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Average Cost of Singing Lessons

The average cost of 60-minute singing lessons is $68. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $20 and $277 per hour.

30-min $15
$40 average
45-min $16
$54 average
60-min $20
$68 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute singing lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute singing lessons are 21% less expensive at $54, and 30-minute lessons cost 42% less at $40.

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Popular Singing teachers

Missy M.

Goodlettsville, TN
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Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY
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Marjorie K.

New York, NY
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About Missy M.

Goodlettsville, TN

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SINGING: During vocal lessons we will work on the musical style of your choice. Generally speaking, we will spend about half of the lesson working on breathing technique and vocal exercises suited to your style and skill level. The rest of the lesson we will work on applying technique to songs. If you would prefer to only work on technique during your lessons, that is fine too- just mention it!

Randy April 6, 2019
· Singing · Online
Just finished first lesson. Can’t wait for round 2!!!
Trigg February 21, 2019
· Guitar · In studio
Missy is great! She has a unique way of understanding how I, as an individual, learn rather than cookie cutter teaching. She explains why we are doing things the way we are and how it will help me be able to play later. I'd recommend her to anyone and I'm looking forward to me next lesson!
Lucy December 22, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
Missy is great and so helpful!!!

About Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

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My singing students learn to sing the songs they love while I instruct them in proper/healthy technique -to keep them singing!

∙ proper breathing & breath support
∙ vocal placement / resonance
∙ diction / vowel modification
∙ bridging registers & 'the high note'
∙ mixed voice
∙ vibrato
∙ vocal health/maintaining your voice
∙ touring, recording, performing
∙ screaming
∙ rhythmic singing
∙ writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths

All my students learn:
∙ sight reading
∙ ear training
∙ music theory
∙ composition/songwriting

Nikki April 23, 2019
· Singing · In studio
I studied with Eric for about ~6 months, wishing to reconnect with my singing voice and tackle harder tunes. Eric maintains a very positive and open approach to voice lessons, students of all levels/ages would feel comfortable working with him. He is a true rocker and fun to work with!
Thomas April 9, 2019
· Guitar · Online
Eric was very engaged, started teaching me songs and a bit of theory right from the start. I feel like my practicing now has some structure due to his guidance.
Kimberly V. April 7, 2019
· Guitar · Online
Eric is an excellent Teacher ! I've been a student for a little over a year and he has taught me a lot ! He has shown me things I've never even heard of . He will push you to go further than you think you can go and succeed . That's a Hallmark of a Great Teacher !!!

About Marjorie K.

New York, NY

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I teach Beginner, intermediate and advanced students - all levels of singing. I teach how how the entire voice with the entire well as how to prepare for auditions and performances.

Millie L. December 5, 2018
· Singing · In studio
mamad November 5, 2018
· Piano · In home
Marjorie is the best Piano teacher for me
Aracelis L. October 19, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Marjorie was amazing with my daughter. She made my daughter feel so comfortable and confident. My daughter wa so nervous but Marjorie calmed her with tea and her great teachings. Looking forward to seeing her again. I give her 10 stars.

Emilie C.

North Hollywood, CA
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Terry M.

Cortlandt Manor, NY
Learn More

Eric S.

Allston, MA
Learn More

About Emilie C.

North Hollywood, CA
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Professional singer, songwriter and performer who is passionate about helping new vocalists find freedom, confidence and a sense of self in their singing!

Singing is a special type of music, with your body as the instrument and your heart laid out for all to see. As your teacher, I will help you build a solid foundation in technique and music theory while tailoring lessons to your personal aims and goals.

For those interested in songwriting/recording as well, my lesson plan can include me recording, mixing and producing a song that you compose.

About Terry M.

Cortlandt Manor, NY

View Full Profile

My specialty is helping you to find and develop YOUR special unique sound. You'll have fun as you begin to sing smarter and not harder. I'll help you hit that note you can't reach, get that vocal stamina you've been dreaming about, and help you highlight what makes your voice unique while eliminating errors that hav been debilitating you for years! After one lesson I'm sure you'll already feel the difference!

Dascha P. April 21, 2019
· Vocal Training · Online
Must , Must ! Professional , positive he is A+++++
Jennifer April 1, 2019
· Gospel Singing · Online
I had the awesome pleasure of working with Terry to prepare for a solo. I had taken a great deal of time off from singing and my range and breath were not where they should have or needed to be. Terry made the sessions fun, relaxed, and super enjoyable, so much so that the time seemed to fly by! Long story short, my solo was yesterday and not only was I super confident and prepared, but I received such positive feedback! Someone even recommended and volunteered to have me record and cover the song in a studio! I owe it all to Terry’s patience, time, and God given gift! He is amazing at what he does, and genuinely celebrates every milestone you meet. It’s evident he takes pride in his work and only wants to help make each client the best singer they can be! No matter where you are vocally, I HIGHLY recommend Terry!
Kesha C. April 1, 2019
· Vocal Training · Online
awesome works with u , shows compassion and patience ,gods gift to singers

About Eric S.

Allston, MA

View Full Profile

I have been singing professionally for years and making music for much longer. I will work with your specific needs to improve the beauty of your sound and the depth of emotion in your singing! I believe singing and acting should be a fun positive part of your life, and bring that attitude to each lesson. I teach every genre of music (I've performed a wide array from operas to jazz and even death metal). Because I specialize in classical singing you can be sure you'll be learning a healthy technique. I want my students to reach their musical potential while enjoying the process of making music!

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Do you ever wonder how good your skills would be now if you started practicing a year ago? A question like this should motivate, not dishearten you. In this article, guest writer Elizabeth Kane will take you through six destructive beliefs you might face as you're learning how to become a musician, and how you can overcome them...   Mind Over Matter Your mind is a powerful tool. Your thoughts dictate just about every conscious decision you make. Whether you're a beginner guitari
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Why TakeLessons?


Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are one of the best ways to increase your confidence and lead the way to singing opportunities, either professionally or as a hobby. Our teachers are here to help you whether you are a complete beginner or are looking to improve on your current vocal skills.

Singing is a much more complex art than it first appears. It is near impossible to learn proficiently when just singing along to songs or looking at online resources. Private singing lessons will give you total attention from your vocal coach, in order for you to improve your voice quickly and effectively. Your voice teacher will also be able to see any weak points that a trainer of a choir or group class may not notice. This way, you will avoid developing bad habits that might impede your progress.

In your voice lessons, you will learn how to warm up, extend your range and strengthen you vocal cords just like professional singers. You will work on specific songs in order to perfect your singing, and most students will hear improvement in just a couple weeks.

Our certified vocal instructors are all experts in their field and can teach any level. We will find you a teacher who best suits your requirements, and your lessons will be customized to fit your needs and goals. If you would like to focus on a particular style, we have coaches who specialize in teaching modern, jazz, opera, gospel, R&B, rock, pop and more.

Singing Lessons for Kids

When should kids start taking singing lessons? There's no single correct answer for this. However, it's more important that a child loves to sing and develops a passion for getting better at it than it is for him or her to get a private vocal coach. Kids have unique learning needs, so if you do decide to hire someone, the vocal coach should offer tailored vocal techniques and exercises, as not to put too much pressure on a child. The worst thing you can do is over-coach, and negate the child's passion.

In addition to nurturing a child's passion for singing, it's important to keep his or her voice healthy as they grow and get stronger vocals. The main purpose of children's singing lessons is to make the learning process fun. As a student begins to enjoy the learning and improvement process, the instructor can work on advancing the fundamentals, techniques, and practice of singing.

Singing Lessons for Teens

TakeLessons also offers vocal coaching for teenagers who tend to be the most receptive to learning and improvement. As a teenager experiences the changes that result from puberty, their motivation, their techniques, their overall ability and potential for development drastically improves.

As a child matures into a teenager, it becomes increasingly more important for them to get private lessons, because this is when they can realize they can pursue a career - full-time or part-time gigs - in singing. Having a well-seasoned instructor coach the teen and give him or her the right guidance and support can help make their hopes of singing for a living more practical and realistic. A good coach can refer the student to the right information and people resources.

Singing Lessons for Adults & Seniors

It's never too late to get private lessons in order to cultivate your love for singing. It's never too late to pursue a career in singing. Our coaches can help adults and seniors take their singing skills to the next level so that they can earn paid gigs at bars, parties and weddings, or even teach singing as a private instructor.

Most adults are too busy with family and career to dedicate as much time to learning or improving their voice like when they were younger, so a private coach can help accelerate their learning in the limited time they have. Senior citizens can also benefit from singing lessons as a way to maximize enjoyment as they settle into retirement.

A new study on the long-term benefits of music lessons reports that older adults who took lessons at a young age process the sounds of speech faster than those who did not, regardless of whether it was a violin, a harmonica, a ukulele, or any other instrument.

The study found that participants who had four to 14 years of musical training had faster responses to speech sounds than participants without any training — even though no one in the first group had played an instrument for about 40 years.

Another study showed that practicing a musical instrument can slow down the aging process. The study of adults ranging from ages 60 to 83 revealed that those who played music regularly had better verbal and non-verbal memory, verbal fluency, visuomotor speed, and cognitive flexibility.

Even if you’ve never played a musical instrument or shown any interest, it’s never too late to start. Even latecomers can fall in love with something as timeless as the Violin. Age isn’t a relevant factor, when it comes to curiosity, pleasure, and determination.

Singing Lessons Topics Covered

Learn how to sing better by understanding the basics and fundamentals of singing.

Learn how to proper singing techniques, vocal health, and helpful breathing exercises to help you relax.

Learn about the different types of voices, such as chest voice and head voice, so you can find your range.

Learn about the importance of proper singing posture from head to toes.

Learn how to improve and sing on pitch, and to sing by ear.

Learn music theory of singing to increase your vocabulary, become more versatile and join auditions and competitions.

Learn to train your vocals in order to improve articulation, diction, and range.

Learn how to properly warm up, and effectively practice, so you can see improvements in your vocal training and remain motivated.

Learn how to overcome stage fright and become a more confident singer.

Learn how to sing in an opera, in a band, or in a church choir.

Learn about the different styles, types, and genres of singing.

Free Singing Lessons, Classes & Resources

A free guide and checklist on how to sing better.

Check out this video for free lessons on head voice vs chest voice for singing.

Here’s a free introductory lesson on singing pitch, power, and vocal range.

A primer on singing styles with a free lesson on singing pop and classical music

A 3-minute video on singing lessons for vocal exercises while you’re sick.

Finally, free singing classes with TakeLessons Live so you can practice with others like you, led by an expert vocal coach.

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