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Tara L.

Tara L.

I started playing acoustic guitar when I was seven years old. I then started traveling more and found the mandolin to be so much easier to carry around and so much fun, it was hard to stop playing it. I have been playing and teaching mostly bluegrass, old time, Irish, blues, folk, and swing jazz styles for many years. I have taught both privately and have also done various workshops at festivals. I have taught multiple years for instance at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival in PA, The Traditions week at Common Ground on the Hill Festival in MD, Delaware Valley Festival, Grey Fox Festival, etc. I have taught all ages of students- from young kids to folks in their 90's. I have taught for schools, art organizations, run my own music camps, and have taught at plenty of workshops and camps led by others. I have performed professionally in various line ups over many years in a variety of styles. I have performed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, National Geographic, The 9:30 Club, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, Watermelon Park Festival, and a wide range of Universities, Arts Centers, and Clubs. I have also won many awards for my mandolin skills at a variety of contests like The Galax Fiddlers Convention, and first place at The Mount Airy Fiddlers Convention, The Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention, and The Watermelon Park Festival. My students learn to have fun with music. I am comfortable teaching in-person or online. Students can work on rhythms, melodies, improvisation, song writing, arranging tunes, music theory, getting into and/or hanging on in a jam session, etc. I make my students fun play along recordings to help them practice and have fun. Try a lesson and see for yourself have you can make some quick progress with music and have a great time doing it.
/30 mins
Andrew H.

Andrew H.

*Adults* Whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years my comprehensive lessons will help you to quickly realize your musical goals. I tailor each lesson to fit your individual needs and will get you strumming your favorite songs, reading music, taking soaring solos, or writing your own melodies while simultaneously deepening your understanding of the language of music. At the end of each lesson you’ll receive an MP3 of all the material covered. *Kids* I believe in building music fundamentals while fostering a love of playing. My fun, imaginative, and age appropriate classes are just right for any budding musician! Each lesson is customized to get the individual student excited about music, that means playing songs they like and having fun while learning the essential techniques and developing musicality. I have extensive experience working with children 5-16 and adapt my teaching to promote success for each unique student. *Genres* Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Songwriting, Classical. *Instruments* Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Harmonica *About* My name is Andrew and I am a Grammy-balloted musician with over twenty years of experience teaching, performing, and recording. My playing has been featured on NPR, CNBC, FOX, CMT and on RollingStone.com. I am a passionate educator and teach for Vintage Guitar Magazine and the historic Calliope School of Folk Music. I have a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from Elon University. I’d love to assist you on your musical journey, please feel free to reach out with any questions!
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Excellent instructor, was prepared and presented me with great material that was exactly what I was looking for.

Corey (Mandolin lessons with Chris C.)

Great instructor. Very knowledgable.

Keith (Mandolin lessons with Max Z.)

Chris is an amazing teacher. He has a way of channeling technique and music theory in our lessons which are always fun. His deep love of music and versatility with so many styles is inspiring. I am an

Zoe (Mandolin lessons with Chris C.)

Chris accommodated where I am as a musician and tailored our lessons to best help me do what I want to do - learn base lines and rhythm. He prepared for each lesson and presented me with new material

Corey (Mandolin lessons with Chris C.)

Excellent instructor, was prepared and presented me with great material that was exactly what I was looking for.

Corey (Mandolin lessons with Chris C.)

Great instructor. Very knowledgable.

Keith (Mandolin lessons with Max Z.)

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Mandolin Lessons

The mandolin is a small stringed instrument that belongs to the lute family. Stemming from a 16th-century instrument called the mandola, the mandolin eventually evolved into the instrument we know and love today by the 18th century.

Ready to pluck and strum this instrument like a pro? Then it’s time to work one-on-one with our certified mandolin teachers who are the experts at playing this beautiful instrument. We offer mandolin lessons where you can learn in person. Additionally, we offer the best online mandolin lessons that invite you to study from your own home. Sign up with us today!

Certified Mandolin Teachers

Even if you consider yourself a strong musician, learning to play an instrument on your own isn’t always easy. That’s why we recommend working with one of our professional and qualified mandolin teachers who are certified and background checked. They have the knowledge it takes to bring your music skills to new heights.

Because it’s important that you find your ideal match, we invite you to select your preferred teacher. You can learn more about their availability, qualifications, and starting rates. Our pricing varies on the teacher, location, and type of lesson, but you’ll find lessons that range between $20 and $105 an hour, depending on your specific needs and goals.

Now that you’ve chosen a teacher who suits your preferences and budget, you can decide when you’d like to meet for your lessons. With that taken care of, simply select your lesson package to begin!

Mandolin Online Lessons for All Ages

Are your children showing interest in learning to play an instrument? If that’s the case, we recommend introducing them to the mandolin as it’s a relatively easy instrument to learn. Our teachers offer mandolin lessons for kids that take your children’s ages and skills into account to ensure they receive the best possible instruction.

We also provide lessons for adults and seniors. These classes are great for older students looking to learn the basics or challenge themselves to more complex mandolin music.

Our mandolin teachers are excited to instruct students of all ages! We invite you to sign up with us today!

Mandolin Lessons for All Levels

Learning the mandolin can be a lifelong journey, as there’s always a new technique to learn or a different song to try. Even if you’ve played for years, you might be surprised that there’s still so much to discover when it comes to this lovely stringed instrument.

At TakeLessons, our mandolin teachers have the expertise to instruct students of all levels. We offer mandolin lessons for beginners who are just learning the basic chords, as well as more advanced lessons for musicians focusing on speed, accuracy, and tone. Whatever level you’re starting at, allow our teachers to help you excel.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Mandolin Lessons

Starting with basics and moving into playing simple songs, your beginner mandolin tutor might cover the following topics:

  • Proper posture
  • How to hold your mandolin
  • Instrument anatomy and care
  • Basic chords and fingering
  • Introduction to music theory, musical notation, and tablature

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Mandolin Lessons

Your mandolin teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons, and tremolo
  • Scales, chords, arpeggios, and fingering exercises
  • Understanding intervals
  • Moveable chords
  • Perfecting tone while improving speed and accuracy

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Mandolin Lessons

Topics studied in advanced lessons depend heavily on the student's individual interests and goals, but your instructor might choose to cover the following topics:

  • Focus on a single genre of music
  • Improvisation and soloing
  • Develop personal style
  • Audition coaching
  • Performance preparation

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If you’ve always wanted to learn to play the mandolin, what’s stopping you from doing so? Our in-person and online mandolin lessons are waiting for you! Joining is easy: Select our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and then choose your teacher, schedule, and package to get started.

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Can you teach yourself the mandolin?


Sure, you can pick up a mandolin and begin strumming, but if you want to learn the fundamentals well, it’s best to learn with a private mandolin teacher. Even though the mandolin isn’t considered a terribly difficult instrument to master, if you’re learning on your own, you may pick up bad habits like poor posture or incorrect finger placements. That’s why we recommend learning with a certified teacher who can ensure that you’re building a strong foundation and grow your music skills from there.

What is the best way to learn the mandolin?


We might be biased, but we believe our private mandolin lessons offer the best way to learn this instrument! That’s because we only work with certified teachers who have the skills and qualifications to help students of all ages and skill levels. What’s more, we offer in-person and online mandolin lessons. It means that you can learn in whatever format best suits your preferences.

How long does it take to get good at the mandolin?


If you listen to your teacher’s instructions and put in plenty of practice, many beginner musicians begin getting the hang of this instrument within 90 days or so. However, it could take much longer if you’re looking to advance your skills and master more challenging mandolin music. Every student’s mandolin journey is unique, so it’s best to focus more on practicing and less on how much time it’s taking you to improve.

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