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Christian R.

Christian R.

I started studying the Drums when I was a teenager. I wanted to learn in order to improve my rhythm and timing on the guitar but I fell in love with the drums and continued private lessons and studied on my own so that I could create and record my own material. I started teaching in 2009 and have worked with over 100 students. Some of my favorite drummers are Chad Smith from RHCP's, Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Jimmy Chamberlin from Smashing Pumpkins, Roger Taylor from Queen, and many many more. There is not just one book that will give you everything you need so I teach from a number of books by different companies like Alfred, KJOS, Hal Leonard, Railroad media, song books, to individual pieces from music notes. I also create, print, and email custom lessons created on a program in my Mac. I use Pearl drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Roland electronic set, Sabian pad, LP cow bell and bongos, Vick Firth sticks, Tama Iron cobra double bass pedal, Evens and Remo heads. It usually takes around 2 - 3 months for beginner to start catching on and be able to play beats, rudiments, and songs. It really depends on how much the student practices. It's my goal to help each student become the musician they desire to be. My philosophy is to teach my students to be smart musicians. What I mean by that is, it does you no good if you can play a song but don't know what you are actually doing. So, I teach students to be smart musicians in case they decide to write their own music or join a band. I have not won any music awards yet, but I have had people use my bands demo music in some commercial videos online and my lead guitarist Brian Gresh played on American Idol with "Queen" and toured with them for 2 years. We are working on recording an Album and the sky is the limit.
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Casey C.

Casey C.

I have developed a natural teaching method that focuses on learning and understanding the building blocks of drum set playing, familiarizing and connecting these building blocks, and applying them to individual expression. I have the ability to take nearly anyone without prior drum set or rhythmic experience, and, within days, turn them into beat playing drummers! My approach focuses on: -building an understanding and relationship with each drum -the basic rudimentary foundation of drumming -how to approach the drums, hold the sticks, set up the drums, and tune the drums -basic mechanical techniques -development of each limb -learning how to read basic drum charts and play to them -learning and playing the most significant beats and patterns in the history of drum set -gaining the ability to effectively teach oneself how to improve as a drummer -learning your favorite songs on drums -how to play in a band
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My Grandson has come so far with his Drum Lessons! My 9 year old Grandson has been taking lessons with Matthew for over a year. This is his very first experience with any drum lessons and because of

Lori Nordal (Drums lessons with Matthew G.)

Attention to detail ! Loving it so far !

Kristen (Drums lessons with Scott W.)

My son and I take lessons from "Mr. Matt." He is always enthusiastic and supportive even if we're not the most musically talented. We love his mix of basic essentials, music style and theory, and plai

Erik (Drums lessons with Matthew G.)

To the point... Matthew is very good at knowing where you should start. Instead of pulling out basic rudiments from the start, Matthew had me play my set first. It was then he got a good understandin

Gerry Hazelton (Drums lessons with Matthew G.)

My Grandson has come so far with his Drum Lessons! My 9 year old Grandson has been taking lessons with Matthew for over a year. This is his very first experience with any drum lessons and because of

Lori Nordal (Drums lessons with Matthew G.)

Attention to detail ! Loving it so far !

Kristen (Drums lessons with Scott W.)

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Drum Lessons

The drums are one of the most exciting and rewarding instruments to learn. The art of drumming is essential to the world of music, especially to the culture of dance that has evolved around it.

The modern drum set came into fruition in the early 20th century, and it was often associated with the budding genres of ragtime and jazz music. In popular music and the jazz world, the collection of drums is often referred to as a drum set or drum kit. Over the years, a selection of drums, including a hi-hat, snare, and kick drum, became part of a modern drum set. Since then, the art form has been refined as popular music has evolved.

If you’re searching for the best online drum lessons and in-person coaching, look no further!

Certified Drum Teachers

We understand that learning the drums can be a challenge. Because of this, we’ve hired only certified, background-checked drum teachers for our platform.

On TakeLessons, you can find drum coaches with years of professional experience and teaching students. We also make picking your drum lessons on TakeLessons simple. Our platform allows you to know the location of each teacher and review a quick run-through of their experience and teaching availability. Some teachers are even able to make home visits for lessons.

To give you an idea of teacher rates, the price of the best online drum lessons and in-person coaching on TakeLessons is $64. Once you’ve connected with a drum teacher that fits your schedule and budget, you can sign up and start hitting it!

Online Drum Lessons for All Ages

Drums are a fun instrument to learn at any age. Kids often love them because of the energy and expression of playing, while adults will appreciate the challenge of learning various rhythms.

If you’re looking for drum lessons for kids, we have teachers that specialize in coaching the younger ages in the basics of rhythm, getting them comfortable with playing along with full songs and crafting their own style. Older learners will be able to explore rhythms and play along with their favorite tracks.

Sign up for the best online drums lessons and in-person for any age at TakeLessons!

Drum Lessons for All Levels

Drum students will find that TakeLessons has drum lessons for every level of learner. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students will all find teachers with lesson plans perfect for the techniques and skills they need to learn.

Our drum lessons for beginners introduce students to basic rhythms such as the rock shuffle, getting them comfortable with the technical movements while also helping them stay on beat. Advanced lessons will allow drummers the ability to play in complex time signatures, as well as move between them.

The best online drum lessons and in-person coaching helps you or your child get a deeper grasp of drum techniques and rhythm. Sign up today!

Drum Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Drum Lessons

  • How to hold drum sticks
  • Basic drum beats
  • The rock shuffle
  • Learning to play along with music

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Drum Lessons

  • Drum fills
  • Incorporating toms
  • Developing your own beats
  • Introduction to drum solos

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Drum Lessons

  • 5/4 rhythm
  • Complex time signatures
  • Playing live
  • Expert drum fills

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At TakeLessons, serving our students is the mission. That’s why we provide access to the ideal drum lessons for every student, from young to old and beginner to advanced. Starting out is easy, allowing you to pick from a certified and diverse set of teachers for a personalized learning experience. Sign up today for in-person sessions and the best online drum lessons!

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Can you teach yourself drums?


You can teach yourself drums if you are a dedicated and disciplined learner. There are plenty of online tutorials, instructional videos, and books available on drumming to help you learn. One of the hardest parts of learning the drums is investing in a good drum set and having a good place to practice. Private lessons are a great way to learn without tons of trial and error. TakeLessons is a website that offers the best online drum lessons and in-person coaching, offering you a selection of certified drum teachers to pick from.

Are drums easy or hard to learn?


The drums are typically one of the harder-to-learn instruments used in modern music. The difficulty stems from the muscle coordination needed to hold complex rhythms while also playing in time. Because of this, it can take many years to become a proficient drummer. Since it can be a difficult instrument to learn, enlisting in lessons with certified drum teachers can be a huge help as you learn. TakeLessons has a number of certified drum coaches that bring years of professional experience and music knowledge to our drum lessons.

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