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Create a professional profile
Put some love into building a rich profile that shows off your skills and experience
Receive fully-paid students
We handle booking and payments so you never have to buy or bid for leads
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Help your students learn new skills each month and we'll give you an extra $ bonus

Why teach through TakeLessons?

You'll receive paid students
Unlike other companies, TakeLessons does the heavy lifting to deliver fully paid students directly to you
You'll be part of a community
Share ideas and best practices with thousands of teachers across the US and around the world
You'll have 100% flexibility
Enjoy being your own boss, setting your own prices, availability, and teaching subjects you love in-person or online
You'll eliminate busywork
As your active partner, we handle all the marketing and billing for students so you can focus on teaching
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Make an impact on students everywhere

Earn money everywhere you go through flexible teaching locations in-person and online

Teach locally

Choose your favorite teaching spot You select where you'd like to teach, perhaps a cozy coffee shop, local library, or your home

Travel to students Set your travel area and visit your students to teach lessons on the go around town

Teach online

Expand your reach Connect with even more students by teaching online lessons to students all over the US and around the globe

Online teaching made easy TakeLessons Classroom provides the easiest way to conduct professional online video lessons, no hassles or downloads


What TakeLessons
teachers have to say

"Just this past month they've gotten me 4 more students. I may even raise my rates! It's awesome. One step closer to my dream of living and working at the beach and I owe most of that to TakeLessons."
"Just had my highest earning week on TL since I joined the community April 2015!! TakeLessons is life!! Love you guys so much!"
"Business is booming - I have added 3 new students and have spoken with 7 other potential new students over the past two days. PROOF again that this works!"
"Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks to the TL team. Thank you TL for sending quality, long-term students for me to fill in the day when I'm not at the studio!!"
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Common Questions

How do I join TakeLessons?
The process of becoming a TakeLessons teaching partner is simple. All you need to do is fill out your profile details and experience, complete a background check, and agree to our independent contractor terms. We are actively seeking local and online teachers in every city in the United States and offer flexible online teaching options for teachers working internationally.
How much does it cost to list my profile?
Listing your profile to book new students through TakeLessons is completely free and unlike other websites, you never have to buy or bid for leads or students. TakeLessons assesses an administrative fee only when a fully-paid student is delivered to you (to cover marketing costs, student payment processing, and more). Once you start teaching lessons, you’ll earn up to 90% of the total lesson price per student. You have 100% control over your earnings at all times.
How will new students find me?
Thousands of new students come to TakeLessons every day looking for the perfect private instructor to help them achieve their goals. Students use our search filters to find teachers with awesome profile photos, detailed lesson descriptions, reviews, and the Background Checked badge (very popular with parents). We provide all the tools you need to make your way to the top of our search results where your profile will get the most views and bookings.
What happens when I get a new student?
Once a new student has booked and paid for lessons through your profile, we will send you an email alert and text message notification ASAP so you can start doing your happy dance. You have 48 hours to accept every new student through our online acceptance process.
Am I guaranteed to get new students?
No, we do not guarantee that you will receive new students. Why? The demand for lessons varies greatly depending on your geographic area and the subjects you teach. If you teach a rare subject, we recommend adding a few additional, more popular subjects to your profile (like singing, piano, guitar, or a foreign language) to improve your chances of booking new students.
How do I get paid?
Every week, you’ll receive payment for any lessons you taught delivered directly to your bank account. We handle all the billing and payment for your students’ lessons, so you never have to worry about accepting cash, checks, or chasing anyone down for payment. It’s super convenient, secure, and hassle-free for everyone.