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We could not be happier with Marwan! Most importantly, my daughter is thriving with his instruction -- though we like him too :) Marwin brings expansive experience in piano and beyond. For piano, he'

Moya (Classical Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Nancy is very pAtient an adaptive to y daughter’s pace of learning; love her style!

Julia (Classical Piano lessons with Nancy H.)

My two sons loved their lessons! Nancy is a great coach and very encouraging.

Joan (Classical Piano lessons with Nancy H.)

It was a pleasure to have a teacher who inspired my daughter to progress with her piano playing as quickly as she did. I would highly recommend Ms Haber for any young piano student.

Elizabeth (Classical Piano lessons with Nancy H.)

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Classical Piano Lessons

The piano is one of the most widely used instruments in the world today, making it fun and fruitful to learn. If you’re looking for classical piano lessons, you’re in the right place.

The history of the piano goes back to the early 1700s when the earliest forms of the piano were developed from the harpsichord—a popular instrument in the era. The Italian builder Bartolomeo Cristofori was the first to develop a keyboard instrument that could play both loud and soft tones, giving it the name pianoforte, which means “soft” and “loud,” respectively. This innovation allowed for a wider dynamic range than the harpsichord. It wasn’t until the 1800s that truly modern pianos developed.

Start learning this celebrated instrument with the best online classical piano lessons and in-person coaching sessions. Sign up today!

Certified Classical Piano Teachers

Classical piano teachers are integral to a student’s development with the instrument. That’s why we’ve assembled the best teachers available for the TakeLessons platform.

Our classical piano teachers offer each student a unique learning experience. We can dive into each student’s interests and learning style to create lesson plans that work the best for you or your child. To find your ideal lesson, compare our tutors by their previous student reviews, their starting rates, and lesson offerings.

The cost of the best online classical piano lessons and in-person coaching is $39 for a 30-minute lesson. Sign up now to get started!

Online Classical Piano Lessons for All Ages

Every age can benefit from piano lessons with experienced teachers. Children and adults alike will find a lesson plan and teacher perfect for them on TakeLessons.

Signing your child up for classical piano lessons for kids at TakeLessons gets them in touch with world-class teachers with experience in teaching younger ages. Our tutors help them master scales and learn music theory while keeping lessons fresh and interesting. Adults will be able to hone in on songs and techniques they’ve always wanted to learn, including famous compositions and classical music theory.

Sign up for best online classical piano lessons and in-person coaching to take your learning to the next level!

Classical Piano Lessons for All Levels

Our classical piano lessons offer more than the typical online lesson. Our teachers design each lesson around your specific needs, crafting a plan for you to maximize your learning potential and achieve your goals.

Our classical piano lessons for beginners have helped many students play classical piano at a higher level. Beginner students will benefit from lessons that distill complicated pieces into easier parts, gaining confidence as they understand more about music theory and how classical music works. Advanced students will also find a home at TakeLessons, working with teachers that can prepare them for auditions and professional music work.

Get started with the best online classical piano lessons and in-person learning today!

Classical Piano Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Classical Piano Lessons

  • Sitting at the piano
  • Middle C
  • The major scale
  • The minor scale
  • First songs

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Classical Piano Lessons

  • Reading sheet music
  • Intro to music theory
  • Famous classical piano pieces
  • Classical piano techniques

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Classical Piano Lessons

  • Advanced music theory
  • Preparing for a performance
  • Composition and arranging
  • Ear training for classical piano

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TakeLessons has classical piano lessons for all types of learners, from advanced-level students to new learners. We’ve put together a selection of the best online classical piano lessons and in-person coaching for you to choose from, offering you the flexibility of learning where and when you want. Also, every lesson we offer comes backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up today and start playing!


How hard is it to learn classical piano?

It isn’t hard to start learning classical piano. You can learn the melody parts to some classical songs fairly easily, building off of that with left-hand parts when you begin to feel more comfortable. Playing full pieces on the piano, though, can be a challenge to learn. There are a lot of techniques and concepts to learn when playing the piano, which is why enlisting a great teacher will help you learn a lot faster. Signing up for online classical piano lessons or in-person sessions with expert classical piano teachers on TakeLessons is a great place to start.

How long does it take to be classically trained in piano?

Getting to an expert level with classical piano will take a long time. For example, some estimates say it takes 10 to 15 years to become a professional classical piano performer. To learn the basics and start playing competently, though, you can learn in a year or two. It all depends on how far you want to take your skill with the piano and what your eventual goals are. The classical piano teachers at TakeLessons can help you identify your piano goals and help get you there.

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