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Isabel S.

Isabel S.

Singing opera is my passion and I have a Master’s degree in classical vocal performance at the Mannes School of Music. Equally at home in a versatile range of musical styles and repertoire from Baroque to 21st Century, I have acquired many different tools for teaching through my studies and performance experience. Students of all ages and levels are welcome. Repertoire that I teach includes art song, opera, and operetta in English, Italian, French, German, and Russian with a focus on building a solid and healthy vocal technique based in bel canto. My experience in dance, Alexander Technique, and acting informs my teaching approach. I include body awareness, character interpretation, and making the music come alive as an integral part of the lessons. I love to teach and enjoy helping others discover their voices and achieve their personal singing goals. My voice teachers have greatly impacted my life and my goal is to inspire my students in a similar way. Everyone has a unique voice and learning style and I tailor my teaching to each individual. It would be a pleasure to help you discover your voice in the operatic repertoire!
/30 mins
Vanessa P.

Vanessa P.

You can learn to sing almost any style of music, and OPERA is no exception. Once we find your real voice and teach it how to come out in full, resonant, well modulated tones. then you can use that vocal power to sing any style of music that you love and want to study. Operatic singing is more of a mindset than a "natural gifting". Granted that the operatic repertoire makes exciting demands on the voice, vocal/physical/emotional stamina, and acting ability, but those are all learned skills that other mere mortals have learned and mastered with a little help from coaches and mentors like me, who have learned them from others who have paid their dues in this wonderful profession, and been willing to pass them on to aspiring singers. All too often those hopefuls have been told that only a few "specially gifted ones" can ever attain to such heights, and thus ensues a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams. DARE TO DREAM! If you've ever even thought about it, you're "IT" ...tagged!, so let's do it!
/30 mins
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Amazing instructor. Kind and professional!

Danielle (Opera Voice lessons with Julia V.)

Patient, informative, and has a great way of explaining abstract concepts in a way that really clicks with me. Looking forward to future classes!

Carol Torres (Opera Voice lessons with Denise B.)

Great as always. My voice feels BETTER, SMOOTHER and STRONGER after one hour of training with her, never more tired or painful. Yay!

Jin (Opera Voice lessons with Denise B.)

Denise is an amazing teacher. We wished we lived closer for face-to-face lessons. She truly listened to my child's needs and catered each lesson to achieving her academic goals.

Victoria Gonzalez (Opera Voice lessons with Denise B.)

Amazing instructor. Kind and professional!

Danielle (Opera Voice lessons with Julia V.)

Patient, informative, and has a great way of explaining abstract concepts in a way that really clicks with me. Looking forward to future classes!

Carol Torres (Opera Voice lessons with Denise B.)

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Opera Voice Lessons

Opera is an art form with a rich and storied tradition. You may have dreamed of trying opera your whole life or have a child that has displayed interest in it. Learning opera lets you partake in some of the greatest compositions ever written, including such opera classics such as The Marriage of Figaro and La Traviata.

Opera first began to be performed at the end of the 16th century and is usually attributed to starting with Jacopo Peri’s Dafne, produced in 1598. Soon, opera spread through the rest of Europe and began to be performed in places such as Germany, France, and England. It is noted for its distinct vocal style and theatrical, dramatic form of performance, and it has become a key part of Western classical music.

Here at TakeLessons, we offer a selection of certified Opera teachers that can take your skills to the next level. Our opera voice lessons are crafted to help beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced opera singers looking to reach the top of their game.

Sign up today for the best online opera voice lessons and in-person coaching!

Certified Opera Teachers

Opera can be intimidating to learn, which is why a good teacher is indispensable to building your skills and learning how to be a great opera performer. Opera involves mastering the fundamentals of singing, which our teachers are well-trained in coaching students in.

At TakeLessons our opera teachers are certified and go through a strict process to determine their ability as a teacher. When you look for a teacher on our website, you can easily browse through a list of available tutors. There, you’ll be able to access reviews from precious students, read a breakdown of their experience, as well as see their location and availability. The average cost of a 60-minute lesson is $73, but prices vary between instructors.

Signing up with TakeLessons is easy! As soon as you select your opera teacher, schedule, and budget, you can set up your first lesson to begin your opera journey.

Opera Voice Lessons for All Ages

Opera can be learned at any age, and TakeLessons provides a framework to maximize your learning experience for all ages to keep the opera voice lessons fun and engaging.

TakeLessons Opera voice lessons for kids ensure they’re learning the fundamentals of the opera form while also keeping the lesson fresh and exciting. Lessons for an adult beginner in opera may take a more mature approach on technique, as your age and voice can definitely impact focus areas and learning goals.

We have online opera voice lessons for all ages of learners, so check out the website to find the best opera lessons tutor near you suited for your learning needs and location!

Opera Voice Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons offers opera lessons near you for beginner and advanced students, as well as everything in between. We have a wide range of teachers with expertise in all lesson types. You can easily find the best opera teacher that specializes in beginner coaching or pinpoint an opera tutor that knows how to take your opera skills to a professional level.

Opera voice lessons for beginners through TakeLessons are a great way to start your learning journey. These lessons not only build your skill set and increase your understanding of the art form, but they also make learning fun! No matter your level, our learning platform has the perfect lesson for you!

Opera Voice Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Opera Voice Lessons

  • Opera basics
  • Opera history
  • Vocal parts and singer volumes
  • Vocal diction
  • Breath support
  • Beginner songs

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Opera Voice Lessons

  • Performance techniques
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Sing with clarity
  • Intermediate songs
  • Mastering your vibrato

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Opera Voice Lessons

  • Mastering opera
  • Advanced vocal techniques
  • Advanced opera songs
  • Performing in front of an audience
  • Being part of an opera play

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TakeLessons offers the very best opera voice lessons for both online and in-person students. Take a look at our experienced opera teachers, select a schedule and plan that works for you, and start your opera journey today. And if you’re worried about making the leap, you'll be happy to know we back up all our lessons with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Happy singing!

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Can you teach yourself to sing opera?


You can, in theory, teach yourself to sing opera. But it would be very difficult to master the skill without the attention and guidance of a certified opera teacher. Learning to sing opera requires very specific singing and breathing techniques, which are very hard to build alone. Enlisting a talented opera voice lessons tutor will help you hone your skills, perfect techniques, and sing with confidence.

Is opera hard to learn?


Opera is considered a difficult to learn singing style, mostly because it requires a wide range of notes and a powerful singing technique. Opera isn’t something you can learn casually, as it requires a lot of practice to master. With the help of an opera voice lessons teacher, you can hone the right skills and make learning opera a much easier learning process. Enlisting an opera tutor at TakeLessons is a great way to start your opera journey.

Is it too late to learn to sing opera?


It’s never too late to learn to sing opera. There are many opera singers that have honed their skills later in life and gained parts in famous operas around the world. That being said, learning opera does require a commitment to the craft. If you’re looking to learn opera as quickly as possible, it’s recommended you seek out a great teacher. With their guidance, you can build the fundamentals and start singing classic operas as quickly as possible. Websites with opera voice lessons such as TakeLessons are a great place to start.

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