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Matt L.

Matt L.

4.9 (153)
My goal as a teacher is to provide an in depth understanding of the instrument to my students. Whether we are learning technique specific to the instrument or general musical concepts, it is important to me that I take the time to insure that my students not only learn how to do something, but also the reasons why we are learning a specific concept or technique. At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to teach you how to teach yourself, so that you may enjoy playing the instrument outside of our lessons together. I prefer not to conform to a specific teaching style, because every student is different, and I have been fortunate to have a great variety of types of students throughout my years as a teacher. Some of my students are children and adolescents who are looking to pursue music when they go to college or auditioning for state and regional band programs. Many of my students are very busy adults who are either looking to pick up an instrument for the first time as an escape from their everyday hectic lives, or they are coming back to an instrument that they put down years ago and looking to have a good musical experience again. I also have very young students who have parents looking to get there child into learning an instrument for the first time. For my child/adolescent future musician students, I will teach with a much more structured atmosphere and focus on all of the aspects of technique and music theory that they would be expected to know and play as they move closer to a professional level. For my busy adult students it is always a case by case basis. For those who have previous experience, I typically like to address teaching them how to play styles of music and tunes that they want to learn to play. For those who are new to music, I take them through a step-by-step process for learning the basics of the instrument while simultaneously teaching them how to read music. And in either case, many of my adults have busy professional lives where sometimes the only time they have to play their instrument is when they are in a lesson with me. That's ok. NO JUDGEMENTS! If the only time you have to play is during our lesson, then I'll find something new for you to learn at each lesson. For my young beginners it is all about having fun while playing music. While these lessons are also very structured, I also prefer not to be the stereotypical stern music teacher. I've heard way to many horror stories from my adult students who had mean and impatient teachers when they were children. I would say that my philosophy with my young students is an amalgamation of my approach with my busy adults students and my child/adolescent future musician students. I want to make sure that they are learning, but never discouraged.
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It was an honor and a pleasure working with Gwen. Due to personal circumstances, I had to stop working with her, but I highly recommend her as an instructor. She's very knowledgeable, accommodating,

Alexis (Saxophone lessons with Gwendolyn B.)

Very friendly and extremely helpful I’m really looking forward to my next lesson. I love how she jumped right in and got me playing.

Carl Silverberg (Saxophone lessons with Gwendolyn B.)

My son took lessons in person with him but the school moved. We are very happy to continue with such a positive teacher!

MARK STEWART (Saxophone lessons with Preston B.)

first impression is always a good impression. Preston is a very good teacher. He is knowledgeable, patience and encouraging. he made me feel comfortable throughout the session and I have learned a lot

Devon John (Saxophone lessons with Preston B.)

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Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone is a legendary instrument in the world of music. From classic jazz tracks to rock ‘n’ roll, the saxophone has been used by many types of musicians over the years.

The saxophone is a single-reed instrument that was first developed in the 1840s by instrument maker Adolphe Sax. Sax introduced saxophones that played in C and F, as well as ones that played B flat and E flat. The latter instruments became much more popular, soon becoming the standard types of saxophones played worldwide. In the early 1900s, the instrument rose in popularity with the ragtime and jazz music movements of the time.

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Certified Saxophone Teachers

Our saxophone teachers are all background checked and fully certified by our learning platform. Plus, we have teachers with experience in various music styles, from jazz to pop and rock ‘n’ roll.

Finding the right teacher for your learning goals is vital. This is why our platform makes signing up for the best online saxophone lessons an easy process. Browse through our teachers, see the music styles they specialize in, and pick a budget that works for you. Prices differ between teachers, but the average price of a 60-minute lesson is $62.

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Online Saxophone Lessons for All Ages

Any age can pick up the saxophone. Young children can enjoy expressing themselves for the first time on an instrument, while older learners can refine their playing style or pick up a new hobby.

At TakeLessons we have saxophone lessons for kids that provide the perfect mixture of challenge and fun. Our teachers are skilled in helping children push themselves, while also curating a healthy respect for the history of the instrument. Adult lessons are designed around each learner’s goals, helping older learners master new songs or get comfortable performing live.

Look no further for the best online saxophone lessons (and in-person sessions). Sign up today to get started!

Saxophone Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons offers every level of saxophone lessons, making it easier for all learners to find an ideal lesson plan for them.

When you sign up for lessons, you’ll be able to pick your teacher and let them know what your skill with the saxophone is. Saxophone lessons for beginners will cover the fundamentals of the instrument, from learning basic fingerings to playing your first song. We also have advanced teachers with experience preparing students for auditions, performances, and much more.

We’ve got the best online saxophone lessons for all skill levels at TakeLessons. Sign up today!

Saxophone Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Saxophone Lessons

  • Making a good tone
  • Basic fingerings
  • First songs
  • Saxophone history
  • Different types of saxophones

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Saxophone Lessons

  • Playing saxophone solos
  • Saxophone and jazz
  • Range practice
  • Intermediate songs

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Saxophone Lessons

  • Improvising on saxophone
  • Saxophone and pop music
  • Advanced techniques
  • Playing by ear

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Is it hard to learn the saxophone?

It isn’t hard to learn the saxophone, especially compared to other instruments. The scales on the saxophone run up and down the keys, making fingering not too difficult to grasp. It also translates well if you know other woodwind instruments or piano. Though it can be relatively easier, it is still a challenge to make a saxophone sound great, and taking lessons can vastly improve your overall sound quality, as well as how quickly you learn. Trying out the saxophone teachers at TakeLessons is a great place to start.

Can you learn the saxophone yourself?

You can start learning saxophone by yourself, but it’s going to be frustrating and very time-consuming if you don’t have any help. Learning the saxophone is a lot easier with a great tutor at your side who can show you the right fingerings and walk you through music theory. There are many options for lessons, including in-person tutoring and online tutorials. Whether you’re looking for the best online saxophone lessons or an in-person session, TakeLessons has you covered.

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