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Bill is Absolutely Excellent. Wonderful patient teacher. Every student should have a teacher as patient as Bill.

Suzette Graham-Hill, M.D. FACP (Piano lessons with Bill T.)

Very nice and Flexible! it was good.

Johnny (Piano lessons with Kimberley E.)

Kim was absolutely lovely!

Karen (Piano lessons with Kimberley E.)

Great ear and feel for music in multiple styles. Offers fantastic suggestions. Will definitely improve your playing. Also, very fun to chat with.

Richard Goldberg (Piano lessons with Kimberley E.)

Bill is Absolutely Excellent. Wonderful patient teacher. Every student should have a teacher as patient as Bill.

Suzette Graham-Hill, M.D. FACP (Piano lessons with Bill T.)

Very nice and Flexible! it was good.

Johnny (Piano lessons with Kimberley E.)

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Private lessons with top Piano instructors near Los Angeles, CA

By Dorothea G. - Los Angeles Piano Teacher

So you want to be an awesome musician. Do you believe you will? Because that’s half of the effort right there – believing it. If you already do, then skip to the last paragraph of this article. But if you’re unsure, keep reading…

When you take piano lessons in Los Angeles, your success is within “Arm’s Reach.” I composed a song with that title on my piano recently, and licensed it to a feature film. I never forget how amazing it is that what pours out of my mind and my heart (and all over my piano) might actually be heard in a movie or TV show, or on someone else’s DVD player. I used to think that was all dreaming. That it was impossible. But why did I ever think that way?

My only enemy was the idea of “impossible.” But it’s NOT impossible - it’s a reality for me. So when I reflected on where that idea came from, I traced it back to loving friends and family who thought they were protecting me from delusions of grandeur. They told me, in so many words, not to set myself up for failure.

Let’s just clear this up here and now. There is no failure. There are only course corrections. I know this from years of practice and from teaching piano lessons. If my students thought of every wrong note as a failure, they would quit after the first two minutes of trying. So I help them to correct their course - note by note, chord by chord. It’s no different with our thinking – or with our life journey for that matter. We choose a song to learn. We make a thousand course corrections in the learning process. And then…we PLAY IT! If we believe we can, we will.

I chose piano because it was my passion, and it became my way of overcoming the impossible. Like no other instrument, you can hear an entire symphony on a piano! That’s why the genius composers of old were pianists. Do you hear simple melodies in your mind? Or do you hear multi-layered symphonic brilliance? In either case, you can make it real on a piano.

Okay, so you’re an awesome musician now - even if only in your mind. Now it’s time to find an instructor who can show you how to make that awesomeness live in the world, starting local piano lessons. Remember, once it’s locked into your mind, nothing is impossible.

The Perks of Los Angeles Piano Lessons

Los Angeles is a creative city that attracts talented musicians left and right, and if you’re looking to join the likes of them, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at TakeLessons, we offer the best piano lessons in Los Angeles, where you can work with certified teachers who will help you realize all your musical dreams. Ready to become a piano-playing star in California? Then it’s time to sign up for lessons!

L.A. Piano Lessons Your Way

Here at TakeLessons, we understand that every musician has a different learning style. There are some students who thrive when studying in a group environment with other musicians, but there are others who prefer learning one-on-one with a private teacher. Because we strive to accommodate all our students, we offer both group and private piano lessons in Los Angeles, so you can choose which format best aligns with your preferences.

We also realize that you have a busy schedule in Southern California, and that’s why it’s our goal to make our lessons as convenient and hassle-free as possible. We offer in-person and online classes. Want to meet face-to-face with your teacher? Then take lessons in a classroom setting. Prefer to avoid LA’s infamous traffic? Then sign up for our stress-free online lessons and learn from the comfort of your home or office. Wherever and whenever you want to learn, our teachers are here to make it happen.

Certified Teachers in SoCal

When it comes to mastering the piano, you’ll want to learn from the best of the best, and you can’t beat our selection of piano teachers in Los Angeles! We require all of our teachers to receive certification and undergo background checks, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. What’s more, all of our L.A. teachers have impressive resumes, as they have years of experience and expertise.

To find the best piano teacher in Los Angeles for you and your piano studies, browse through our inventory of instructors. You can read about their experience, check out reviews from previous students, and even connect with them in advance.

Los Angeles Piano Lessons for Every Student

Are you nervous about signing up for lessons because you don’t have any experience playing the piano? No sweat! Our teachers have the expertise and knowledge to teach students of every skill level, from beginner players to expert musicians. Whether you need help mastering a specific style of piano music or want to challenge yourself with more complex piano techniques, our piano teachers in Los Angeles will help you every step of the way.

Just as our teachers are equipped to instruct students of all levels, our teachers are also experienced at teaching students of all ages. We offer classes geared toward young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, ensuring everyone receives the best instruction possible.

Are you ready to explore the piano in the City of Angels? Don’t wait—sign up for piano lessons in Los Angeles today!

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