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Hadi S.

Hadi S.

4.6 (6)
What do you offer for a beginner? Assuming a student has never played a piano and is 10 years old or older, lessons will focus on fundamentals of technique and sight reading classically oriented material. I follow piano curriculum developed by John Thompson and Alfred. For students under 10 years of age without any prior piano training, a preparatory book may be used. After a minimum 6-12 months of continuous piano lessons (assuming a weekly schedule), music theory will be introduced, along with chord playing. What do you offer for a non-beginner? Assuming a student has had a minimum of one year of continuous piano training, depending on the lesson customization, lessons will be based around the Alfred and/or John Thompson curriculum, and music theory and chord playing will be introduced. Should a student already know chord playing, I will fast forward the lesson to sight reading lead sheet/fake books and learning pop, rock or jazz piano playing styles (left and right hands). I will also teach how to transpose (play in different keys) with approximately 6-9 months of intensive training. What do you offer for an advance player? I have taught few classical pianists (with Bachelor's and/or Master's music degree) who intend to learn modern piano playing such as Pop/Rock/Jazz/Blues styles. Throughout my 10+ years of teaching experience, I have developed a guideline and a private curriculum to introduce chord playing effectively, train left hand movement based on a certain style, and how to speak in musician's language. In addition, I will teach students how to learn a certain music feeling (ie a pop song shall sound like a pop song and a jazz song shall sound like a jazz song). Please also see the question about improvisation teaching approach below. Training to 'get' a certain music feeling is not a hard lesson; however, it is a tricky process and requires specific customization based on the student's skill. I have found various ways such as shifting the metronome counting, creating different beat subdivision for the same song and guiding with simplified written improvisation which can help students to understand different styles of music. Do you teach music theory? Yes, I teach music theory as a part of chord playing for which a basic foundation of music theory is required. I used several book resources for music theory; however, I also have a compact fundamental music theory approach (I do not require student to do a lot of paper work, but the teaching is done through a repetitive music theory concept, orally), focusing on how to 'visualize' music theory on the keyboard. Should a student want to learn Jazz or a more advanced music theory level (ie college level music theory), I will be happy to provide these. Several advanced topics are harmonic function analysis, modes & modal interchange, chord scale, tension theory, reharmonization, and lydian chromatic concept.
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I just had my first lesson with Collin for piano; he was friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, and patient.

Jamie (Piano lessons with Collin D.)

I am a public school music teacher and Collin has been giving my 5 yo son piano lessons for about 6 months. I am very impressed with Collin's patience with a very active 5 yo boy. He instructs him in

Geoff (Piano lessons with Collin D.)

Our first lesson was better than i expected. Very friendly and easy-going. Knowledgeable on the theory and skilled in his execution in a way that makes it easy and fun to learn.

Da'Me Harris (Piano lessons with Collin D.)

Collin was prompt and seemed to really know how to introduce the piano to our 5 year old son.

Owen (Piano lessons with Collin D.)

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The piano is a common instrument to start out on, but it’s essential to begin with the right foundation. Nearly all self-taught pianists never advance beyond an early-intermediate stage; that is why it is so important to get attention and feedback from a qualified teacher. Not sure where to find that perfect instructor? TakeLessons is here to help!

There are many benefits to taking Philadelphia piano lessons with a Certified TakeLessons Instructor, including a risk-free 100 percent money back guarantee. TakeLessons piano instructors are chosen from the top 8 percent of interviewed candidates, with many of them teaching in schools and performing in the Philadelphia area. By visiting our piano teacher profile pages, you can review their background, education and experience as well as ratings and reviews from other students, guiding you in finding the perfect piano teacher for you, no matter what your age or skill level!

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