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Jordan M.

Learn Harmonica in a relaxed, encouraging environment with a friendly expert :) Experienced harmonica teacher for over 15 years and more than 11,000 lessons taught. Posture, breathing, hand position, chords, single notes, bending, soloing, scales, and most importantly - your favorite songs!
/30 minutes

Mark V S.

Ready to learn some pro techniques on one of the most fun, portable, and soulful instruments out there? The chromatic harmonica was my first instrument which I taught myself by ear at the age of 5, so all ages are welcome in my harmonica class. The harmonica is perfect for playing melodies. I can play "blues harp" as well which is also a lot of fun and has a different kind of expressive feel with the bending. Whichever one you're interested in learning, I can help you hit the ground sprinting with one of the most portable and enjoyable instruments out there! It's all about the feeling and the fun of it! Ready to dive in? Click BOOK NOW and let's begin!
/30 minutes

Matthew H.

Award-Winning Teacher - Networked/played with various members of Heart & Bad Company & Former Queensryche. Learn Your Favorite Songs Quickly & Accurately. 2020 Update - I'm Pacific NW Guitarist for Rudy Parris from "NBC TV's The Voice!" Go Team Blake - Teaching Harmonica Is My Specialty.. Been Playing & Performing For 35 years now! Harmonica is also a quick way to get into a band fast and sound like you've been playing for years. Learn The Basics Right Down To The Hottest Current Signature Lick & Tricks. Harmonica Is Always Cool - Everywhere!
/15 minutes

Ronnie B.

From the first Kiss to the upmost demanding wailing on stage, I will show you what I’ve learned on Harmonica! All levels. Let's have fun!
/30 minutes

Jeff B.

Blues Harp, Americana. ¡Hablo Español! I Teach All Ages, at All Levels! In addition to having almost 20 books published on the subject of theory and technique, I also have many many professional recordings of me playing harmonica that you can listen to online anytime! I have been a pro musician all my adult life, teaching thousands of students over a span of more than three decades! I use the Zoom app for live interactive lessons from the comfort of your home. You certainly have many options available regarding choosing an instructor, but I have to assume that you would like to hire the most qualified teacher to guide you on the journey through the wonderful world of music. Everyone moves further, much faster, and is more likely to stay engaged by learning from a master teacher with decades of real-world professional experience to share. I will give you what you need to know, in order to take you where you want to go!
/30 minutes

Kait K.

I learned how to play harmonica in Los Angeles while headlining my own blues band. I am no pro but I can play beginning to intermediate harmonica solos well and love to teach the basics to beginners. I have played for the last 18 years or so and have taught singers who wish to add this skill to their bag o tricks! I love helping people explore this wonderful, small but powerful instrument. If you've got a mouth and a pair of lungs, you can play the harmonica! My goal is to help students learn how to play harmonica through a combination of exercises and song material. I'll have you playing a harmonica solo on lesson #1. For those who want to, we can learn new song material at every lesson. There's nothing more fun than whipping out your harmonica at a party and playing a little song or two or three! If you've been thinking about taking this up, don't wait any longer, it's easier to learn than you might think and it's so rewarding.
/30 minutes

James W.

All aspects of using the Blues Harp, Harmonica and How to use a Guitar and Harmonica together for full musical fun. Integrated approach so you can sing, play, and strum with ease.
/30 minutes

Rhonda C.

Harmonica, also known as the "Mouth Harp" is a very easy, practical and fun little instrument for all ages! You can take this little gem of an instrument wherever you go. We will start with the very basics of how to hold the harmonica correctly, proper mouth position, how to achieve a nice, clean sound when blowing and drawing (putting it simply, drawing your breath back in, inhaling.) The items you will need is a Harmonica in the key of C and a Lesson Book. Harmonicas come in various keys, but the key you will need to learn when signing up in the TakeLessons platform will be the KEY OF C. Once you have signed up, either for yourself, or a child, I will then send you an email with the link where you can purchase the lesson book that we will work out of. Once you have a good foundation and are comfortable playing the harmonica, we can then determine what genre or style of music you would like to play. There are books that have a nice selection of songs that cover bluegrass, country, hits, gospel and more. NEW! Starting on 9/1/2021: I have decided to offer all new students an "indefinite discount" for not only back-to-school students, but for all ages. To be a bit of a financial help, I've lowered my current prices to give a long term discount. A 30 minute lesson is usually $28.00. With the discount, it will be $23. A 45 minute lesson is usually $39, with the discount, it will be $34. A 60 minute lesson is usually $50, with the discount, it will be $45. I am looking forward to helping you learn how to play this fun and very unique little "pocket" instrument!
/30 minutes
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Had a great time! Ronnie is a fantastic teacher. Looking forward to future lessons.

Dale (Harmonica lessons with Ronnie B.)

Kait is kind, so talented and knowledgeable. Very comfortable being with her. She's a pro and a pleasure.

Julie (Harmonica lessons with Kait K.)

Great Teacher. professional and has a lot of patience and Knowledgeable. Looking forward for our next class Thank you so much! Definitely recommended

Danielle (Harmonica lessons with Ronnie B.)

Ronnie knows his stuff and he is very patient with me and he wants me to do well. He’s definitely good at what he does and me not so good. But I am going to try to look at it differently. I just wish

John (Harmonica lessons with Ronnie B.)

Had a great time! Ronnie is a fantastic teacher. Looking forward to future lessons.

Dale (Harmonica lessons with Ronnie B.)

Kait is kind, so talented and knowledgeable. Very comfortable being with her. She's a pro and a pleasure.

Julie (Harmonica lessons with Kait K.)

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