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Julie (Djembe lessons with Kojo J.)

Excellent experience with my first 2 classes. Murray is patient and dedicated. I look forward to my future classes with him.

Alex (Djembe lessons with Murray P.)

Friendly teacher! He customizes our lesson according to my needs and really supports me!

Rebecca (Djembe lessons with Murray P.)

Super passionate, knowledgable and a great communicator!

Mat (Djembe lessons with Murray P.)

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Djembe African Drumming Lessons

The djembe is an African drum that is played throughout the world and has gained a footing in modern music after being used in recordings by popular artists such as Paul Simon.

The drum’s roots are deep within African history. The Djembe is believed to have been developed by Mandinka blacksmiths in West Africa and was first widely distributed with the rise of the Mali Empire. It is a rope-tune goblet drum that is covered with a layer of skin and is known for being able to produce a high number of percussive sounds.

Help upgrade you or your child’s djembe playing with the best online djembe African drumming lessons and in-person sessions. Sign up now!

Certified Djembe African Drumming Teachers

Great djembe drumming teachers are experts in curating a love of rhythm for every one of their students. That’s why TakeLessons only employs certified, background-checked teachers.

Our team of African drumming teachers brings years of diverse experience to our private lessons. Because of this, we’re confident each student can find a teacher perfect for them. Find your ideal lesson package and teacher on our website, where you can compare customer reviews, starting rates, and lesson offerings before signing up. We can’t wait to get started with your djembe African drumming lessons.

The best online djembe African drumming lessons and in-person sessions are an average price of $38 for a 30-minute lesson. Sign up today!

Online Djembe African Drumming Lessons for All Ages

Your kids will love learning and playing the djembe because it's accessible and fun. Adults will find it both rewarding and invigorating.

Sign up your child for djembe African drumming lessons for kids to get them started with learning the basics of hand drumming. They will learn the fundamentals of slap, bass, and tone on the djembe, and how they can hold a rhythm without losing it over the course of a song. Adults will also benefit from private attention, helping them loosen up and play the djembe with confidence.

The best online djembe African drumming lessons and in-person coaching is right here at TakeLessons. Sign up today to start learning!

Djembe African Drumming Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons has curated African drumming lessons for every level of learner, from absolute beginners to seasoned percussionists looking to add the djembe to their arsenal of instruments.

Many of our teachers have years of experience crafting djembe African drumming lessons for beginners that effectively introduce this percussion instrument to new students. Even if you think you have no rhythm, our teachers can help you stay on beat and learn djembe hand techniques along the way. Advanced learners can use our teacher’s as a resource for expert-level drumming, including playing on professional recordings.

TakeLessons has the best online djembe African drumming lessons and in-person learning for any level of student.

Djembe African Drumming Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Djembe African Drumming Lessons

  • Holding the djembe
  • Types of djembe hits
  • Djembe history
  • The djembe in popular music
  • Basic rhythms

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Djembe African Drumming Lessons

  • Mixing up your beats
  • Playing with a band
  • More complex rhythms
  • Slap, bass, and tone

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Djembe African Drumming Lessons

  • Mastering syncopation
  • Writing your own rhythms
  • Djembe fills
  • Advanced rhythm work

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TakeLessons has African drumming lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our learners come in all shapes and sizes, from kids looking to learn their first instrument to adults wanting to incorporate rhythm into their musical arsenal. We have the best online djembe African drumming lessons and in-person coaching for everyone, all backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Start learning hand drumming today!


Is djembe easy to learn?

The djembe is fairly easy to learn. It is a flexible instrument and relatively simple to get started with. You can start without any training by playing along with songs and trying out different techniques when hitting the drum. You can get many different sounds from the djembe by hitting different parts of the drum with various hand techniques. Learning these techniques and mastering complex rhythms will take some practice, though. Signing up for online djembe african drumming lessons or in-person sessions will help you learn faster, benefiting from the close attention of djembe drumming teachers on TakeLessons.

How do I learn to play djembe?

You can learn to play the djembe in many ways. There are a number of great online courses available for students, and you can learn by watching teachers drum on videos and mimicking their techniques. The best way to learn, however, is by taking lessons with experienced djembe teachers. TakeLessons has a variety of djembe tutors that can help you master hand drumming techniques and grasp the fundamentals of rhythm. At TakeLessons, you can choose between online and in-person lessons for a flexible learning experience.

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