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Gregory V.

Gregory V.

4.9 (47)
I've been teaching Piano for over 30 years and my students have gone on to form their own groups and work with major artists around the world. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to know your way around the keyboard, and as time goes on you'll be able to naturally play what it is you want. I am not your typical piano teacher. I don't use a method book. We will learn to read music but primarily we will be reading chord charts and communicating old school, like the pro gigging musicians do "This one goes I iii Vi IV in the key of F#.. when I count us off we do a 2 bar intro, triplet hits on a V7#9 chord then hit the 1 on the last bar and break for the rest and let the drummer do a fill..." That's the real way to learn if you wanna play songs you'd hear on the radio or what have you... and TRUST ME, you don't need to learn to read music! I definitely teach you that, but we won't go way deep into it because it's not needed for this style of music. We'l learn how to use both hands on the piano, and voice them in a way which looks and sounds like a pop/ rock/ R&B, gospel and blues piano player. I was trained by a group of Motown musicians when working musically at my old church in North Hollywood, Ca. This is where I really learned to speak and communicate music as natural as if it's a 2nd language! You will learn how to read and write chord charts, melodies and rhythms and have the ability to play songs & musical motifs in all 12 keys and improvise! You'll learn to craft your own sound! Soon you'll feel a new sense of limitlessness and power when practicing, playing and performing. If you're a complete beginner, don't worry- I'll set you up with a really simple and effective formula for memorizing the notes on the keyboard, some major scales and how chords relate to them...and the right on to our first song! And don't worry, I'll write it down for you, or even record it on video for you to take home and practice along with! Soon you'll be learning songs you've always wanted to play... and it won't feel like rocket science, hauling 2- ton boulders or brain surgery when learning! It'll be based in shapes and patterns...I think you'll really enjoy this way of learning the piano! Many of my students have gone on to form their own groups and work with major artists around the world. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to know your way around the keyboard, and as time goes on you'll be able to naturally play what you want. I specialize in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country Metal, Music Theater, Electronic & Gospel to name a few. I have extensive experience with ages 5-92 (seriously!) and specialize in children and young adults with special needs. My students have a lot of fun in their lessons while taking in valuable information and practicing coordination, dexterity and muscle memory.
/20 mins
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Gregory is a great teacher, he is so patient! He has a great way of getting through to the student. My son really enjoys going to piano. 🎹

Cole (Piano lessons with Gregory V.)

Gregory was patient and energetic. Cry son had a good time.

Hayden Morhar (Piano lessons with Gregory V.)

I knew immediately that Gregory was the most appropriate teacher/instructor for me. He was cheerful, patient, encouraging, and kind. I'm a quick learner but insecure and impatient with myself. Gregory

Jennifer (Piano lessons with Gregory V.)

Gregory is really amazing to work with. He’s always patient and encouraging, making sure that I am understanding and able to play what he’s showing me. I feel comfortable working with him and his posi

Melissa (Piano lessons with Gregory V.)

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We guarantee a personalized experience that will exceed your expectations. In fact, we are so committed to your happiness that we offer all new customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your first lesson. Find the perfect piano teacher in Pittsburgh today.

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