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James S.

James S.

I can help you master the guitar in the shortest amount of time! Experienced teacher with over 10 years of experience has helped many students achieve their goals on the instrument with guaranteed results. Everyone has their own journey with music and these lessons are here for you to achieve them. Whether you want to play electric or acoustic, learn songs or create songs. master the basics or go beyond the basics. Become a better player, musician, improviser, songwriter, artist.
/30 mins
Donnie E.

Donnie E.

If you are a beginning guitar enthusiast and want to learn how to play the right way, I can help you. I have been playing guitar for 15 years and have experience playing rock, jazz, and blues guitar. Plus, I use an award winning program that I'll personally tailor to your needs! Please feel free to ask me any questions! Book now to take advantage of my new premium quality guitar lessons!
/45 mins
Edwin I.

Edwin I.

All styles - strumming, fingerpicking All genres - pop, folk, blues, rock, R&B, singer/songwriter, classical, world, etc. Improvisation soloing Proper technique Repertoire Music analysis
/30 mins
Jason M.

Jason M.

Everything. The basics, the rhythms, the tempo, improvisation. Key signatures and scales to keep your fingers moving. I7 IV7 V7 progressions, the 12 and 8-bar blues. You name your goal and I can help. Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Kenny Wayne Shepard, BB King, Muddy Waters, Eric Johnson, Robert Johnson, Keb Mo, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and more!
/30 mins
Andrew C.

Andrew C.

Fun and personalized lessons for aspiring Guitarists of all ages. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced, my years of experience can show you a practical approach to learning music and exploring the guitar. Enjoy learning your favorite songs in a relaxed environment at my studio or online from the comfort of your own home. My students have many different musical tastes and lessons are always unique from person to person. Learn at your own pace. I build my program around your interests and goals. Become the musician you've always wanted to be and have fun doing it!
/30 mins
Lee Q.

Lee Q.

Lee teaches acoustic guitar using a holistic and minimalist musical approach — you only learn what you really need to know. Learn how to play songs and have fun while you increase your guitar skills. Students can learn on a steel-string acoustic guitar, or a nylon string (classical) guitar. No note-reading is required to learn chord progressions, song structure, and effective strumming and picking patterns for folk, blues and rock acoustic guitar. Lee offers her own visual materials and chord grids, popular acoustic songs, and select acoustic guitar method books. She's also a Beatles expert and can take you from "Twist and Shout" to "Blackbird". Lee has performed and recorded as a singer-songwriter-guitarist since 2001, including hundreds of performances in the New Orleans area, ten years of performances at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and appearances at acoustic venues across the USA. • Award-winning performing singer-songwriter • Bachelor of Music Education from Loyola University, New Orleans (Instrumental Music) • Master of Music from Belmont University, Nashville (Instrumental Pedagogy) • Guitar Instructor for community college, high school and middle school  • "Acoustic Intensive" instructor in acoustic guitar, music theory and songwriting for the National Guitar Workshop in New Orleans, Austin, Chicago, and Nashville
/25 mins
Greg C.

Greg C.

I am genuinely passionate about your success in becoming the best player you choose to be! I like to teach with repetition (wax on wax off) and prefer to present the big picture first so that every obstacle may potentially never be an obstacle for you. I take years of teaching experience and what have been topics of frustration brought to me by students in the past. I try to smooth the road and teach you, so you get the highest yield of success for your money with as few headaches as possible :) I would LOVE to have the opportunity to show you how great you can be in WAY less time than a traditional private teacher would get you...
/30 mins
Michelle W.

Michelle W.

Lessons are simple & easy for all ages of begginner guitarists! Learn your favorite songs right away! Each lesson will consist of a unique and personalized curriculum to fit your needs! This will be done at a pace that allows for confidence to be built and a complete understanding of the material to become a pro guitar player! Along with your favorite songs, each student is taught what I call 'beginning fundimentals'. These are a basic set of skills that can help any guitarist become an independent and self-sufficient musician with a strong fundamental foundation. Crucial skills such as: reading music TAB scales various chords playing your favorite songs and more... will be taught in each lesson. Each lesson will be just as enjoyable as it is informative. *Note for in-person lessons at teacher's location* Due to current circumstances mask and temp check are required for in person lessons at teacher's locations. Thank you for helping keep everyone safe!
/30 mins
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A top rate guitarist and teacher. Dyce is an organized and engaged professional. If you are passionate about music and dedicated to learning the guitar, Dyce can help you with the rest!

James Roche (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

I can't say enough good things about Dyce. I've been playing guitar for 2 years, and had tried several teachers during that time, but none made the music 'click' for me. Dyce is able to teach me

Paul Bianco (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

It is a pleasure to learn guitar from someone like Dyce. He is a great player a great teacher and most of all he is extremely passionate about his craft and his students. He takes the time to expla

Stephen Seal (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

A top rate guitarist and teacher. Dyce is an organized and engaged professional. If you're committed to learning the guitar and passionate about music, Dyce can help you with the rest.

James Roche (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

A top rate guitarist and teacher. Dyce is an organized and engaged professional. If you are passionate about music and dedicated to learning the guitar, Dyce can help you with the rest!

James Roche (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

I can't say enough good things about Dyce. I've been playing guitar for 2 years, and had tried several teachers during that time, but none made the music 'click' for me. Dyce is able to teach me

Paul Bianco (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

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Guitar Lessons

For ages, guitar has been one of the most popular instruments to learn—and it’s no wonder why. According to studies on moods, music, and mental health, music from instruments like the guitar can boost moods, enhance feelings of connectedness, and stimulate better cognition and problem-solving.

However, finding a guitar teacher who can create a lesson plan that fits your ability and skill can be challenging. Fortunately, TakeLessons offers local in-person and online instruction to meet your guitar playing needs.

Whether it’s practicing for a talent show or starting your own rock band, TakeLessons instructors can support you with lessons designed to fit your guitar playing goals.

You can sign up for our in-person or online guitar lessons right now!

Certified Guitar Lessons Teachers

At TakeLessons, our guitar lessons teachers are highly experienced professionals that will cater lessons to the individual age and ability of the player. First, you search for teachers that match your needs and prices on our platform. Next, you can connect with them to discuss the class needs and schedule your lessons. Finally, you will learn to master the guitar through our private customized lessons.

Choose between online and in-person lessons, read through satisfied students' reviews, and find the right mentor for you.

What’s even better than learning to master guitar at your own pace is to be able to do it affordably. Our lessons are designed to fit your needs and budget, with the average price of classes being less than $66 per hour.

Once you find the right teacher that fits your needs, it’s simple to sign up with TakeLessons and get started with your guitar shredding today!

Guitar Lessons Online for All Ages

Learning to play guitar is perfect for people of all ages. As a musical instrument, the guitar is versatile, mobile, and easy to learn.

Depending on your age and interest, you’ll learn the fundamentals of learning, playing, and mastering the guitar. Here at TakeLessons, we’re dedicated to teaching how to master the guitar at your speed and your pace. We’ve taught over 3 million unique lessons, so we have the experience to help you get better at, well, anything!

Choose between in-person or online tutorials and lessons with flexible schedules to fit your needs to get you playing the songs you want to play quickly.

For in-person lessons, you can easily find guitar lessons near me by searching our certified teachers, or you can choose to learn online when it’s more convenient for your schedule. Either way, we’re committed to helping you learn how to play guitar and master it, whatever you desire to do!

Guitar Lessons for All Levels

At TakeLessons, we can tailor each course and lesson to meet your style, interest, and ability level. You can choose between different levels and abilities and find “guitar lessons near me” conveniently located for those searching online.

These customized programs range from guitar lessons for beginners and guitar lessons for kids to intermediate players and advanced professionals looking to grow in their playing abilities.

For example, as a beginner, you’ll learn to tune your guitar, proper finger placement and pressure, how to hold a pick, major scales, and more fundamentals. More advanced players will be challenged to master the guitar as an instrument in various styles of play and picking, from lead styles, runs, legato phrasing, improvisation, and more. No matter your ability, we offer lessons!

Guitar Lessons Curriculum

Whether your interests are playing in front of others or simply enjoying some music by yourself, playing the guitar well takes time and dedicated practice. Working with a private instructor will have you playing better and faster and help you to expand your style and knowledge of the guitar. Below are some examples of what your lessons may cover:

Curriculum for Beginner Guitar Lessons

For beginners, learning and mastering the fundamentals will help you become a better guitar player faster and make learning new songs easier.

Sample topics in guitar lessons for beginners may include:

  • Guitar shape, design, and sound, as well as maintenance and stringing of your guitar
  • How to hold a pick, your guitar, and tune your guitar
  • Strumming, picking, and fretting
  • Introduction of music theory, how to read music notation and tablature
  • Major-key scales and basic chord progressions

Curriculum for Intermediate Guitar Lessons

For intermediates looking to grow as a player, lessons may include:

  • The difference between an open chord, barre chord, and power chords
  • Extended chords such as sus chords
  • Alternate tunings
  • Accelerated runs, riffs, and licks to your favorite songs
  • Appregios, modes, and more!

Curriculum for Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced lessons will include the building blocks above, samples of different fingering exercises and warm-ups, as well as the following:

  • Alternate picking, sweep picking, string skipping, and key changes
  • Legato phrasing
  • Music composition and songwriting
  • Improvisation
  • Performance preparation and coaching

Learning and mastering the guitar on your own could take years. However, with a certified instructor tailoring lessons to match your interests, you can learn and master the guitar sooner.

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With over 3,000,000 lessons provided at TakeLessons, we create a fast, hassle-free way to find expert guitar lessons teachers that will cater to your specific ability, whether as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. And all of that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your lessons, we’ll refund your remaining balance, no questions asked. that if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your remaining balance. Start your guitar lessons today!

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Can you learn guitar online?


Yes. Online guitar lessons are a great way to learn how to play guitar and master the fundamentals on your timeline. With an experienced teacher to guide you with tips and tricks to accelerate your learning, you’ll be able to play along to your favorite songs in less time than learning on your own. You can also look for a “guitar lessons tutor near me” in your computer's search bar to find TakeLessons for a faster, easier way to learn.

How do I find a good guitar lessons teacher?


When you’re looking for a guitar teacher, it’s best to find one that is experienced, background certified, has plenty of positive reviews, is friendly and has a personality that you can mesh with, and fits your price range. TakeLessons offers only the best online guitar lessons and in-person options that are conveniently located in most major cities.

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