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Gordon L.

Gordon L.

Gordon L. began playing music at a very early age but didn't begin to learn the saxophone until he was in fifth grade. Gordon's interest in music grew when he began to work sound systems for bluegrass bands and eventually he started to experiment more with music. Soon after he would pick up guitar which would spark his interest in further pursuing his playing of music. After he bought a guitar, Gordon would practice relentlessly, sometimes for as long as 12 hours a day. This passion for music allowed Gordon to go to a summer rock band camp in San Diego where he learned everything you need to know about touring, playing in a band, making a music video etc. When Gordon reached his senior year of high school he attended Perpich Center of the Performing arts in Golden Valley, Minnesota. While he was learned he took classes in ear training and music theory. He also took a Taiko drum class while he was at Perpich. Along with learning new musical concepts, Gordon also learned how the music business works which got him more interested in marketing the bands he performed in. Gordon also was able to take guitar lessons at Macphail in Minneapolis under the apprenticeship of James Allen. Gordon went on to Mesabi Range Community College where he received his Associates Degree. While there he played saxophone in the Community Band and guitar in bands he started himself. Gordon also took a banjo class, piano class and a music history class at Mesabi Range Community College. His main focus in the past years has been working with bands doing studio work, mini tours and CD production/marketing for those groups. After Community College, Gordon went to Evangel University in Missouri where he continued to study Guitar and Saxophone while picking up more woodwind and string instruments. Gordon took private guitar lessons and attended a Guitar Master Class at this college. He also attended Missouri State University where he learned about theory and composition. He also played Saxophone in the jazz band. While he attended school in Missouri he relentlessly continued to play in multiple groups live and recorded a Ska/Reggae CD (guitar and saxophone tracks) with the band Bringers of the Dawn. Gordon can fluently play and teach Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, and Saxophone. Gordon is also willing to teach harmonica and banjo to those interested in learning. Gordon also has knowledge of several other cultural instruments with a background in piano lessons from high school and college. He got superior and excellent ratings at musical competitions for voice and saxophone in high school where he performed songs such as the Hungarian Dance #5 and Beautiful Dreamer. Gordon loves all genres of music and enjoys learning every style he can in order to improve his musical instruction. For the moment Gordon is pursuing songwriting particularly in the field of cultural music. Focusing on the students immediate musical needs, Gordon is able to encourage students to set goals in order to efficiently practice, concentrate and focus during the lesson time. Gordon is very patient with every student so that they refrain from becoming frustrated, overwhelmed or intimidated. Realizing the importance of music, Gordon makes sure that every student leaves each lesson having learned something new.
/30 mins
Michael R.

Michael R.

Tired of being frustrated by the pace of self-teaching or is your child bored with the progress in school band class? Are you an adult who never played an instrument but are really interested in learning a wind instrument? Not able to express yourself creatively or don't really understand why your favorite songs or styles of music work? Do you want a more hands-on way of teaching with personalized plans just for you? Learn how to play the Clarinet with Michael! Michael teaches a variety of instruments and subjects in the woodwind family: - Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Improvisation - Music Theory - Jazz Studies Michael creates versatile and fun lesson plans that incorporate learning your favorite music while teaching theory, improvisation, note reading, songwriting, or any other interests! He has an easy-to-follow, fun, but yet structured and thorough plan designed for results to help the student reach their goals, rather than imposing an one-size-fits-all plan just from lesson books! Michael teaches anyone from kids to adults and seniors and encourages all students to be creative while really understanding the music they play. Michael incorporates classical and traditional music into lesson programs alongside modern styles to create diverse and interesting repertoire!
/30 mins
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Megan is an excellent music teacher that helped show me different ways to overcome challenges that I was having. She is very patient and kind and she worked hard to make connections with me and person

Colin (Clarinet lessons with Megan W.)

Matthew was so patient with my son during his first lesson. You can tell he really loves teaching children.

Treyson (Clarinet lessons with Matthew S.)

Ariana is the best teacher My daughter has ever had. She bonded with Ariana, listened to all her instructions closely. Ariana helped her with auditions for advanced wind ensemble and district honor ba

Monalisa (Clarinet lessons with Dr. Ariana W.)

Dr. Ariana Warren is by far the best instructor. She has a lesson plan, follows through, can motivate teenagers and younger students, all with a positive, direct approach. She knows the technical as

Andrea (Clarinet lessons with Dr. Ariana W.)

Megan is an excellent music teacher that helped show me different ways to overcome challenges that I was having. She is very patient and kind and she worked hard to make connections with me and person

Colin (Clarinet lessons with Megan W.)

Matthew was so patient with my son during his first lesson. You can tell he really loves teaching children.

Treyson (Clarinet lessons with Matthew S.)

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Clarinet Lessons

The clarinet is a dynamic woodwind instrument with many uses in the world of music that has had a big impact on the classical and jazz worlds. The history of the clarinet stretches back several centuries, and the instrument is believed to have been developed by Johann Christoph Denner, when he added another register key to the chalumeau.

This single-reed woodwind instrument is typically made in different sizes and has the widest range of playable sounds of any modern woodwind. Because of this, some of the fingerings can be a little awkward, especially for those with smaller hands.

That’s where TakeLessons and its best online clarinet lessons (and in-person sessions) help make the difference in learning this sophisticated instrument. Are you ready to get started? Get started on your profile and sign up today!

Certified Clarinet Teachers

One thing that sets TakeLessons apart from other platforms is our commitment to providing access to the best teachers. All of our clarinet teachers are background-checked and certified by our team.

When you search for our teacher on our platform, you know you’re getting the best online clarinet lessons from experienced teachers. Choosing your teacher and lesson plan is easy. All you have to do is browse through our teacher profiles, compare rates, and read customer reviews. Once you’re all set up, you can jump into your lessons right away. Though prices vary, the average price of a 60-minute lesson is $57.

Selecting your teacher, connecting with them, and signing up for classes is this easy, so why not start your own personal clarinet lessons this week?

Online Clarinet Lessons for All Ages

Clarinet is a great instrument to learn for kids, seniors, and everyone in between. That’s why TakeLessons have teachers with experience tutoring all ages of students.

Our clarinet lessons for kids help your kid get started on the right foot with playing the clarinet. The fingerings and range of the instrument can make learning a challenge for kids. To help children have fun and learn at the same time, our tutors provide helpful feedback and fun exercises while simultaneously challenging them. Adults will also find a mixture of challenge and fun on TakeLessons.

TakeLessons prides itself on having the best online clarinet lessons (and in-person sessions) for every age. Sign up today!

Clarinet Lessons for All Levels

Every level of learner deserves a lesson designed specifically for them. We have personalized clarinet lessons taught by teachers with years of experience in those types of lessons.

Finding the right lesson for you or your child is easy. Clarinet lessons for beginners will cover the fundamentals of the clarinet, from an insight into its history to learning your first few songs. Soon enough, you or your children will be playing pieces you never thought possible. We also have teachers that specialize in preparing people for auditions, preparing for performances, and learning complex pieces.

The best online clarinet lessons are here at TakeLessons. Sign up to get started!

Clarinet Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Clarinet Lessons

  • History of clarinet
  • First songs
  • Intro to music theory
  • Basic fingerings

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Clarinet Lessons

  • Clarinet and jazz
  • Classical clarinet
  • Intermediate songs
  • Expanding your range

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Clarinet Lessons

  • Improvising on clarinet
  • Experimenting on clarinet
  • Advanced compositions
  • Incorporating music theory

Live Clarinet Classes

Who doesn’t want to play beautiful music on a clarinet? With your new TakeLessons Live membership, you can learn how to play classical music with this traditional instrument. You’ll be ready for an audience in no time!

For an affordable monthly price, you will gain access to the best online clarinet lessons available to you. Our expert instructors have been vetted and background-checked to ensure you’re only getting the very best.

Regardless of your current skill level, our clarinet teachers will tailor classes to the group. Throughout your time together, your instructor will give you real-time feedback and recommendations on how to improve your sound. By the end of your classes, you will be ready to play your clarinet with confidence.

Worried about your busy schedule or tight budget? Don’t be! Our instructors are available seven days a week. You join a clarinet class at a day and time that works for you. Whether you’re looking for clarinet lessons for beginners or advanced musicians, all of our monthly memberships are the same low price.

Don’t lose your skills! We also provide a mobile app, access to a 24/7 library of on-demand videos, and other learning resources to help you practice between sessions. Pair these learning aids with our expert instruction, and you’ll be playing beautiful music in no time.

Decide the clarinet isn’t for you? Try another instrument! You can even learn a new language, take a cooking class, or feel the beat in a dance class. With TakeLessons Live, you aren’t limited to just clarinet lessons!

Your TakeLessons Live membership provides access to all our 300+ monthly classes as you would like—at no additional cost! No matter what you want to learn, we have an instructor available to teach you!

Learning and growth should never be limited by time or budget. Sign up for your TakeLessons Live membership today!

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There’s no reason not to get started with clarinet lessons crafted around the needs of you or your child. Personalized lessons make a huge difference when learning an instrument, helping stop bad habits and master new songs. Another plus is that the best online clarinet lessons and in-person coaching comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up to start your clarinet learning journey!

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Is it hard to learn the clarinet?


The clarinet isn’t too hard to get started with. The hardest thing at first will be making a good tone. Because it’s a single-reed woodwind, it takes some work to get the clarinet tone clear and beautiful. The next hardest thing will be learning fingerings, which can be quite complex on the clarinet. Learning all this is made a lot easier with a great tutor guiding you. You can find great clarinet teachers at TakeLessons for all levels and ages.

Can you teach yourself the clarinet?


It is possible to teach yourself the clarinet. New learners can often learn to play a basic song after a few hours of practice. Watching tutorials online or enlisting in online courses will help you along, though eventually you will hit some learning roadblocks. The best way is to find a great teacher and take private lessons. If you have the time and resources, sign up for the best online clarinet lessons or in-person coaching at TakeLessons, an effective and affordable learning platform.

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