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Jesse M.

Learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics, and how they apply to the trombone. Explore the range of your instrument through various scales. Build solid skills through understanding the mechanics of how your body and instrument work together.
/30 minutes

Reut R.

I am a professional full-time trombonist. At the same time, teaching has always been a big part of who I am - I love teaching. My music career has taken me around the world and back but more than that it has given me a wonderful tool of self-expression, and for that, I am forever grateful. My band performs regularly in Opera houses as well as coffee houses. Other than the trombone I do play the trumpet as well, and I have over 8 years of piano under my belt.
/30 minutes

Jordan M.

Learn trombone in a relaxed, encouraging environment with a friendly expert :) Experienced trombone teacher for over 15 years and more than 11,000 lessons taught. Tour with Grammy award winners The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Posture, breathing, hand position, slide technique, tonguing, soloing, scales, and most importantly - your favorite songs!
/30 minutes

Billy D.

If you are looking to take your tombone playing to the next level, you came to the right place. I have a degree from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and have studied with some of the best trombonists in the world. I have a lot of playing and teaching experience, having performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and many other venues around the city. I can teach you any style you are interested in and will make sure you have fun doing it.
/30 minutes

Holly S.

Trombone is, and should be, FUN. It's my main instrument, and I have 20 years of experience: both my Bachelor's and my Postgraduate Diploma are in Trombone Performance. If you want someone who knows the instrument inside and out, who can help you with intricate technical issues, and who is well acquainted with trombone repertoire and how our instrument is used in different styles and ensembles, I've got the knowledge and the skills -- and I'll do it all in a way that helps you LOVE playing.
/30 minutes

Jerry M.

My name is Jerry. I LOVE music and passing my knowledge on to others. I have played many different instruments in many different kinds of bands. It all one major thing in common, it was FUN! If you are not having fun while learning an instrument you won't want to learn. Lessons can be fun AND educational at the same time. I have had many parents tell me I'm one of the best teachers they have ever seen. (A couple of them were public school teachers themselves). I truly want my students to succeed and I will do everything in my power to help them accomplish that!
/30 minutes

Caleb M.

Over my 20 years of playing trumpet professionally, I have picked up enough trombone to offer quite a lot to trombone students! I believe the fundamentals of all great brass playing are the same, and I can get you off to a fantastic start if you are a beginner or intermediate player :).
/30 minutes

Vivian L.

Experienced Trombone teacher of 2 years available for eager beginners! I structure my lessons in such a way that students are able to learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of technical ability and excellent musicianship. I specialize in concert band and orchestral styles of music, however I can teach jazz styles as well. For beginning students I typically use Measures of Success Book #1: Trombone. For intermediate students I recommend Standard of Excellence book #2 and book #3.
/30 minutes
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Holly is absolutely fabulous! She really motivated our daughter and made the lesson a very enjoyable and very productive experience.

Misha Dale (Trombone lessons with Holly S.)

My daughter loved Holly and can not wait for her next lesson.

Reagan (Trombone lessons with Holly S.)

Holly is very supportive and always cheerful. My son always looks forward to his lessons with her.

Danny (Trombone lessons with Holly S.)

Holly Schaff is a wonderful trombonist and teacher. She inspires students with her quick wit and quirky sense of humour all the while teaching the fundamentals of trombone in memorable ways. Holly h

Beth (Trombone lessons with Holly S.)

Holly is absolutely fabulous! She really motivated our daughter and made the lesson a very enjoyable and very productive experience.

Misha Dale (Trombone lessons with Holly S.)

My daughter loved Holly and can not wait for her next lesson.

Reagan (Trombone lessons with Holly S.)

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