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I've had many piano tutors (I’m adult student) in the past and could never feel seem to progress far. Dr. Ko Has however brought back the joy of piano learning. He’s very experienced and has the abili

Michelle Chong (Piano lessons with Chuan Li K.)

My 8 year old son receives wonderful piano instruction from Dr. Ko. He has been attending lessons for a year and has made tremendous progress. I am grateful that Dr. Ko teaches technique, theory and a

Lydia oh (Piano lessons with Chuan Li K.)

I started my piano journey with Dr. Ko four months back and he has been a great teacher and a mentor in this journey. He is extremely systematic in his approach and very patient with his students. He

Eduardo M. (Piano lessons with Chuan Li K.)

Dr. Ko was an amazing teacher, always giving astute feedback and balancing the things I want to play, with the things that will improve my playing. I highly recommend Dr. Ko if you're looking for a te

Jonathan Greswler (Piano lessons with Chuan Li K.)

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Practice Tips and Piano Lessons in San Francisco

Suzanna M.

By Suzanna M. - San Francisco Piano Teacher

Recently, as I was finishing up a lesson, I commented to my student's mother on how well he was doing lately. She said it was all part of being a good tiger mother. Of course I had heard of Amy Chua's book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, but I hadn't realized the immediate impact the book was having.

I began casually asking parents if they had read the book. Those who had were quite inspired to get their kids on a very ambitious practicing schedule. While I do not agree with all of Ms. Chua’s extreme parenting tactics, a strong and structured practice regimen is something I do recommend to all the students I teach during my piano lessons in San Francisco.

In the book, Chua talks about forcing her kids practice for extremely long periods of time and how it helped them become superior musicians. One thing that was stressed to me in pedagogy class is that practicing in short but frequent sessions is far more productive than sitting down for a long period of time. I usually recommend practicing for ten to twenty minutes a day, depending on the age and level of the student. It is important to build good technique, especially when the student is young. But until the student has developed a strong enough technique to handle extended playing sessions, it is better to keep the practice sessions short to avoid strain on the hands. Even students at the advanced level should only play for thirty to forty minutes at a time.

One of my favorite tips for my piano students in San Francisco is to incorporate practice into the homework schedule by using it as a break between academic subjects. Ten minutes here or twenty minutes there add up quickly and will help any student achieve their playing goals and satisfy the most demanding tiger mother.

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