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Michelle W.

Michelle W.

Lessons are simple & easy for all ages of begginner guitarists! Learn your favorite songs right away! Each lesson will consist of a unique and personalized curriculum to fit your needs! This will be done at a pace that allows for confidence to be built and a complete understanding of the material to become a pro guitar player! Along with your favorite songs, each student is taught what I call 'beginning fundimentals'. These are a basic set of skills that can help any guitarist become an independent and self-sufficient musician with a strong fundamental foundation. Crucial skills such as: reading music TAB scales various chords playing your favorite songs and more... will be taught in each lesson. Each lesson will be just as enjoyable as it is informative. *Note for in-person lessons at teacher's location* Due to current circumstances mask and temp check are required for in person lessons at teacher's locations. Thank you for helping keep everyone safe!
/30 mins
Brandi B.

Brandi B.

I have been playing the guitar for 15 years, now holding a Master's degree in Music Performance. I can help you to acquire a solid foundation of music theory knowledge. You can help to better understand music theory concepts if they are paired with guitar techniques to supplement them. If you are a complete beginner of any age, do not be afraid! I will help you to learn at a pace which is comfortable but still effective for you. These lessons will be focused and designed to fit YOUR needs. Let's learn together :)
/30 mins
Susan T.

Susan T.

My own former guitar teacher once told me, "Guitar is one of the easiest instruments to play, but the most difficult to master." Now that I teach guitar including theory, I understand exactly what he meant. We will start with finger-strengthening exercises while learning basic music fundamentals; then on to sight reading, string by string, note by note; we will learn to group notes together (chords) a bit later (after you have mastered the rest and free strokes. Be prepared to purchase Hal Leonard's Classical Guitar Course (or Finger-Style Guitar (I get 30% off retail), and/or A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar (including Easy Classical Guitar Duets - both of these can be bought on Amazon). Other supplies: metronome/tuner, picks, and a classical-nylon stringed guitar of course. Music contains two things: pitch and rhythm, so using a metronome right from the beginning will help you learn rhythm if you have problems in that area (many students do). We will do clapping exercises if necessary. I am looking for committed guitar students who already "play" a steel string guitar; however, may want to learn or transition over classical nylon-string guitar studies (application and theory). Practicing daily is the best way to learn guitar, you will find that your body molds itself with your instrument; your guitar may become one of your best friends. Please feel free to let me know which songs you desire to master. NOTE Lastly, September 2019, one of my three year sixth grade students performed Canon in D at Mulenburg County, KY at its thumb-picking competition event. He was the youngest guitarist there; he started out with classical guitar training and intends to compete in the JR Competition as soon as it is offered again.
/30 mins
David R.

David R.

David’s 35 years of teaching and performing experience, coupled with intensive years of formal studies with many of the world's greatest guitarists, have afforded him a rich and in-depth understanding of music and the guitar. He shares all of this with his students in an insightful and uniquely original manner. David is committed to helping students enjoy and excel in playing the music they love.
/30 mins
James S.

James S.

I can help you master the guitar in the shortest amount of time! Experienced teacher with over 10 years of experience has helped many students achieve their goals on the instrument with guaranteed results. Everyone has their own journey with music and these lessons are here for you to achieve them. Whether you want to play electric or acoustic, learn songs or create songs. master the basics or go beyond the basics. Become a better player, musician, improviser, songwriter, artist.
/30 mins
Grant H.

Grant H.

I like to make learning an instrument fun and easy to fit into your schedule! If you're an adult finally getting around to learning your dream instrument or a child following your passion of playing music I tailor your lessons specifically to you. We look at what you want to play, pick specific songs that you want to learn, and learn the techniques you need to play these songs. It sounds simple, but it's so effective and much more fun to learn this way!
/30 mins
Edwin I.

Edwin I.

Proper technique Repertoire Music analysis
/30 mins
Brian C.

Brian C.

We learn classical guitar by studying the works of Carcassi, Sor, Aguado & Tarrega. I have an extensive library of works from the baroque and classical periods.
/30 mins
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Matt is a great teacher. Patient, knowledgeable, and always adding little interesting bits to the lessons. He pointed out my mistakes and was guiding me to make my playing much better. He opened me to

Adrian (Classical Guitar lessons with Matt O.)

Mark played for my wedding, and I was incredibly impressed. I had certain musical portions of my wedding pre-arranged, but those plans ended up falling apart. Mark was able to pick up and play beautif

Avery McKinney (Classical Guitar lessons with Mark W.)

Keith is very exacting and wants me to do it right. Even if I know how to read music and meter, ifI made a mistake because I couldn't find the place on the guitar, he would make me start over. Perfect

Babette (Classical Guitar lessons with Keith D.)

I have been trying to master an instrument forever. By that i mean guitar or piano since age 12. In my first five lessons I have made more progress than in all those years. I admit that the demands of

sherylann (Classical Guitar lessons with Keith D.)

Matt is a great teacher. Patient, knowledgeable, and always adding little interesting bits to the lessons. He pointed out my mistakes and was guiding me to make my playing much better. He opened me to

Adrian (Classical Guitar lessons with Matt O.)

Mark played for my wedding, and I was incredibly impressed. I had certain musical portions of my wedding pre-arranged, but those plans ended up falling apart. Mark was able to pick up and play beautif

Avery McKinney (Classical Guitar lessons with Mark W.)

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Classical Guitar Lessons

If you’ve ever listened to flamenco music or an orchestral song featuring a guitar, chances are it was played on the classical guitar. There are a few differences between classical guitar and other guitars. A classical guitar is an acoustic instrument that plays nylon strings versus steel strings, popularized with most other guitars.

Classical guitar has a very rigid style of play, making classical guitarists fundamentally sound. Regardless of whether you’re interested in rock, jazz, or blues, if you want to become a better guitar player, taking classical guitar lessons will help improve your playing exponentially.

Certified Classical Guitar Lessons Teachers

Learning guitar takes a lot of time and practice, but you’ll need instruction to play consistently well. And the strict style of classical guitar will improve your overall technique, making you more proficient and effective as a guitar player.

If you’re interested in learning to play classical guitar, at TakeLessons, we make it hassle-free and straightforward to sign up.

The first thing you’ll need to do is search through our certified classical guitar teachers and find one that matches your interests and budget—you can read over student reviews and meet with your potential instructor. Next, you’ll set up your online or in-person class schedule to accommodate your busy life.

And what’s more, TakeLessons makes it affordable to learn classical guitar. Our average price for a half-hour lesson is $41, with full-hour lessons averaging $100.

Classical Guitar Online Lessons for All Ages

Whether you’re looking for classical guitar lessons for kids or adults, age is not a factor in learning at TakeLessons. In fact, we cater our classes to students of every age and interest. We believe it’s never too early or too late in life to learn, and our lifelong-learner philosophy helps us design classes for our students regardless of their age.

So whether you’re a retired adult or younger student, we have teachers experienced to work with you and will customize the class to meet your needs. Sign up for classical guitar lessons today if you’ve ever been curious about online classical guitar lessons or are interested in improving your guitar technique.

Classical Guitar Lessons for All Levels

Just as your age shouldn’t hinder learning classical guitar, neither should your skill level. At TakeLessons, we understand that students come to us with different skill levels, interests, and goals.

Because of this, our programs are individually created to help our students become the classical guitarist that they desire to become, so whether you’re looking for classical guitar lessons for beginners or experienced professionals, we have a class that will fit your needs.

The best part is that our customized classes are offered in-person or online. See why TakeLessons is considered to have the best classical guitar lessons online and sign up today.

Classical Guitar Lessons Curriculum

At TakeLessons, we understand that there is no universal lesson plan when it comes to learning. Our classes are all designed to accommodate our student's individual goals and interests, regardless of age.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Classical Guitar Lessons

If you’ve never played guitar, have a little musical background and want to learn the basics of classical guitar. Our classical guitar lessons for beginners are the place to start.

A sample curriculum for beginners would include such topics as:

  • Proper posture and how to hold the guitar correctly
  • The correct placement for your hands and fingers
  • Introduction of basic music theory, guitar tablature, and notation
  • How to fingerpick
  • Basic chords and scales

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Classical Guitar Lessons

Our intermediate classes are designed for players that have an understanding of music and a foundation with guitar, either classical or other styles.

In a sample course, the curriculum may include:

  • Different chord shapes and movable chord positions
  • Legato and arpeggios
  • Alternate fingerpicking and tapping
  • Exercises to strengthen and improve manual dexterity
  • Advanced rhythms, chord changes, modes, and alternative tunings

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Classical Guitar Lessons

If you’re an experienced guitar player looking to improve your technique and style, then the advanced classes are designed to challenge you and help accomplish your goals.

A sample of the advanced classical guitar lessons curriculum may include topics such as:

  • Sight-reading and playing by ear
  • Song composition and songwriting
  • Performance preparation and audition coaching
  • Understanding the music business from performance, writing, production, and engineering

Sign up Today

If you’re ready to get started with classical guitar lessons, we make it easy to sign up and get started. Simply browse our list of certified classical guitar teachers, find a price that fits your budget, and get started. We believe 100% in our program, but if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your remaining balance.

TakeLessons personalized classes are perfect for students of every age and ability, so sign up today and get started on your journey of mastering classical guitar!

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Is classical guitar difficult to learn?


No, classical guitar is not difficult to learn but can be difficult without proper instruction. As opposed to other styles of guitar playing, the style of the classical guitar has rigid rules. It requires proper technique to play correctly, so it is recommended to learn classical guitar from a professional teacher.

At TakeLessons, our experienced professionals will teach you the proper foundations and techniques to get you jamming in no time. You could spend hours learning independently, only to learn incorrectly, or find out why we’re known for having the best online classical guitar lessons to help you blossom as a player.

Are classical guitars harder to play than other guitars?


No, classical guitars feel lighter, and the string tension is less due to the nylon strings. While the pressure needed to play is lighter than on steel-string guitars, the technique required is much more difficult than on traditional guitars.

Also, as nylon strings are easier to play, it will take time to build the necessary calluses to play steel strings, taking longer to develop the calluses to switch between nylon and steel string guitars.

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