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Eloy O.

Eloy O.

Let's work with clear goals and targets. There are not shortcuts to become a great player but if you take lessons you can save a lot of time, don't waste your time doing things wrongly, I can help you reach your goals. 1) We will work on your technique and you will be able to play anything you want. These are some of the techniques that I can help you to master: Alternate Picking, Economic Picking, Hybrid Picking, Hammer-on/Pull-off, finger picking, tapping and more! 2) You will learn all the theory you need to understand the music you play. This is very important because when you understand what you play you can learn faster and memorize a lot of song and pieces. 3) You will learn all the concepts you need to improvise over any chord progression. As Bruce Lee said "Be water my friend" with this I want to mean you will be able to improvise within any situation. 4) We will work on you favorite music and songs. Yes! We will have fun too. My main goal is to help you make progress, real progress so I look forward to start working with you!
50% OFF$28
/30 mins
Matthew H.

Matthew H.

Award-Winning Teacher - Networked/played with various members of Heart & Bad Company & Former Queensryche. Learn Your Favorite Songs Quickly & Accurately. 2020 Update - I'm Pacific NW Guitarist for Rudy Parris from "NBC TV's The Voice!" Go Team Blake - Teaching Electric Guitar Is My Absolute #1 Specialty.. Been Playing & Performing For 35 years now! By Far My Best and Fave Instrument.. You can do so much with guitar that you cant always do with other instruments. I play the hits of course!! along with some B sides that probably should have been hits.. Lets Play Music Together! I Guarantee I can shortcut your learning curve and have you playing better guitar (acoustic or electric) than 99% of everyone else that you currently know. I have mapped out all the shortcuts and the extras that will make you turn heads and ears both. Get Excited Learning Your Favorite Songs and Artists!
50% OFF$26
/15 mins
Ahmad G.

Ahmad G.

I'm Ahmad a very enthusiastic musician. I started out teaching myself guitar at the age of 12. I moved to the U.S. in 2001 and studied music for 15 years receiving my B.M. and M.M in music and audio production at San Francisco State University. I then moved to Los Angeles then studied and trained with John Mayer, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, George Lynch and many others. I have performed hundreds of concerts in the U.S. as well in Europe and the Middle East with Artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Michael Angelo Batio, Ratt, Sammy Hagar, Dokken and many others. I ranked #1 in the Slash Guitar Center competition. I was in the "list of top 5 guitar players ever" according to The Examiner, also picked as one of the best guitarists of 2013 and 2014 consecutively in the Rockwell UnScene magazine, and ranked 3rd in the Steve Vai Sam Ash Best in Shred competition. I find a student's strengths and weaknesses using various ways to encourage each student. I am very patient, kind, flexible, and enthusiastic and I love working with children as much as adults. I strongly support basic skills: sight-reading, pitch and tone. I have 25 years experience teaching kids and adults guitar. Also performing live and in the studio. *** Lesson Details *** My objectives: to help students powerfully communicate through the essence of music and aid the development of children and adults by finding their strengths and weaknesses and to develop their skills and show their musical talents. I emphasize basic skills, good sight-reading, guitar technique, and theory. Lessons are held at either your home, or mine using composers from various time periods that speaks to the individual student. Also,I do prefer to work weekly with my students. A beginner lesson may be 10-15 min. for warm-ups and scales, 10-15 min. theory and rest playtime. In three to six months the student will be able to read sheet music and should be able to perform simple songs. An intermediate lesson has more focus on music and technique from a specific genre. A specialty is preparation for guitar auditions or doing live or studio gigs. I enjoy teaching children from age 5 up to adults. *** Specialties *** I teach the basic skills very strongly, and also encourage students and challenge them, as well. I also have new techniques for teaching Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar. I do prefer to teach a weekly lesson.
50% OFF$38
/15 mins
Eli B.

Eli B.

I am offering engaging lessons for adults or young adults who want to start or continue their study of music! I've been teaching for several years in the Denver area as well as online, covering everything from learning how to strum a guitar through advanced contemporary and jazz theory. Some subjects I've explored with my students include: Reading chord charts, Site reading; sheet music, Classical music, Jazz & Pop Standards, Improvisation, Groove & keeping time, Jamming with other musicians, Songwriting and composition, Music production software (GarageBand, Logic Pro) Everyone has a unique musical style, and the ways in which we learn music are just as diverse! I'm an expert at understanding what my students want to get out of music, and I can help you get to where you want to be musically by basing our lessons around the songs and ideas that you want to learn. Get in touch, let's see what kind of music we can make!
50% OFF$30
/30 mins
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Matt is a great teacher with an extensive knowledge of guitar and music as whole. He is willing to help teach any song you want and has a great sense of humor.

Joe (Electric Guitar lessons with Matt O.)

Nils has been working with our son for a little over the past month, and we are very happy in finding such a talented teacher. Our son has some music background, having taken some guitar instruction i

Anirban (Electric Guitar lessons with Nils B.)

Great first lesson with Claire. She listens and understands and comes up with a plan accordingly. Very highly recommend.

Matthew Terhune (Electric Guitar lessons with Claire C.)

I've been taking lessons from Matt for more than 8 years now since I was young and he's super friendly and encouraging! Highly recommend as he has experience with many different areas of guitar and th

Sydney (Electric Guitar lessons with Matt O.)

Matt is a great teacher with an extensive knowledge of guitar and music as whole. He is willing to help teach any song you want and has a great sense of humor.

Joe (Electric Guitar lessons with Matt O.)

Nils has been working with our son for a little over the past month, and we are very happy in finding such a talented teacher. Our son has some music background, having taken some guitar instruction i

Anirban (Electric Guitar lessons with Nils B.)

In the press

Electric Guitar Lessons

The first electric guitar hit the scene in 1936 when guitarist Charlie Christian added a pickup to his guitar, and the rest is history. The electric guitar has since become a staple of countless band ensembles in all different genres, from jazz and rock to pop and R&B.

If you’ve always dreamed of shredding on the guitar like music icons Joan Jett or Jimmy Page, then it’s time to start your journey here at TakeLessons. We feature amazing in-person sessions and the best online electric guitar lessons around. Whether you’re just starting out or continuing your music education, our electric guitar lessons can help!

Certified Electric Guitar Teachers

At TakeLessons, we understand the importance of working with a qualified electric guitar teacher. That’s why we ensure all of our tutors are certified and have undergone background checks.

When you’re ready to select an electric guitar tutor near you, check out their profile. Each tutor provides helpful information regarding their experience, background, schedule, and rates to help you narrow down your search.

Rates will vary by teacher, but on average, the cost of a 60-minute session is $67, and a 30-minute lesson is $41. However, you may find prices ranging anywhere from $15 to $100, depending on your specific needs.

Not sure which tutor is the right one for you? Check out reviews from previous students, or ask one of our friendly counselors to give you a hand.

Once you’ve decided on your match, choose your schedule, and pick your lesson package. From here, you can start your sessions whenever you want!

Electric Guitar Online Lessons for All Ages

Who says you’re too old to learn to play the electric guitar? Not us! We believe it’s never too late (or too early!) to begin studying this amazing instrument.

Whether you’re looking for electric guitar lessons for kids or adults, we offer it all. Our electric guitar tutors have the knowledge and skills to instruct students of all ages. No matter their age, every student can benefit from our lessons. Don’t let the year you were born get in between you and your musical dreams—sign up for electric guitar lessons with us today.

Electric Guitar Lessons for All Levels

At TakeLessons, we offer lessons for all levels, including electric lessons for beginners and advanced students alike. What does that mean for you? It means anyone can learn no matter where they are in their musical journey.

Are you just starting out and still figuring out how to read music? No problem, our tutors will help lay the foundation for you. Or, do you already know a thing or two and want to challenge yourself even more? Allow our electric guitar teachers to create a personalized lesson plan to achieve your goals. Sign up today to take your guitar skills to the next level.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Electric Guitar Lessons

Your teacher will walk you through all the essentials so you can build a strong musical foundation for years to come. Here are a few topics you can expect to cover.

  • Proper posture and finger placement
  • Understanding the electric guitar’s parts
  • Intro to guitar theory
  • Basic chords
  • Strumming patterns

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Electric Guitar Lessons

Here are some of the concepts your teacher may cover at this level.

  • Reading sheet music
  • How to play your favorite songs
  • Facilitating an overdrive sound
  • Adjusting sound with your pickup selector
  • Learn amp channels

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Electric Guitar Lessons

Here are some topics you'll go over at the advanced stage of learning.

  • Greater playing accuracy and speed
  • Advanced techniques
  • Mastering special guitar effects
  • Maintaining good tone
  • Audition and performance preparation

Sign up Today

It’s your time to shine! Sign up for our in-person or online electric guitar lessons today to make your musical dreams a reality. The check-out process is easy: Simply choose your tutor, pick your schedule, and select your package. We even offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure you’re happy with your lessons.

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Can I teach myself electric guitar?


Sure, you can teach yourself some aspects of playing the electric guitar, but if you want a comprehensive education, you should consider taking lessons with a private teacher.

When you take private electric guitar lessons here with us, our tutors will help lay the foundation for you, ensuring you’re holding your instrument properly, developing the correct techniques, and avoiding bad habits along the way. What’s more, our lessons let you ask questions and receive constructive feedback, which isn’t always the case if you’re learning from an online tutorial or just watching your buddies play.

Is electric guitar hard to learn?


It depends. To many, learning to play the electric guitar isn’t that difficult when they commit themselves to studying the art and practicing along the way. However, your current understanding of music and other instruments may also play a role in whether you find the electric guitar to be challenging to learn or not.

That said, learning to play this instrument is much easier when you receive instruction from a certified and qualified tutor. Here at TakeLessons, our electric guitar teachers are the experts at teaching students of any age and background to master this instrument.

Do you need lessons to learn the electric guitar?


Taking electric guitar lessons is a great way to put yourself on the fast track toward success. While you might pick up some notes or songs from online tutorials or guitar manuals, nothing beats working one-on-one with a private instructor.

Here at TakeLessons, our tutors will cater your lesson plan to best suit you and your music goals. Whether you want to learn a certain style or work on a specific technique, our tutors will be there with you every step of the way.

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