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Average Cost of Piano Lessons

The average cost of 60-minute piano lessons is $64. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $20 and $300 per hour.

30-min $15
$37 average
45-min $20
$50 average
60-min $20
$64 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute piano lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute piano lessons are 22% less expensive at $50, and 30-minute lessons cost 43% less at $37.

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Popular Piano teachers

Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

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Roberta M.

Brooklyn, NY

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Peter B.

Trumbull, CT

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About Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

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As of August 2015, I now offer beginner and intermediate piano lessons:

my curriculum will be geared towards singers/instrumentalists who are looking to learn basic piano to improve their singing or main instrument and to songwriters/producers who wanna step up their craft.

all my students learn:

- ear training
- music theory
- composition/songwriting
- melody writing for popular music
- harmony
- reharmonizing (additional chord options for a song/melody)
- diatonic/pentatonic scales, key centers and their uses
- sight-reading
- musicality

David Cater July 14, 2019
· Piano · Online
Very knowledgeable. Looked at where I was, talked about what I needed and we started from there. Looking forward to our second lesson.
Devin B. July 8, 2019
· Singing · Online
Eric is an awesome instructor! He'll work with you to help you become the best you can be! Super patient, super nice!
Julian July 2, 2019
· Singing · Online

About Roberta M.

Brooklyn, NY
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I teach beginning piano at my home studio where I have an upright piano.

Jim H. April 27, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Roberta was patient and was obviously an experienced teacher. I teach and I understand what it takes to put a lesson together so that the student gets the most out of it, while pushing the student to do better, but not too much to discourage them from moving forward. She hits that sweet spot! I would recommend her to anyone who was serious about learning.
Firas .. January 17, 2019
· Piano · Online
she has got a very lovely and cheerful personality.It made me really want to practice more piano even though i haven't played it for months.
Susan W. November 28, 2018
· Flute · Online

About Peter B.

Trumbull, CT

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Instructions are conducted by using custom curriculum for every student. The curriculum is based on student's desires and abilities. Teaching material is combined from several books that include American and European authors

Claudia May 31, 2019
· Violin · In studio
Peter has exceeded my expectations, I look forward for my lesson every week. I honestly can say He is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I am a 44 yo violin beginner student who has had 5 teachers in the last 6 years, I didn’t learn much with them, this been said, with Peter in just 3 months I feel I have learned more than my other teachers. Peter is so, so patient and extremely professional. I am very pleased to have found such a wonderful teacher.
Krystyna May 22, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Peter is always on time, patient with beginners, and gives valuable guidance.
KC March 23, 2019
· Bass Guitar · In home
Peter has been teaching bass to our son for several years and our son has become quite proficient. It's a bonus that Peter is unfailingly upbeat, professional, and a pleasure to have around. He truly loves music and conveys his appreciation to his students - so much so that now my husband is taking cello lessons from Peter, too.

Val K.

Chicago, IL

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Emilie C.

North Hollywood, CA

Learn More

Mimi D.

Tulsa, OK

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About Val K.

Chicago, IL

View Full Profile

I have been teaching piano for over 15 years and helped a lot of students to get their piano skills polished. My teaching method is based on Russian classical school and I am happy to share it with everybody who is interested. I custom design my piano lessons that corresponds to each student's ability and experience.

Chris J. April 16, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Awesome looking forward to many more this val!
Mary July 18, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Val is amazing! He helped me achieve breath control and resonance with voice drills. He is a wizard on the piano - can transcribe any song into different keys. Lastly he is an encouraging coach and tutor and can help you get to the next level if you want it. I highly recommend.
Monika J. December 31, 2017
· Vocal Training · In studio
Loved my first lesson! Val gets right to the good stuff in getting my vocals warmed up and by the end I felt I made some real progress! I’m pumped for the next one!

About Emilie C.

North Hollywood, CA
View Full Profile

Have you always wanted to learn piano? Have a child who is interested in music?

I am a professional pianist, composer and teacher (12+ years background in classical piano) specializing in beginner piano students. All ages are welcome, with lessons based on the interests/goals of each student. I will help you build a strong foundation in areas such as rhythm, music theory, note reading and technique, and you'll be playing songs in no time!

Piano was one of my first instruments, and it is a joy to be able to share my love and learning for this instrument and gateway into the vast spread of beautiful music out there. I am a performing artist, and in addition to piano, I specialize in songwriting and singing.

About Mimi D.

Tulsa, OK
View Full Profile

I teach and encourage students to play music and songs they love !!!
All music styles. Any and all music genres.
From very beginner students to very advanced. All levels All ages.
I can also teach you how to write your own original songs and melodies.

Lisa B. July 2, 2019
· Piano · Online
I had a great first lesson! Mimi was able to relate the piano to my background as a strings player, which was very helpful.
Paula D. May 1, 2019
· Songwriting · Online
Mimi helps me to gain confidence in my singing and songwriting and helps me feel good about the songs I write. She also helps inspire my creativity and gives me good ideas for what I can work on. She is a very patient, knowledgeable, and compassionate instructor, definitely several points above average!
Michelle April 25, 2019
· Viola · Online
Wonderful first viola lesson! I look forward to learning with you. Thank you Mimi!

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Free Piano Lessons with an Expert Teacher

Learn how to play the piano in these video tutorials from a professional piano teacher!

Have you always wanted to play the piano? We’re here to help! Get started with these 20 video tutorials hosted by San Diego, CA piano teacher Jordan M, one of our expert instructors with In this free video series, you’ll get an introduction to the instrument and learn a few easy exercises to get you reading music and understanding rhythm!

Video #1:
Intro to the Piano

Intro to the Piano: Learn about the parts of the piano and how to find the all-important Middle C.

Video #2:
Piano Basics

Learn about proper posture, hand placement, and other beginner essentials.

Video #3:
Reading Piano Notes

Learn about the treble and bass clefs, and tips for remembering the notes on the piano.

Video #4:
Time and Key Signatures

Learn what all those sharps and flats really mean, and how to decode your music.

Video #5:
Understanding Rhythm

Follow along to master quarter notes, quarter rests, and half rests.


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Why TakeLessons?


Piano Lessons

The piano is arguably the best instrument to start off your journey as a musician, whether you’re a jazz lover, classical enthusiast, or pop fanatic. Taking piano lessons near you will be invaluable if you hope to someday branch out to other instruments, or write your own songs. This is because when you learn piano, you gain a deep understanding of music theory, sheet music, chords, and much more. 

Although it’s one of the most popular instruments to learn, the piano is very unique. This acoustic, stringed instrument was created in Italy in the 1700s. How does it produce the beautiful sounds we know and love today? When you press one of the keys, a padded hammer strikes its corresponding metal string within the piano. This vibration is transmitted to a soundboard and when you let off the key, a “damper” stops the vibration. 

The piano is also unique in the sense that it can play the melody of a song and its accompaniment simultaneously. The standard piano can play 88 different notes, and since it produces the widest range of tones out of all musical instruments, it’s no wonder millions of people choose to learn piano in the US alone. 

Reasons to Take Piano Classes 

Playing the piano is not just an enjoyable hobby. In fact, the benefits of learning to play this instrument cannot be overstated! Whether you’re interested in piano classes for kids, or beginner piano lessons for adults, check out the variety of physical and mental benefits for students of all ages, below. 

Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids 

If you’re considering starting your child off with piano lessons as soon as possible, science has good news for you. A 2018 study suggests that piano practice can help young children better process language. Hearing different pitches and tones helped participants in the study parse spoken words. 

Additionally, a study titled “The Effects of Musical Training on Structural Brain Development” showed increased brain matter in children after 15 months of piano instruction. Piano lessons helped improve their motor skills, cognitive performance, and listening skills. 

Private Piano Lessons for Adults 

Piano classes for adults can help build patience, discipline, and concentration skills, which are all beneficial in other parts of life. A study by the University of Kansas Medical Center shows that practicing an instrument can even slow down the aging process. The study of adults ranging from ages 60 to 83 revealed that those who played music regularly had better memory and cognitive flexibility. 

So even if you’ve never played an instrument before, it’s never too late to start. With a few years of private piano lessons under your belt, the opportunities are endless. You can start a band with friends, perform at local venues, further your training at the university level, teach other aspiring players, or pursue a career as a professional pianist. Who knows? You might even be the next Mozart in training!

Topics You’ll Learn in Piano Lessons for Adults & Kids

It's no surprise that students learn faster when taking one-on-one piano lessons. It simply cannot be compared to watching video tutorials on YouTube. Personalized lessons provide students with the attention and feedback they need to become great pianists. 

When working with a TakeLessons piano teacher, lessons are always tailored to your individual needs. The topics you’ll cover will vary depending on your skill level, age, and interests. For more information, here are some examples of the topics you’ll learn at each level. 

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Piano Lessons

Beginning students can have many different end goals when learning the piano. You may simply desire to learn your spouse’s favorite love song, or you may hope to eventually go pro. Either way, you’ll likely cover the following topics in beginner lessons with a piano teacher near you. 

  • Proper piano posture and finger placement
  • An introduction to music theory
  • Basic notes and rhythm 
  • Ear training 
  • How to play simple melodies

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Piano Lessons

Once you’ve made it to the intermediate level, staying motivated is easy as you begin to learn some more well-known songs. Many teachers implement an increasing level of difficulty in intermediate piano classes, in order to steadily challenge the student. Here are some of the topics you might study at this level.

  • How to play scales and chords
  • Reading chord charts
  • Reading more advanced music
  • Using both hands at the piano
  • Combining melodies and chords

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Piano Lessons

We understand that advanced pianists typically have professional goals, so our teachers are equipped to counsel you on how to nail that upcoming audition or increase your chances of landing more gigs. As an advanced piano student, you’ll learn about:

  • The circle of fifths
  • Piano modes
  • How to play with greater speed and accuracy
  • Advanced techniques from different musical genres 
  • Performance and audition prep

It’s important to remember that lesson topics will also vary depending on your age. If you’re signing up your toddler for kids piano lessons, keep in mind that their instructor will likely start out very slow, and progression may take longer than expected as their dexterity continues to develop.

How long will it take to learn piano? This depends on how often the student is able to practice, as well as the frequency of lessons. However, a dedicated student who practices daily will typically take at least 3 years to reach a more advanced level of playing. 

Finding Piano Teachers Near You

Once you’re ready to sign up for piano classes near you, choosing a teacher can feel overwhelming. At TakeLessons, we make the process of finding the right teacher easy. Our instructors are background-checked, trained, and qualified - simply search for a piano teacher near you in our directory and browse through the variety of profiles.

A quick look at our piano teachers’ diverse array of experience, accolades, and reviews from current students will help you make your choice. Have a unique schedule? Consider lessons with one of our online piano teachers, and you’ll have many more options to choose from, no matter where you live. 

In addition to vetted and top-rated piano teachers near you, we also have a dedicated staff of Student Counselors if you need additional assistance. Our staff can help you choose the right time, place, and lesson length for your unique needs. All you have to do is show up for lessons, ready to learn. So what are you waiting for? Take your first lesson today and start becoming the pianist you’ve always dreamed of being! 

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