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Jerry is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I’m looking forward to our series.

Halsey (Tuba lessons with Jerry M.)

My daughter loves it and has definitely seen improvement.

Diya (Tuba lessons with Pasquale G.)

My son has been learning with Mr. Pasquale for more than a year. He absolutely loves the lessons. He is a great instructor!

Min Chou (Tuba lessons with Pasquale G.)

My son started with Mr. Gallo at the beginning of summer and we have decided to continue into the school year. He can easily read each students musical ability and creates a lesson plan accordingly. H

Patricia Benson (Tuba lessons with Pasquale G.)

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Tuba Lessons

The tuba is a famous instrument that is integral to concert bands, marching bands, and orchestras. If you’re looking to learn the tuba, you’re in the right place.

The history of the tuba stretches back to 1835, when it was invented in Prussia, making it one of the newer brass instruments in the modern orchestra and concert band. These days, it is often an integral part of marching bands, which benefit from its deep, booming sound. The tuba typically plays the bass line in orchestral and concert music. Because of this, tuba music is often written in the bass clef. The instrument is known for being the lowest-pitched instrument in the brass family.

Start improving you or your child’s tuba playing with the best online tuba lessons and in-person sessions. Sign up today to get started!

Certified Tuba Teachers

Tuba teachers help their students gain practical skills in playing the instrument while also developing a deeper understanding of music history and theory in the process.

What sets our tuba teachers apart is their commitment to providing a personalized experience for every student. We employ teachers with various backgrounds and lesson offerings and are confident we have a teacher perfect for you or your child. Compare our tutors by their customer reviews, starting rates, and experience before signing up. Once you’re ready, set your schedule for tuba lessons.

The best online tuba lessons and in-person coaching are an average price of $36 for a 30-minute lesson. Sign up today!

Online Tuba Lessons for All Ages

Our teachers have experience with all ages of students, from the youngest learners just getting started to seniors looking to develop a new skill.

Sign up your child for tuba lessons for kids at TakeLessons to help them get started on the right foot. Our tuba tutors help them get acquainted with holding the instrument, playing their first notes, and mastering beginner songs. For more advanced kids, our teachers help prep them for playing in orchestras and marching bands. Older learners will benefit from lessons designed around their goals, helping them learn specific songs or prepare for auditions.

The best online tuba lessons and in-person coaching is right here at TakeLessons. Sign up today to start learning!

Tuba Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons understands that great tuba lessons go beyond cookie-cutter courses, offering students a learning experience designed specifically for their level.

Take our tuba lessons for beginners as an example. For those with zero experience, our teachers help you or your child get comfortable with holding and playing the tuba for the first time. Soon you’ll be playing songs and understand basic music theory concepts. Advanced students will be able to hone in on complex pieces of music with our teachers, preparing for concerts or a career in music with the assistance of a private tutor.

The best online tuba lessons and in-person learning aren’t hard to find. Sign up with TakeLessons to improve your tuba skills today!

Tuba Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Tuba Lessons

  • Holding the tuba
  • Types of tubas
  • Basic music theory
  • Tuba fingerings
  • First songs

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Tuba Lessons

  • Playing with a band
  • Sight reading music
  • Improvisation and jazz
  • Understanding rhythm

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Tuba Lessons

  • Advanced music theory
  • Preparing for a performance
  • Composition and arranging
  • Ear training for tuba

Sign up Today

At TakeLessons, we are committed to providing the tuba lessons for every age and level of learner. Our platform gives you access to the best online tuba lessons and in-person coaching, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience. And don’t worry about making the leap since we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our lessons. Sign up today and start learning the tuba!

How much are tuba lessons?

The cost of tuba lessons can vary from teacher to teacher. On TakeLessons, the average price of a 30-minute lesson is $36, and the average price of a 60-minute lesson is $62. You can find teachers who charge less or more, depending on their experience and lesson offerings. Taking private lessons is worth the money, though, helping you hone in on playing techniques while understanding music on a deeper level. The best online tuba lessons or in-person sessions start with expert tuba teachers on TakeLessons.

Is tuba easy to learn?

The tuba is fairly easy to learn, though it can be difficult to get comfortable with this large instrument. For kids or smaller people, it can be an intimidating instrument to wield. Other than the size of the instrument, learning the fingerings and playing techniques aren’t too difficult with the help of expert tuba teachers. TakeLessons has a variety of tuba tutors to pick from, all of whom can help new students produce a solid tuba sound, read music, and start playing songs. Before you know it, you’ll be playing like a pro!

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