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Joseph B.

Joseph B.

5 (14)
I have conducted orchestras since I was 5 years old. That is a strange claim to make, however it is true. My first experience of conducting a professional symphony orchestra in Ukraine stemmed from the fact that my family of professional musicians were members of the orchestra and principals of their sections of violin and viola. As my unusual talent of expression and facility was practiced during the orchestra rehearsals, I became very comfortable and aware of the finer details of hearing the layers of the orchestra, each musician and each orchestration color by the great composers works being performed. I also became very versed in the repertoire of the orchestral music early on. My subsequent coaching and study included such luminaries as David Zinman, music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The Rochester Symphony Orchestra, Aspen Music Festival Director and the Swiss Symphony Orchestra. My other illustrious advisors in the world of conducting include Josef Brodsky, Jerzy Semkow. Having studied with Bruno Ferrandis at the Juilliard School and conducting the Juilliard Symphony Orchestra while majoring in Piano Performance and Composition have been some of the highlights. I would be happy to work with you at any level of your musical journey in conducting, interpretation and that magical aspect of listening to the music within as well as the details without. Beginners will become comfortable with the patterns, technique and the independence of hands, arms and relaxed body. The physicality and the expression of conducting has statistically produced some of the longest lived people. Indeed, expression combined with movement and an emotional release as well as communication are the keys to long and healthy life! Intermediate students will be at ease with the score, the communication with the sections and soloists of the orchestra and the magic of presence both to the direction or the musicians and on the other side, the energy of the audience. At more advanced levels, psychology becomes very interesting at this stage of work and each must find their own path on which I will gladly guide you. Also, the music - a limitless treasure which we will listen to together and following the score before us, we will conduct in person or on video conference to where we feel it should go and in many different paths diverge with the ever living interpretation and the freedom of tempi and rubato. I look forward to meeting you and to our wonderful times of music!
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