relaxed state of mind opens our hearts and our ears. I teach you how to listen and hear as well as how to absorb what you hear into the deep understanding of sound, music and emotion. My background as an internationally known and active performer, teacher, composer and educator as well as naturally being gifted with the rare quality of perfect pitch allows as an opportunity to bring you beyond your goals and into a place where you will hear life and its glory as never before! I utilize the classic technique of Solfegio as well as composer's technique of hearing within. Most importantly, it is as fun as it is effective. I also work with children with special needs as this is a remarkably effective way of improving the health and mind. Regardless of condition, the mind will find a new focus, concentration and improved memory as well as stamina. Depending on your goals, we will cover identification of pitch, interval, rhythm and coloration of sound as well as harmony. I look forward to hearing from you (excuse the pun) and to meeting you very soon!
/30 mins
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Edwin is very knowledgeable about music. He is a very adaptive to players of all skill sets and have guided me though the basics when I was once a beginner. He provides insight to the difficult questi

Maggie Lei (Ear Training lessons with Edwin I.)

I brought my son to Randy two years ago to see if he would be a good fit as an instructor. I had always wanted to learn to play the piano myself, but thought that because I never learned (and prob

Rob H (Ear Training lessons with Randy L.)

First lesson went very well. Zack held our daughters interest and she was quite interested in the piano lesson.

Kailey (Ear Training lessons with Zack D.)

Zack helped me pass my aural theory test! And he improved my site reading tremendously!

Logan (Ear Training lessons with Zack D.)

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