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Kevin is a great instructor! I am an adult learning steel drum for the first time with no music bacground.

Tara (Steel Drums lessons with Kevin F.)

We had a good meeting and Kevin answered some questions and we went over some homework that I need to work with. Starting with some basics and will build as we go.

Steve (Steel Drums lessons with Kevin F.)

Kevin is wonderful to work with. Very knowledgeable, very calm, pleasant personality. He wanted to know first what I wanted to do, but was prepared to start me with the basics - scales - which is wh

Melissa (Steel Drums lessons with Kevin F.)

So far so good. First meeting jitters are over. Kevin has a nice calm about him which makes it easy to listen. I've got some homework and looking forward to my next lesson.

Anne (Steel Drums lessons with Kevin F.)

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Steel Drums Lessons

Whether listening to reggae or calypso, the iconic sound of steel drums is found as the centerpiece of the music. If you want to groove to the heartwarming sound of steel drums found in songs like Margaritaville or even the fun of “Under the Sea'' from the movie Little Mermaid, the steel drums have a sound that is light and fun.

Finding steel drums teachers can be challenging if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play steel drums. TakeLessons understands this, so we created programs for people like you to find the right classes to learn and master the rhythm and percussion of steel drums.

Certified Steel Drums Teachers

Getting lessons from the right teacher can do wonders for your growth as a musician.

Knowing that selecting the right steel drums teachers can accelerate your joy and playing ability, at TakeLessons, we make it simple to find the right instructor to match your needs and interests.

Signing up for online steel drums lessons or in-person classes through TakeLessons is simple. Browse through our catalog of teachers, check out their student reviews, meet with them to discuss your curiosity, experiences, educational needs, and set a personalized lesson schedule to get going.

Our teachers are all background-checked, experienced, and certified professionals that will create personalized lesson plans for students of all ages and abilities. Average prices for private classes run from $38 for half an hour to $64 an hour.

So whether you’re looking for steel drums lessons for beginners, kids, intermediate players, or advanced, we have the instructors to help you reach your goals.

Steel Drums Online Lessons for All Ages

If you’re looking for a music lesson that is fun, easy to start, and one that can be played at any age, then steel drums are the instrument for you. Our certified steel drums lessons cater to each student to meet their needs. That means every lesson is appropriate for the student’s age.

Here at TakeLessons, we have instructors that specialize in teaching children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Our specialized instruction makes it easy to get started, learn, and master your skills on the steel drums.

Steel Drums Lessons for All Levels

The beauty of our programs at TakeLessons is that we also customize our classes to meet the interests and abilities of our students. Our instructors create lessons for students of all levels, so it’s easy to learn the instrument and get started once you find the steel drums teacher for you.

Even if you’ve never played before, we have steel lessons for beginners at the ready for you.

If you’re experienced in drums, steel drums, and multiple percussive instruments, you can continue to master the intersument by taking steel drums lessons online or in person, whatever suits your interest and needs.

We make it that simple to start playing and mastering the steel drums.

Steel Drums Lessons Curriculum

Learning to play the steel drums can take years if you’re trying to learn independently. Finding a teacher to help accelerate your learning and provide feedback, tips, and tricks is essential for players of all ages and skill levels. We offer classes that are designed specifically for your interests and desires, whether online or with in-person teaching.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Steel Drums Lessons

If you’re just starting out as a steel drummer, our beginner lessons are best for you.

A sample of the curriculum in a beginner class may include topics such as:

  • Proper way to hold the pan mallet
  • How to use “touch” in drumming to create sound and volume
  • Basic drum stroke techniques
  • How to read drum notation
  • Rhythm and odd-meter timing

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Steel Drums Lessons

For players with some background in drumming whether traditional or steel drumming, then the intermediate classes are best suited for you.

Typical courses in the intermediate steel drum lessons will approach techniques and concepts such as:

  • Intermediate grooves, fills, and rudiments
  • Expanding on music theory
  • Playing odd time signatures for percussive elements
  • Exercises to improve hand speed, and more!

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Steel Drums Lessons

For the experienced drummer and musician, advanced classes are customized to match your interests in mastering the steel drums.

In the advanced courses, the curriculum is designed around your individual goals but may include the following:

  • Advanced music theory and composition
  • Shifts and meter
  • Stick techniques and tricks
  • Performance preparation

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TakeLessons offers individualized classes for every type of student. With over 4 million classes taught already, we make signing up for classes easy. Simply find a teacher to match your goals, set up a class schedule, and get started.

And we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you’re unsatisfied with your class, we’ll refund the remaining balance in your account.

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Are steel drums hard to learn?

No, as an instrument, steel drums are percussion making them rhythmic based. It will take time to master the tone and rhythm of playing steel drums, but a teacher can help accelerate your growth and mastery of the instrument.

Are steel drums expensive?

No, as an instrument, you can purchase steel drums reasonably cheap, with the cheaper models priced at around $160. The low price and easy-to-learn steel drums are ideal for players of all ages looking to pick up an instrument to learn.

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