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Stephanie Q.

Been fiddling Irish and Celtic for 2 decades now. Know tons of tunes, and can also help my students translate the notation into correct style in performance! To see my teaching style go to YouTube Stephanie Quinn Music and look for my masterclasses. My Celtic and Fiddle performances may also be found on the channel.
/60 minutes

Elias S.

The violin sings, but the fiddle dances. Or so the old saying goes! In teaching fiddle, I love to bring essential violin technique together with the various styles of diverse music. In the first few lessons we'll explore the style of fiddle you'd like to play and create a path towards that sound. As time goes on, you'll be ready to jump into a bluegrass jam circle, start a ceili or shred like Lindsey Stirling! The direction you take is up to you, and I'm excited to help you meet your goals!
/30 minutes

Cindy H.

I work with students exclusively by ear, concentrating on development of rhythm and the syncopation of melody against rhythm.
/60 minutes

Jennifer A.

Having been featured in concert by Willie Nelson and with 30+ years of performance experience I will work with you to learn everything you've ever dreamed of on the fiddle!
/50 minutes

Kathleen L.

I teach Irish, Scottish, Bluegrass and Cape Breton fiddle. I am a Scottish Fiddle Champion and have performed at the Celtic Colours International Music Festival, as well as playing Bluegrass fiddle at the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival.
/30 minutes

Cody B.

Want to learn bluegrass, old-time, western swing, country or Irish fiddling? With 18 years playing fiddle and 10 years teaching, I have the experience to help a beginner gain basic skills or an advanced student analyze bowing patterns, moving double stops, backup and improvisational skills and ideas and more. From the student who is picking up the fiddle for the first time to the fiddler who’s been playing their whole life, I hope to inspire a love for traditional fiddle music and culture.
/30 minutes

Diane G.

My teaching methods for the fiddle start with the correct setup of holding the violin and bow to be able to play with easy and not occur an injury or discomfort while learning. I help students learn to read musical notation as well as learn simple tunes by ear to help them have a broad understanding of learning to play the fiddle. I introduce Fiddle methods that come with CD's so that the student can hear and internalize a tune before learning to play it on the fiddle. I get fiddle students together so that they can learn from each other and enjoy fiddle playing at local jams once they are ready to play in a crowd. Fiddle playing is a social event and playing with others is a wonderful opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time. I teach beginners fiddle and also teach classical players the fiddle style to help them enjoy their violin experience. I teach tunes by ear in the Old-Time genre. We start with the basic's of rhythm, learning notes by ear in a particular scale and different bowing patterns to achieve that old time dance sound. I find that classical violin students, both young and old, enjoy a different edge and appreciate their instrument more if they can be diversified.
/30 minutes

Michelle T.

I am from the south bluegrass and blues are some of my favorite to teach. I focus heavily on bow technique. I have gotten students into youth orchestras and passed college auditions. I like to use the Essential Elements and Suzuki books. I also offer online group lessons at a highly discounted price. I suggest that all my students join. This is a great option for kids while class is out.
/30 minutes
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I feel really lucky to have connected with Cindy on takelessons.com during the pandemic. I actually cannot think of another time a teacher has taught me so much so skillfully - and it's all happening

Emily (Fiddle lessons with Cindy H.)

It was a really good first class! I can't wait for#2 🙂

Lisa (Fiddle lessons with Julianna Z.)

Julie is literally amazing! Best teacher in music I have seen. She is so versatile and works with each child according to who they are to their strength and weakness. Always encouraging to my kids. S

Anna (Fiddle lessons with Julianna Z.)

Juliana has been providing lessons for so long that she has an answer for all of my questions, and has the patience of a saint. I didn’t start playing the fiddle until later on in my fifties so it’s v

Pat (Fiddle lessons with Julianna Z.)

I feel really lucky to have connected with Cindy on takelessons.com during the pandemic. I actually cannot think of another time a teacher has taught me so much so skillfully - and it's all happening

Emily (Fiddle lessons with Cindy H.)

It was a really good first class! I can't wait for#2 🙂

Lisa (Fiddle lessons with Julianna Z.)

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