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Clare could not be more supportive, patient, and willing to facilitate changes to schedules. If you are new to this instrument, or already proficient, you will have a nice experience under her instru

Christopher (Oboe lessons with Clare M.)

Clare is a wonderful oboist who plays with emotion and that same energy transfers into her teaching.

Todd (Oboe lessons with Clare M.)

I like her mildness and patience. And her encouragement to push myself.

Zee (Oboe lessons with Grace M.)

Great online lesson! I haven't played the oboe in 20 years. Prior to my first lesson with Grace, she provided contact info for a reputable oboe dealer as well as a source of reeds - so I would be read

Karen (Oboe lessons with Grace M.)

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Oboe Lessons

If you’re looking for oboe lessons, you’re in the right place. TakeLessons offers learners a hub for accessing the best online oboe lessons, as well as in-person tutoring sessions that will take your oboe skills to the next level.

The oboe is a double reed woodwind instrument often made of wood or synthetic materials. What we now know as the modern oboe first came to be in the mid-17th Century and was then known as a hautboi. It was also the main melody instrument in many early military bands until the development of the clarinet. The oboe typically plays in the treble or soprano range.

Although it is commonly found in modern orchestras and symphonies, and occasionally in jazz and pop music, finding a good oboe teacher can be tough.

TakeLessons offers the best online oboe lessons and in-person tutoring available today. Read more about our oboe teachers and how you can sign up for your lesson.

Certified Oboe Teachers

Learning an instrument is a challenging endeavor without a good teacher. Mastering the skills of air control, fingerings, and reading music while also knowing what to learn and how to apply it is no easy feat. That’s why it’s essential to have a teacher who can guide you in how to play as part of a band and show you new kinds of music to learn.

Our oboe teachers bring many years of experience with students around the world. TakeLessons has spent years building a catalog of the best teachers, not only valuing total experience but also making sure we offer teachers with specializations students are looking for.

That’s why we’re confident our learning platform has oboe lessons and a tutor that will work perfectly for you. Signing up for oboe lessons is easy. Plus, you can read through teacher bios, compare rates, and choose a schedule and budget that works for you. The prices for an oboe lesson vary teacher by teacher, but the average price for a 60-minute lesson is around $59.

If you need the best online oboe lessons or in-person tutoring for learning your instrument, try signing up for TakeLessons!

Online Oboe Lessons for All Ages

The oboe teachers at TakeLessons have experience teaching all ages of learners. In fact, we’ve got many teachers that specialize in oboe lessons for kids. These tutors can help your kid grasp the basics of playing the oboe while also making lessons fun.

We also offer oboe lessons for teenagers and adults looking to advance their skills. Our oboe teachers craft lessons to meet the needs of each learner. Whether it’s for an adult looking to pick up the oboe as a hobby or a teenager getting ready for an audition for music school, our tutors help.

The best online oboe lessons at TakeLessons are just a click away. Your journey to mastering the oboe is made a lot easier with a good teacher, which is why we made the process of finding one easier than ever. Start learning today!

Oboe Lessons for All Levels

No matter your skill level, TakeLessons has oboe lessons that will work perfectly for you. For example, our oboe lessons for beginners will help you build essential skills, such as major and minor scales, fingerings, music theory, and basic songs.

For advanced oboe students, we have lessons that will hone your advanced skills, such as playing with an orchestra or chamber group, complex music theory, and composing music for the oboe. We have oboe teachers with experience playing with world-renowned symphonies and orchestras, all of whom can help you become an expert oboe player.

The oboe tutors at TakeLessons bring their experience to you in both online and in-person lessons. All you have to do is sign up and start learning at your own pace, taking your oboe skills to new heights!

Oboe Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Oboe Lessons

  • Basic fingerings
  • How to hold an oboe
  • Breathing for oboe
  • First scales
  • Basic music theory
  • Beginner songs

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Oboe Lessons

  • Intermediate songs
  • Scale patterns
  • Incorporating music theory
  • Range development
  • Additional fingerings

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Oboe Lessons

  • Playing with an orchestra
  • Advanced oboe songs
  • How to play an oboe solo
  • Getting a perfect sound
  • Composing your own oboe music

Sign up Today

Look no further for the best online oboe lessons and in-person tutoring that will help you upgrade your instrument skills. TakeLessons has a large variety of expert oboe teachers available to learn from, no matter your age or skill level. And don’t stress about the commitment, because we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our lessons. Sign up today!


How long does it take to learn the oboe?

It doesn’t take too long to learn the oboe, although the amount of time it takes can depend on a lot of factors. Often it takes a few weeks to get a good sound on the instrument. Your learning time can significantly decrease when you take oboe lessons from a great teacher. Platforms such as TakeLessons are a great way to find an experienced teacher who can help you conquer the challenges that come with learning the oboe.

Is the oboe hard to learn?

The oboe isn’t terribly hard to learn, but there are a few challenges that come with playing the instrument. Getting a good tone, for example, can be tough, as you need to train your mouth to make the right embouchure. Other than that, learning the fingerings and playing songs isn’t too hard, especially with the help of a good teacher. Taking consistent lessons from certified oboe teachers can help you get the basics down and start playing songs in no time.

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