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Candice M.

Candice M.

Kindness and understanding are the foundations of a successful student-teacher relationship. I believe in building students up so they can see how innately gifted they truly are; there is no such thing as a person who “can't sing.” I teach students of all ages and with all kinds of musical backgrounds. My studio is a place for patient, supportive growth: you should expect to work hard and have fun at the same time. If you choose to take voice lessons with me, we will spend your first lesson exploring your skill level as a singer, determining your musical interests, and reviewing or learning the basics of vocal technique. My goal is to help you grow as a musician by giving you the tools you need to sing music from any genre with confidence. As we continue our work together, you will develop or refine excellent breath control, consistent, beautiful sound production throughout registers, and an understanding of what healthy vocal technique is and why it matters. We will also spend lesson time practicing ear-training, sight-reading and music theory as they apply to the songs we are working on together. In addition to regular voice lessons, I offer coaching for singers who have upcoming competitions, auditions or other performances. Vocalists who work with me as they prepare for these events often go on to land their preferred roles and win their competitions. Whether you need guidance in repertoire selection, diction, or help with a few tricky passages, I am available to assist you as you prepare for your singing event. *2022 Update*: In order to give students/performers the best chance of success, I require a minimum of three booked sessions over a period of at least three weeks before the audition or competition is set to take place. My open-communication policy as an educator enables me to answer questions and provide additional resources, including customized warm-ups, outside of regular lesson time. I also maintain flexible scheduling for all of my students: studying singing is a fun challenge, but lessons should never be a source of stress. I am always happy to work with you to accommodate your schedule. Background: I am a classically-trained lyric soprano with over seventeen years of vocal education. I studied with PhD and MA professors of voice at universities in Kansas and Washington State. I also have many years of experience as a performer at a variety of venues across the country: my background includes solo concert work, lead and supporting roles in opera and theater productions, and event performances and competitions. I taught voice and beginning piano lessons, often on a volunteer basis, to students part-time from 2006 to 2012. I now teach voice lessons and provide coaching full-time. Students can study with me online or in-person at my studio.
/20 mins
Nina T.

Nina T.

"My main goal for you is to help you strengthen and protect your voice while giving you the confidence to take your singing to the next level - and from there? - consistently progress. I will help you achieve control and artistry and give you the tools to reach your particular vocal goals. I can help you with all your vocal and music needs, from beginner through professional levels and cover a wide range of technique and performance coaching : vocal technique, performance coaching, warm-ups, sight-reading, solfege, ear training, music theory, pitch control, breath control, phrasing, dynamics, active listening, diaphragm support, tone creation, sound placement, blending registers, break elimination, song interpretation, vocal performance, repertoire, medleys & mash-ups, harmonizing, back-up singing, improv & scat, scales & runs, falsetto & head voice, range expansion, stamina & agility, stage presence, vocal health, acting for singers, songwriting, arranging, recording, production, overdubs & tracking, all genres - all ages " A highly sort-after vocal coach, many of Nina’s current & former students have attained professional & academic success -NYSSMA & NAfME All County / All State Choirs, University Degrees, Professional auditions. They range from a Portugul pop star, to Bollywood singers, a Metropolitan Opera singer, multiple Broadway cast members, Metropolitan Opera Children’s Choir singers, and many professional performing & recording jazz, rock, pop, country, blues, gospel, classical & variety, even a few rap, artists. An Associate Coach & protégé of legendary multi-Grammy & Tony winners’ vocal coach, Katie Agresta, Nina holds a BFA in Jazz & Contemporary Music & Voice from The New School University. Nina is a Billboard Award and multiple Song of the Year Awards winner. Nina studied Opera with Prof. Kathleen Blix and Jazz with Dr. Dave LaLama at Hofstra University as well as all classical and contemporary genres, songwriting & production with Billboard award winner Elisa Hale, & Grammy winners Harry Whitaker & Bob Stander.
/30 mins
Isabel S.

Isabel S.

Classical singing is my passion and I have recently received my Master’s degree in classical vocal performance at the Mannes School of Music. Equally at home in a versatile range of musical styles and repertoire from Baroque to 21st Century, I have acquired many different tools for teaching through my studies and performance experience. Students of all ages and levels are welcome. Repertoire that I teach includes art song, opera, and operetta in English, Italian, French, German, and Russian with a focus on building a solid and healthy vocal technique. My experience in dance, Alexander Technique, and acting informs my teaching approach. I include body awareness, character interpretation, and making the music come alive as an integral part of the lessons. I love to teach and enjoy helping others discover their voices and achieve their personal singing goals. My voice teachers have greatly impacted my life and my goal is to inspire my students in a similar way. Everyone has a unique voice and learning style and I tailor my teaching to each individual. It would be a pleasure to help you discover your voice in the classical repertoire!
/30 mins
Asuka U.

Asuka U.

I have been teaching opera, oratorio and classical music for 15 years. My teaching goal is to help you develop your technique and musicianship as a singer. My philosophy of teaching classical singing to make you become a self-efficient singer with a solid technique and interpretation.
/30 mins
Timothy B.

Timothy B.

The techniques that I employ will allow the singer more ease of vocal production and therefore an enhanced quality of sound. This leads to an Improvement in both tone and pitch.
/30 mins
Benjamin K.

Benjamin K.

I have an M.M. in vocal performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts and have extensive operatic training. I teach an open throat technique (appoggio) that allows the singer to sing with freedom, and access their entire range evenly. I also work with students to develop style, interpretation, languages, and acting ability.
/30 mins
Phillip F.

Phillip F.

Learn to sing correctly leading toward a "Classical" sound while possibly growing toward a career in Classical Music.
/30 mins
Krystal T.

Krystal T.

My name is Krystal T., and I am a published singer/songwriter/ and actor from South Florida. I have performed in multiple theater, film, and commercial productions. I have music engineering experience with Ableton. Along with singing and acting, I also play guitar, and ukulele. My singing lessons include, vocal warmups, Vocal dynamics, techniques, style and vocal history. My intention is to assist and guide my students so they can achieve their goals. (I ask my students to write 3-5 goals they wish to achieve while working with me) All is possible and there is no limit once you have your mindset focused on success.
/30 mins
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Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher!

KM (Classical Voice lessons with Katie P.)

I worked with Michelle for a little over 2 years. As an adult student, I was super nervous about singing in front of anyone - it took me this long to just sign up for lessons! She was patient with me

Elise (Classical Voice lessons with Michelle P.)

Ms. Melissa did such a fabulous job preparing me for a church solo piece, Give Me Jesus. She worked with me so much on it, specifically with the dynamics and musicality. She is so patient and kind whe

Jessica Lin (Classical Voice lessons with Melissa G.)

I've sat in on a few lessons, and she certainly knows her stuff. While she won't let you take the easy way out, you'll come out of it with proper technique and great tips and tricks if you stick with

Brandon (Classical Voice lessons with Melissa G.)

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher!

KM (Classical Voice lessons with Katie P.)

I worked with Michelle for a little over 2 years. As an adult student, I was super nervous about singing in front of anyone - it took me this long to just sign up for lessons! She was patient with me

Elise (Classical Voice lessons with Michelle P.)

In the press

Classical Voice Lessons

Have you always wanted to take classical voice lessons but didn’t know where to start? Now’s your chance to take the plunge and sign up for lessons.

The classical singing style traces its roots deep into the rich tradition of classical music. Many classical pieces have parts written specifically for singers, who often perform alongside piano players or with larger symphonies. Classical singers have trained their voice to sing a wide range of pieces, and are a celebrated part of classical music.

When you take classical voice lessons, you get an education in singing techniques, music history, and music theory.

Book a session through TakeLessons for some of the best online classical voice lessons available today. Our online and in-person lessons offer a flexible schedule and affordable price.

Certified Classical Voice Teachers

The key to effectively learning classical voice singing is having a great teacher. That’s why we’ve put together the best classical voice teachers on the TakeLessons platform, making it a simple process to find the right tutor and get started on language lessons.

All our online and in-person teachers are background-checked and certified, and bring many years of experience to the table. The TakeLessons learning platform allows you to view our available teachers, compare their starting rates, and read through reviews written by former classical voice lessons students. Though prices vary, the average price for a 60-minute lesson is around $103. Once you’ve selected your tutor that aligns with your budget and schedule, you’re ready to begin.

If you’re looking to enroll in the best online classical voice lessons and in-person tutoring available today, sign up today!

Classical Voice Lessons for All Ages

Learning is a lifetime journey. Whatever your age, you can sign up yourself or your children for lessons and take your learning to the next level.

What often doesn’t get covered in online courses and lessons is the needs of learners of different ages. Our teachers are experienced in crafting lessons that work for the specific age and goals of their students. For example, our classical voice lessons for kids are designed to cater to the ways children learn, making singing fun for them as they learn the foundations of classical voice techniques.

When it comes to adults, our classical voice lessons teachers understand the needs of each learner, making each session work toward their goals and unique approach to learning.

Classical Voice Lessons for All Levels

You could be an experienced performer looking to get better, or a beginner singer just starting out. Regardless, TakeLessons has classical voice lessons for you. Our platform features teachers that specialize in teaching certain levels of learners. On their profile, it will list the levels that teachers are available to give lessons on.

The classical voice lessons for beginners we offer will help you learn the basic elements that make up the art form, including voice warm-ups, singing techniques, and the essentials of music theory. Advanced lessons will cover performance techniques and more complex classical music.

The best classical voice lessons teachers and lessons are just a click away. Sign up today!

Classical Voice Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Classical Voice Lessons

  • Basic music theory
  • Singing techniques
  • Warm up exercises
  • Beginner pieces
  • Opera and other classical styles

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Classical Voice Lessons

  • Intermediate music theory
  • Singing and range
  • Performance essentials
  • History of classical voice
  • Singing with a group

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Classical Voice Lessons

  • Advanced music theory
  • Performing mastery
  • Complex compositions
  • Singing professionally
  • Finding a style

Sign up Today

The best online and in-person classical voice lessons are available today at TakeLessons. Our learning platform has employed only the most qualified classical voice lessons teachers, all of whom can take your singing to the next level. Plus, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our lessons. Start singing and sign up today!

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How can I improve my classical voice?


The best way to improve your classical voice singing is with classical voice lessons, which will help you build the essential techniques needed for this type of singing. Some of these improvements include balancing the different registers in your voice, using the traditional method of appoggio, building your vocal power, and developing what is called the “singer’s formant,” enabling you to be heard over an orchestra. For lessons, TakeLessons is a great place to find a great teacher and improve your classical singing.

Is classical singing hard?


Classical voice singing can be hard to do. There are many styles, including opera, that are in practice today. Opera can be challenging because of the range and power needed to produce the operatic voice and sing the parts. Other styles can be a little easier to learn, but still require a lot of practice and a good teacher. You can find a great classical voice lessons teacher on TakeLessons, which makes learning the art form a lot easier.

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