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Bill I.

I'm a rhythm and lead guitarist, bassist, ukulele player, & songwriter for for multiple projects with worldwide social recognition. I graduated from San Jose State with a Bachelor's of Music in jazz guitar, and am currently teaching around 40 lessons a week to students ranging in ability from beginner to professional. My versatility, experience and formal training helps me to make the learning experience easy, stress free and fun. Currently, I play in a number of performing groups gigging regularly & produce artists for their own projects. I spent much of the past 20 years touring with a blues gospel artist, EC Scott, in which I have played with and rubbed elbows with a number of well known musician celebrities. Since 2001, I have released 5 Albums which have received airplay worldwide on various digital platforms and radio stations. I am currently endorsed by Blade guitars by Gary Levinson. I teach my clients in my creative and comfortable home teaching studio in Gilroy, California. I work with singers, guitarists/bassists, pianists & songwriters/producers/composers in a wide age range, assorted skill levels with a variety of musical goals. Some of the musical styles I regularly teach: Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, and Folk. I am Currently teaching all styles in guitar, bass, and ukulele in a fun atmosphere!
/30 minutes

Jesse M.

Beginner I'm not currently taking beginner guitar students, but I highly recommend my studio partner Melissa: https://takelessons.com/profile/melissa-m62 Intermediate Learn about common variations of the tonalities you already know and start to venture into more complex rhythm ideas like polyrhythms. Also start to build the chops to learn parts more accurately when learning songs. Advanced Expand into more complex polyrhythms as well as asymmetrical meters. Also expand harmony and melody to include modes and chromaticism. Push your skills through original creations or original arrangements of existing material.
/30 minutes

Francesca V.

Teaching all styles of uke, Francesca is equally comfortable on a soprano as a tenor.
/30 minutes

Kevin T.

Ukulele taught Beginner to Advanced levels
/30 minutes

Elias S.

In teaching lessons, it is my great pleasure to share with students of all ages and skill levels the knowledge that I've gained over 27 years of playing. I firmly believe that anyone can learn anything at any time, given the proper tools! In our first lesson, we will determine your musical goals and create a realistic path to achieving them. It's my job to help you along this path while keeping things fun. To maintain focus and week-to-week continuity, I always provide lesson notes to take home. I can also provide recordings of lessons and transcriptions of pieces, if desired. **Studio Equipment** violins, viola, mandolin, guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, recording equipment
/30 minutes

Spiros S.

Learning basic chords and fingerings so that we can start playing melodies and songs together from the first lesson!
/30 minutes

Jordan M.

Strum and sing your favorite songs! Learn ukulele in a relaxed, encouraging environment with a friendly expert :) Experienced guitar teacher for over 15 years and more than 11,000 lessons taught. Posture, hand position, chords, strumming, scales, music reading, and most importantly - your favorite songs!
/30 minutes

Paul M.

I am an experienced ukulele / guitar teacher with over 20 years of experience. I teach students of all levels and ages. In addition to teaching the student the style they want to learn I also believe in building a solid foundation and understanding in music theory. I believe one really does help the other.
/30 minutes
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Great first lesson. We covered a lot of ground, or notes, rather. btw, you had sent her the wrong date, so she was not expecting me, but we regrouped and had a great time.

Peter (Ukulele lessons with Mary Ann G.)

Awesome instructor! Patient, encouraging, very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Richard (Ukulele lessons with Nils B.)

Nicole was a wonderful online instructor. My daughter (9 y.o.) learned so much - chords, how to read notes, rhythms and songs. Nicole also helped her prepare for a virtual talent show. Nicole went abo

Amy Miskovsky (Ukulele lessons with Nicole D.)

Adam is prompt, professional and patient. He allows you to learn at your own pace and makes lessons fun by teaching popular songs.

Theo Barton (Ukulele lessons with Adam C.)

Great first lesson. We covered a lot of ground, or notes, rather. btw, you had sent her the wrong date, so she was not expecting me, but we regrouped and had a great time.

Peter (Ukulele lessons with Mary Ann G.)

Awesome instructor! Patient, encouraging, very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Richard (Ukulele lessons with Nils B.)

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