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Edward E.

Las Vegas, NV 89149


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Piano Teacher

I teach note reading, technique, theory, composition and performance.

About Edward

My name is Edward and I have been playing music most of my life. I was involved in every form of music education that I could find, and took private lessons on guitar and piano for ten years. During this time, I learned that I improved when I performed music that I liked. I attended the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY and received a B.S. in Studio Music in 1996. I then moved to San Diego, CA and started my own business teaching music. The lessons were taught at the students' homes and I incorporated the students' interests in teaching. I have also performed for many years and have written many songs that have been recorded and performed.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching method is unique; I never teach the same way for everyone. The main objectives I teach include performance, reading, ear training, theory, composition and improvisa

tion. I find that playing examples of music that you like is the best way to improve skills. I will recommend books that best suit your style and level. The main styles include (but not limited to) rock, blues, classical, pop, jazz and country. Please contact me if you have any other questions about my teaching methods.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a Yamaha 88 key weighted action digital piano with recording features. I also have music stands and amps for guitars. We have a smoke and pet free home. I also have a large collection of sheet music and music books available for lessons.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will travel to your home. Clark County, NV

*** Specialties ***
Music, Guitar, Piano, Electric Bass
Sight reading, ear training and songwriting

August 9, 2019
Shaylee and Riley E.
Edward is very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. My kids really like their lessons with him and we have seen lots of improvement.
May 28, 2019
Jacque H.
Very inviting upon my arrival. Edward made me feel very comfortable and was patient with my beginners skills. I learned more in that hour than I did in the whole year I’ve had my bass. I’m looking forward to learning next week with Edward
March 18, 2019
Ogonnaya O.
Edward is an excellent teacher.

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Edward E.

Las Vegas, NV


Terri M.

Las Vegas, NV 89141


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Piano Teacher

Students can expect to enjoy a positive, supportive and joyful experience learning music theory, technique and skillfulness at the piano. Students will be inspired to achieve their goals and demonstrate their accomplishments in performance. For example; students are encouraged to learn their notes as well as they know their alphabet. When they can say and play the 24 notes of the grand staff in 30 seconds or less, they become a lifetime member of the 30 Second Club with a certificate and medallion award to commemorate this achievement. It's a big deal, so I feature the new members in recital programs. Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on lessons.

About Terri

At age nine I began piano and clarinet lessons and continued my music studies throughout high school and into college. I played in numerous solo and ensemble festivals, honor bands, piano recitals, adjudicated piano and soloist competitions, scholarship competitions and numerous concerts. I learned at a very young age that enthusiasm and creativity expressed by my teachers played an integral role in my motivation to succeed. My experience playing in band, orchestra, ensembles and as a soloist, gives me an enhanced ability to convey lessons in harmony either played between hands or in duets/ensembles.
Because I also have a strong background in ballet and ballroom dance, I utilize these talents to reinforce time signature and rhythm lessons. It's amazing to see how my students transfer the rhythm from their feet to their fingertips accurat

ely. This method also helps them visualize and interpret the music in a more satisfying manner.
Music is the centrifugal force in my life which I joyfully extend to my family and students. I am the proud mother of four children who grew up in a musical home; three of them are proficient, award-winning pianists. My students are also award-winning competitors in the Lisa Fiorenza Junior Piano Competition, Las Vegas, NV.
I have enjoyed teaching piano students ranging in age from 3 to 80 years old. Let's Make A Joyful Noise Together!

*** Lesson Details ***
Students will be taught: Music Theory, Technique, Ear Training, Memorization and Performance Etiquette.
Methods used:
Alfred's Premier Piano Course for pre-K and early elementary beginners.
Alfred's Piano Basic Library for beginner to intermediate students of elementary to adult age.
Bastien' Invitation to Music Piano Party for pre-K beginners.
Bastien Piano Basics for elementary beginners.
Bastien New Traditions, All In One Piano Course for early elementary beginners.
Faber, My First Piano Adventure for Young Beginners Pre-K
Faber, Piano Adventures Elementary to Adult beginners to late Intermediate level.
After 3 to 6 months of study, beginner students who practice consistently and attend lessons consistently will be able to:
Identify and quantify notes: Quarter note, Half note, Dotted Half Note, Whole note and Eighth notes
Count in three time signatures: 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time
Read notes on the Grand Staff
Play in the positions of Middle C, C, G and F
Recognize sharps, flats and dynamic signs
Read music by note names and by melodic and harmonic intervals as well as ear recognition of these intervals.
Triads and Primary Chords may also be introduced in this time period

Students will be given the opportunity to showcase their progress in performance recitals twice a year and encouraged to share their new-found talent in other community venues, such as: school talent shows, local competitions and church ministries.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Formal Piano Parlor: 1943 Steinway & Sons grand piano with pedal extender foot stool for smaller students.

*** Specialties ***
My experience teaching preschool, preschool ballet and kinder-ballet has strengthened my teaching skills to hold the attention of young imaginative students.
I Introduce students to all genres of music to give them a well-rounded experience.

September 20, 2019
Miss Terri is the best! She is very kind and great with children. She makes her lessons very interesting and enjoyable. I am very happy that I found her for my 8 year old daughter. Ever since my daughter started taking lessons from her she has been more motivated to practice and enjoys playing piano more. Thank you Miss Terry!
July 3, 2019
Teruko (Tammy) Szczepanski
I am 72 and Terri is a great instructor. Patient and her explanations are so well thought out.
February 20, 2019
Myles E.
Terri exceeded me and my son's expectations ! Thank You Ray J of takelessons

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Terri M.

Las Vegas, NV


Deborah C.

Las Vegas, NV 89146


Private Piano Teacher

I have been teaching piano for over 10 years. I like to work with beginners using Mozart Mouse or Faber depending on their age and level. I use some Suzuki along with that as well as playing by ear and by chord.

About Deborah

I started taking piano lessons at age 6, learned to read music and play mostly classical, my first pop song was Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Cher, remember that great riff at the beginning? I was beyond thrilled to actually play it myself. These are the kind of experiences I seek to provide my students, enjoying the thrill of actually making music, not just going over mundane head information. I do combine learning by ear with reading music, teaching theory along with the music making as well. Music is really simple, repetitive and easy to learn. It's a life long gift you give yourself and others. I started singing seriously in 9th grade, I had the greatest teacher, in fact he turned my life around because I had been running with the wrong crowd, but now that he told me I could sing I had a reason to straighten myself up and he

made me feel like my talent was worth something. I grew in confidence and entered college as a double major, voice and piano. I enjoy teaching singing because it's so personal and I help people figure out a lot about themselves and singing through our lessons together. I teach people how to balance their voice through exercises and specially picked songs that extend the exercises into 'real life'. It only takes a few lessons for my voice students to experience positive change in their voices and their lives. Teaching music is a beautiful way to live. I invite you to experience this beautiful gift with me!

*** Lesson Details ***
For both piano and voice students I will evaluate where you are first and then I use Faber for a lot of my piano students because it has nice graphics, fun activities, moves at a good pace, not too slow, not too fast. If the student has already studied I ask them to bring the music they already have and we proceed forward from there. The voice students are also evaluated and then informed about their tendencies and given excersises to help them learn new, better tendencies. Songs are assigned for student to learn and hopefully enjoy.
Regular practice is expected from the beginning and I give award and incentives for it to get you started right.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in a separate music room, Roland digital piano, computer

*** Specialties ***
speech-level singing - Voice
learn to play by chords - piano

July 29, 2016
Jacqueline C.
Awesome first day I am very excited to work with Debbie
April 29, 2016
Myeong Potter
My daughter is very shy and takes time to open up. But it didn't take long with Ms.Debbie. She is a great teacher - definitely recommend!!! I'm a full time working mom with two young children and she does her best to work around our schedule. My daughter loves Ms.Debbie. She loves to play piano. Definitely recommend. I'm very glad I found Ms.Debbie.
April 16, 2016
Kanmei M.
My daughter Alexia has been taking singing lessons with Deborah since February of 2014. When Alexia first started her lessons, she was interested in performing in musicals and got a small part in her school musical in Alice in Wonderland. She tried out for the next musical which was Camp Rock and didn't make the cut. Alexia asked for singing lessons and I was skeptical but started her with Deborah once a week. When she auditioned for legally blond, she got a solo part and shined. I was amazed by the transformation in her voice. The following year, she auditioned for Cinderella and got the lead. She also auditioned for High School Musical 2 and guess what? She got the lead again! Not only did Deborah bring her to this level with her singing but she also brought her to this level with her acting. Deborah is able to give her tips and techniques that help her with her singing and acting. Alexia competed in the State Drama Competition this year and made it to Nationals where she will be attending the International Thespian Festival in June. this is very exciting for Alexia and there is no doubt that Deborah played a major role in her success. Thank you Deborah, for being a wonderful and patient teacher!

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Deborah C.

Las Vegas, NV


Terry P.

Las Vegas, NV 89118


Private Piano Teacher

I am capable of teaching all levels/styles of piano/keyboard and am in regular practice on the instrument myself.

About Terry

Terry P. is a composer, producer, and a multi-instrumentalist specializing in guitar and piano. He has been teaching all types of people at all levels for over eight years at Axis Music Academy in Southfield, and has taught over 8,000 lessons. Terry has a Bachelors of Music with a concentration in Composition and Theory from Wayne State University. In 2012, Terry was awarded the prestigious Kresge Arts Fellowship in the performing arts category.
This is Terry's bio from the Kresge Arts In Detroit website:

Terry had already started making a lasting impact on the local rock scene – in his influence over other artists and his musical innovations – prior to studying music composition at Wayne State University. Terry has used this classical training toward his goal of elevating the musical consciousness of popular music audiences by

exposing them to compositional techniques they would otherwise never hear without listening to classical music. Terry, a multi-instrumentalist, has focused his efforts on the exploration of these techniques in contemporary genres, specifically progressive metal. In recent years, he has employed himself as a private instructor and has started scoring music for film.

*** Lesson Details ***
I make sure that lessons are fun for the student, and that the student is learning material that they like. At the same time, I make sure that my students become well-rounded musicians by teaching them skills in reading and music theory. Lessons are tailored to the student, and my approach varies with everyone I teach. I will fast-track you toward your goal while supplementing your lesson experience with exposure to new things that will challenge you in a fun way. I have learned to play almost every instrument and will teach just about anything, although I am strongest with the piano and guitar. I am open to teaching all ages, all genres/styles, and have even taught students with various disabilities. My extensive training also makes me a good tutor for undergraduate music students taking classes in ear-training and theory.
Beginning students should expect to be playing a handful of their favorite songs after studying with me for a few months, and as well they will have a basic understanding of reading notes on the instrument, and a basic understanding of music theory fundamentals. Advanced students will find that they are continually inspired and challenged.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my own instrument and practice amp. for guitar/bass, the student must have their own instrument and amp. piano students must have their own piano and drum students must have their own drum kit. I can bring books and other materials and may recommend that students buy certain books etc.

*** Specialties ***
For piano, I specialize in classical, and can teach anyone from 5-year-old beginners to advanced players. I can teach any style.
For guitar, I specialize in metal and progressive rock. I can teach any ability level and any style.

August 19, 2019
Jeremiah B.
terry is a great teacher , i highly recommend him
February 17, 2018
Terry is awesome! Definitely a teacher that I would recommend to other students. He tailors and paces the lesson to the student which is very helpful!
September 17, 2017
Ileana D.
Terry was awesome. My six and eight-year-olds loved working with him. They learned more in 5 weeks than they had in six months with a private teacher they had before. He challenged them with new things, which made them uneasy at first. But he showed patience and got them to build confidence while reinforcing the stuff that they had learned before. Instead of playing the same easy things over and over, he forced them to try new things which worked out great.

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Terry P.

Las Vegas, NV


Jee W.

Henderson, NV 89074


Private Piano Teacher
About Jee

Jee W. maintains an exciting and diverse performing career as a concert pianist, composer, vocalist Mr. W. received his Master degree in music where he was a graduate teaching assistant in group piano, piano ensemble and dance accompanying for two years. He was a staff artist and adjudicator for a major piano company in Japan from 1995 - 1999 where he performed and gave workshops in Asia. He has worked with pianist George Winston, choreographer Karen Kaufmann, and R&B artist Brian McKnight. . His work with the disabled "A Step Forward" was featured in PBS in 2002. Mr. W. is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) and an adjudicator for Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). His soundtrack was featured in the Seattle International Film Festivals in August 2003.

Mr. W. has done various fund raising concerts for local food

banks, World Vision and ASAP Ministries.

Mr. W. supports the Corazon de Vida Foundation literacy program; an organization that provides bilingual books and school supplies to thousands of orphans in Mexico. He has recently become the musical ambassador artist for ASAP. An organization that is committed to spreading the Gospel in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam

*** Lesson Details ***
Private piano lessons with teacher who is an adjudicator for piano competitions and festivals, now accepting students from beginning to advanced levels. My students have won state and national competitions. Piano students receive weekly 30, 45 or 60 minutes private lessons in repertoire, theory, ear training, sight reading and composition. Performance opportunities such as two recitals and numerous group lessons are planned throughout the year. I am bilingual English/Mandarin (Chinese)

Qualified students also participate in activities from the Nevada Music Teachers Association:
1. The Federation of Music Clubs
2. The Musicianship Examination
3. Piano Ensemble Festival
4. The Music Development Program

*** Studio Equipment ***
TG186 (6'1") Young Chang Grand Piano
Roland Digital PIano
A loaning library which has 2000 books

*** Specialties ***
Piano Performance
Early Childhood
College Preparation
RCM (Royal Schools of Music) Examination Program

September 12, 2019
Henvai W.
Being a senior citizen struggling to learn or not to learn the piano which I longed for as a child I wish I had found a teacher like Jee. He really know what my problem is right away, one lesson gave me hope to continue.
May 8, 2016
mark jackson
Clear, concise, supportive and looking to best move me forward
July 30, 2015
Kaela E.
He's a very nice person and doesn't get mad at me when I make a mistake. He's an amazing piano teacher!

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Jee W.

Henderson, NV


Kristie S.

Las Vegas, NV 89135


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Piano Teacher

I currently have openings in my studio for private students! I would love to share my love of music and of the piano with you and your family.

About Kristie

Kristie is a professional musician based in Las Vegas, with a strong background in both teaching and performing music. She has over ten years of experience teaching music lessons to students of all ages and levels. Kristie is accepting new students for weekly 40-minute lessons.

*** Kristie's Teaching Background ***
Kristie graduated summa cum laude and with Honors with a Bachelor of Music in harp and piano performance from the University of Arizona in 2004, where she studied with Dr. Paula Fan, Regents Professor of Piano and principal pianist of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Kristie was honored as the Outstanding Senior of her undergraduate class. She is now a doctoral candidate at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.

As a doctoral candidate at Indiana University, Kristie has the background and capability to teach beg

inning to advanced students. With a doctoral minor field in music theory, Kristie provides students with a thorough understanding of how music actually works.

Kristie also teaches improvisation and playing from lead sheets.

*** Ten Great Reasons to Join Kristie's Music Studio ***
1. Kristie loves to really get to know her students, so that she can tailor lessons to fit each student's particular goals and interests.
2. One of Kristie's foremost priorities as a teacher is to help her students learn to teach themselves. Independent learning skills are valuable in all areas of life, particularly schoolwork.
3. Kristie seeks a balance between challenging her students and cultivating creativity.
4. As a professional musician with over fifteen years of experience, Kristie has the capability to take those students who are serious about playing music from the absolute beginning to the advanced collegiate level.
5. Kristie is a nationally award-winning musician known for her impeccable technique, beautiful tone, and precise rhythm. She is committed to imparting these qualities to her students.
6. Kristie uses her strong background in music theory to help her students understand how music is put together, from the simplest concepts of key and meter to complex theories of phrasing.
7. Kristie teaches a range of musical skills, including improvisation and composition.
8. Kristie has been privileged to study with wonderful, internationally respected teachers. She loves to learn and is active in the musical community, both online and locally. This allows her to continually add to her knowledge of the piano and her teaching skills.
9. Kristie encourages all her students to have fun playing music!
10. Kristie's piano studio is a nurturing environment where students of all ages and all levels feel safe, welcome and supported in their musical journey.

*** Getting Started ***
At the first lesson, Kristie will get to know you and ask questions about your goals and interests, so that she can tailor the lessons to fit your needs.

If you are a brand-new beginner, Kristie will start with an introduction to music and get you going with several fun pieces to go home and practice.

If you are a transfer student or if you already play another instrument or sing, it is helpful to bring any previous or current music books and to be prepared to play a couple of pieces. These pieces do not necessarily need to be memorized or performance-ready; the idea is to give Kristie an idea of what you already know and where you would like to grow.

*** Lesson Details ***
For beginning piano students, Kristie uses the Faber method.

Lessons typically include music theory. Students will be given clear assignments to practice and complete.

Depending on the student's level, background, and interests, piano lessons may also include:
Scales, arpeggios, or études (technical development)
Improvisation and playing from lead sheets (for pop or jazz music)
Composition (learning how to create and notate your own music)

*** Studio Equipment ***
Kawai baby grand piano
Lyon and Healy harps

*** Special Needs ***
Please inquire, as this is on a case by case basis.

July 30, 2019
Kristie taught my son harp for 1.5 years before he left for college. He absolutely loved Kristie. She is patient, and makes the lessons interesting and engaging. She allows students to choose from a selection of music so that they learn how to play something they like. She encourages experimentation and engagement. My son wanted to learn the harp because it was interesting, not because he wanted to be a world class performer. Kristie really got that and made the lessons something he looked forward to every week. And she herself was a world class performer so if that's what you're looking for in a teacher, she can deliver that to. Kristie is a super teacher; my son still keeps in touch with her and says lessons with Kristie were one of the highlights of high school.
July 22, 2019
I was nervous walking into my first piano lesson, as I was COMPLETELY out of my element, though I knew that I had a passion to start learning. Kristie made me feel at home and reassured me that this was normal. She is extremely informative, and not only teaches you what you need to know, but explains WHY things are the way they are- which further developed my love for the music. Also, I have noticed that she is good at knowing where to start. She saw that I was picking it up quickly, so advanced quickly to challenge me more. Loved every lesson so far, and look forward to the future ones as well!!!!
October 17, 2014
Christina P.
We've had the best first time lessons experience with Kristie. She is knowledgeable, patient and extremely flexible. I especially appreciate the way she is able to reign in my seven year old's often wandering attention span. I look forward to continuing to work with Kristie in the future.

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Kristie S.

Las Vegas, NV


Aaron G.

Henderson, NV 89012


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Piano Teacher

I mainly teach the Alfred method while buttressing my lessons with theory and techniques learned from college; however, I will use whichever method the student is most comfortable with. I like to have fun with it and make sure the student is enjoying his or her time playing and practicing the piano so there is a lasting connection with the instrument.

About Aaron

My goal is to help anyone with a desire to learn.

I have been playing piano for the past 16 years and have had great teachers from whom I've learned great playing, composing, and teaching techniques. I have been playing guitar for 11 years as well. I'm in an alternative rock band, The Perks, based out of Las Vegas, and have experience composing and playing multiple instruments.

I have a thorough understanding of music theory and hope to share what I know with my students.


August 15, 2019
Aaron was great! Worked with my 13 year old daughter without a hitch.
February 25, 2019
Brady S.
My son had his first class with Aaron and enjoy it very much, He is very excited and waiting to take his class nex Monday.
February 23, 2019
3 lessons in and I’ve already learned a lot! Great teacher!

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Aaron G.

Henderson, NV


Akiko G.

Las Vegas, NV 89102


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Piano Teacher

I have been teaching private piano lessons for over 15 years from the beginners from age 5 to intermediate students. My lessons include: piano technique, theory, ear training and solfege singing. Your lessons will be customized depending on your interests and needs. I am especially good with younger students. In addition to teaching piano, I have taught music/choir from elementary to high school level at public schools. I have a Nevada State Teaching License in K-12 Music and 9th-12th Vocal Music. I have a B.A. in Music Education with Piano Performance and a M.A. in Education. I would love to hear from you!

About Akiko

Hello! I have been playing the piano ever since I was 6 year's old, and have been teaching piano over 15 years. I began teaching piano when I was working on my Bachelor's Degree in Music and also taught vocal music at a local elementary school. After receiving a B.A. and a teaching license, I have taught vocal music at elementary schools and choir at both middle and high schools. Because of this extensive teaching experience at schools, I am good with young children and teens.

Even as a pianist, I strongly believe that ear training and solfege singing play a big role in learning to play piano. In addition to teaching playing technique and artistry, my lessons include music theory, ear training, sight-reading and solfege singing. I specialize in classical music.

I homeschool my daughter, so I am available during the day to especi

ally teach homeschool children and their families. I am fun, organized, very patient, and I am an excellent teacher. I can't wait to hear from you!

January 31, 2018
After only a couple months with Ms Graves, my two teen-aged daughters are successfully playing the piano by actually reading the music! Ms. Graves guides the music choices based on the studen’s interest and the relatively quick success motivates the girls to practice on their own. We couldn’t be happier with our choice in piano instructors. Ms. Graves is encouraging and patient.
January 13, 2018
Grandson has been taking lessons for about two years. Highly recommend Akiko. She knows how to keep my grandson focused.

View Details

Akiko G.

Las Vegas, NV

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ts who had played for a couple of years. #best"
"David has a niche for teaching. You’ll learn what you need to know."
"My daughter loves her piano class, and Leidys has discovered a way to teach that to the kids seems like they're just playing games, but they are actually
sneakily learning the fundamentals of piano"
"Mr. Blackwell is a terrific teacher. I was surprised at how much my 6 year-old son learned in his first lesson. He is very much looking forward to his nex
t session!"
"We selected Brad Allen because he was using Faber&Faber's Piano Adventures. Since then, my three children have not only excelled in their skills, but they
have grown more and more to enjoy playing. Brad is fun and personable and he gives his students the freedom to play the things which will interest them. The amount of practice homework he gives is manageable but still enough to increase their skills. As a parent, I appreciate his flexibility when our schedule gets complicated. I fully trust Brad Allen with the time he spends with my children."
"JunZhao is a talented, outstanding, patient teacher. JunZhao really knows what each of her students require to be successful."
"Mr. Severino has taught my children for 7 years. We began when my daughter was 4and 1/2 and my son was 7. Seven years later they still take lessons and
are beautiful piano players. Me Severino is a very positive and patient teacher. I highly recommend him."
"Excellent teaching method. My son found the lessons very engaging and made rapid progress. He also developed confidence to perform before an audiencey"

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