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Douglas O.

Drum Set: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Country Western and World Music.
/30 minutes

Jesse M.

Beginner I'm not currently taking beginner drum students. Please refer to my studio partner Melissa: https://takelessons.com/profile/melissa-m62 Intermediate Start to learn about polyrhythms as well as developing your ears and body to play songs more accurately. Start to spice up your playing with ways that are interesting, but not intrusive. Advanced Really push your polyrhythms and add asymmetrical meters to your repertoire to expand your grasp of complex rhythms. Also learn to use dynamics, cymbal work, and fills to effectively communicate and lead a band without words.
/30 minutes

Kevin F.

I am very comfortable with all major areas of Percussion: Drumset, Concert Percussion, Marching Percussion, Latin Percussion, Steel Pan, Percussion Ensemble. I work to find effective ways to have people discover their hidden talents and show them how to build skills to play at whatever level they want.
/30 minutes

John M.

43 years of Professional experience, over 1200 lessons in 6 yrs w/ TakeLessons.com alone! Private Instruction for 15 yrs teaching by ear, performance & notation. Positive, patient and motivating, with a wealth of music knowledge to share. Lessons are always designed to be educational, engaging & fun, combining a balance of learning notation, playing by ear & performance with other live instruments! We will find out what interests you most and get you on the drum set right away for fast results!
/30 minutes

Jordan M.

Learn drums in a relaxed, encouraging environment with a friendly expert :) Experienced teacher for over 15 years and more than 11,000 lessons taught. Posture, hand position, rudiments, music reading, ear training, and most importantly - Rock out with your favorite songs and beats!
/30 minutes

Casey C.

I have developed a natural teaching method that focuses on learning and understanding the building blocks of drum set playing, familiarizing and connecting these building blocks, and applying them to individual expression. I have the ability to take nearly anyone without prior drum set or rhythmic experience, and, within days, turn them into beat playing drummers! My approach focuses on: -building an understanding and relationship with each drum -the basic rudimentary foundation of drumming -how to approach the drums, hold the sticks, set up the drums, and tune the drums -basic mechanical techniques -development of each limb -learning how to read basic drum charts and play to them -learning and playing the most significant beats and patterns in the history of drum set -gaining the ability to effectively teach oneself how to improve as a drummer -learning your favorite songs on drums -how to play in a band
/30 minutes

Ross H.

My teaching style is very flexible & hands on. My goal is to make beautiful music and I do this by taking technical exercises and giving them musical meaning. This means I focus on the ideas of time, vocabulary & dynamic playings, but within this still teaching essential technical exercises in order to create a well-rounded musician. After each lesson I will email detailed notes, as well as any supplemental documents and/or music.
/30 minutes

Mark C.

Drums were my first real hobby, and a great confidence-builder when I was growing up. I've spent many hours playing drums, and it's become a very rewarding part of my life. I specialize in teaching the techniques of playing the drum set, and I'd love to show you how to do it. So, sign up! I promise it'll be fun. You won't regret it. Mark is an American composer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer. I started teaching private music lessons my senior year of high school, in 2006. Since then I've taught over 100 different students of all ages from 3 years old to 78 years old. While still living in Ohio, I was the one and only official guitar teacher for Guitar Center Youngstown through the duration of 2008-2009. In late 2009, after moving to Los Angeles, I continued to teach privately and with several music schools all around the city. I currently live in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of LA with my wife and two little kids.
/45 minutes
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Ross is the best! He's a top young LA musician, by far the best musician AND teacher I've studied with. I feel very very thankful to have an hour of his time every single week to learn from him. He's

Jane (Drums lessons with Ross H.)

Fun and learned something - good lesson

Macaidyn (Drums lessons with Ross H.)

Initially, my son didn't want to change drum teachers but we lucked out by finding Ross. Ross stepped right in and literally has taken my son to the next level of drumming seamlessly. Ross has a great

Ayanna (Drums lessons with Ross H.)

My son has been through a couple of different teachers now & it is clear to me Ross really knows what he's doing. He's young, engaging & has a unique teaching method that magically captivates my son

Brian (Drums lessons with Ross H.)

Ross is the best! He's a top young LA musician, by far the best musician AND teacher I've studied with. I feel very very thankful to have an hour of his time every single week to learn from him. He's

Jane (Drums lessons with Ross H.)

Fun and learned something - good lesson

Macaidyn (Drums lessons with Ross H.)

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