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Denise B.

Denise B.

The beginner piano lessons are designed to develop your mechanical abilities on the piano and increase your understanding of the piano keyboard. I will teach you the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, and music theory, as well as how to practice effectively, I've given successfully online lessons via TakeLessons Classroom and if you are interested here is a list with some of the advantages: 1. Quality of the teacher: I believe it is better to have online lessons with an excellent teacher than it is to have in-person lessons with a mediocre teacher. TakeLessons Classroom gives students even more options to choose from when looking for a teacher since they are not restricted to their small local region. 2. Weekly Convenience: Students don’t have to travel 10 or 20 minutes to their teacher’s studio. 3. Convenience of Recording Lessons: While students always have the option to record their face-to-face lessons, that never happens (at least, in the history of my teaching). But students can easily record online lessons for review at a later time. 4. Immediate Practicing: While face-to-face students must drive home before practicing what they learned (which eats up time and tires people out), distance students can practice immediately after the lesson when ideas are fresh and when energy levels are still high. This is an extra practice session most students will get. 5. Siblings Don’t Have To Wait: Kids can do their own thing while their siblings have lessons, while in the private studio, they are held hostage until their siblings are done. 6. Warming Up: Students can warm up at the piano before their lesson, only stopping seconds before the lesson begins. The piano student also gets to play their own instrument.
50% OFF$35
/30 mins
Alice B.

Alice B.

Hello! I am Alice. I am a professional musician, soprano Opera singer, and pianist with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a Master of Arts in Education. I`ve been teaching professionally for over 15 years and right now I am a music teacher in San Diego, CA. I teach modern tonal harmony, piano composition, and improvisation. Julliard School of Music System from New York. Learn how to play the piano easily and fast! I will teach you how to do it with a modern method more tailored for adults that want to start playing faster without taking traditional piano lessons. Learn chords and melody and before you know it you will be playing your favorite song. I will take complete beginners to an intermediate level in a very short space of time. If you already know how to play the piano, we will work on improving your technique, increasing your repertoire, and challenging yourself with new songs learning the ability to play and interpret music accurately and fluently. Sheet music at the appropriate level will be provided for every student and my aim is always to build confidence and have fun! All lessons are tailored to suit the individual. I teach all ages and genres of music. I adapt to my students’ necessities of learning. I know every student is different and I make my music lessons according to what they want to learn. I select material for the lesson individually, according to my student´s wishes and abilities. Looking forward to talking with you! Hablo español.
50% OFF$20
/30 mins
Angela H.

Angela H.

I started playing piano at age seven when my mother enrolled me in lessons. I have been playing ever since, and I absolutely love it. I began teaching private piano lessons in 2003, and have taught many thousands of lessons since that time. I have experience accompanying choirs, instrumentalists, and vocalists, as well as playing as a soloist in various piano competitions and recitals. I recently began taking lessons in jazz piano, a genre I never learned much about. I believe it is never too late to learn something new, and I am excited to start this new chapter of my musical life and to use this new knowledge to enhance my own teaching. In my piano lessons I use the Faber's fabulous Piano Adventures series. In my opinion, they are the best books on the market, emphasizing reading by intervals as opposed to memorizing note names. This method minimizes student frustration while also decreasing the amount of time it takes a student to read a new song. Piano Adventures also focuses on developing sight reading and ear training skills, something most developing musicians don't study until college-level music courses. All of my piano students have the opportunity to play "fun songs," that is, songs which may not be in their regular lesson books, but which the student truly has the desire to learn. These extra songs are always optional for the student, and the choice of song is always up to the student. Fun songs can be of any genre: Classical (Fur Elise, Clair de Lune, Moonlight Sonata), Jazz (Linus and Lucy, The Pink Panther, The Entertainer), Popular (Clocks, Don't Stop Believing, Great Balls of Fire), or any song that suits the student's interest (songs from video games, favorite TV shows or movies, folk tunes, etc). The fun song will typically be more challenging than the rest of the student's pieces, and helps to retain student interest and, when learned, is something the student can really be proud of accomplishing.
50% OFF$34
/30 mins
Ferlyn F.

Ferlyn F.

My History of Piano: I have been teaching piano for 10 years. My 30 years of training is mostly through private lessons and passed down generational methods taught through my mentor, Joann Maybe. My Teaching Method: I assess each students' levels, knowledge and styles of learning, determine the best learning paths to incorporate into the lesson and bring a "natural movement" approach of training and education. With my method, this is to provide a collaborative & supportive environment as well as actively develop a person's life, culture and well-being. I strive to take a step further and deeper within the mind of the person who is learning dance and find one's "True Inner Dancer." My Teaching Credits: Private Piano Lessons My Training Credits: Private Piano Lessons - Joann Maybe My Trained Methods: Alfred Bastien Faber Carr-Glover Glover Thompson Schaum PLEASE NOTE: For a more accurate look into my experience and resume, please refer to my profile. Any advanced, duet, group, weddings, birthdays, or any special occasion will differ than the usual lesson rate.
50% OFF$60
/30 mins
Gregory V.

Gregory V.

I've been teaching Piano for over 30 years and my students have gone on to form their own groups and work with major artists around the world. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to know your way around the keyboard, and as time goes on you'll be able to naturally play what it is you want. I am not your typical piano teacher. I don't use a method book. We will learn to read music but primarily we will be reading chord charts and communicating old school, like the pro gigging musicians do "This one goes I iii Vi IV in the key of F#.. when I count us off we do a 2 bar intro, triplet hits on a V7#9 chord then hit the 1 on the last bar and break for the rest and let the drummer do a fill..." That's the real way to learn if you wanna play songs you'd hear on the radio or what have you... and TRUST ME, you don't need to learn to read music! I definitely teach you that, but we won't go way deep into it because it's not needed for this style of music. We'l learn how to use both hands on the piano, and voice them in a way which looks and sounds like a pop/ rock/ R&B, gospel and blues piano player. I was trained by a group of Motown musicians when working musically at my old church in North Hollywood, Ca. This is where I really learned to speak and communicate music as natural as if it's a 2nd language! You will learn how to read and write chord charts, melodies and rhythms and have the ability to play songs & musical motifs in all 12 keys and improvise! You'll learn to craft your own sound! Soon you'll feel a new sense of limitlessness and power when practicing, playing and performing. If you're a complete beginner, don't worry- I'll set you up with a really simple and effective formula for memorizing the notes on the keyboard, some major scales and how chords relate to them...and the right on to our first song! And don't worry, I'll write it down for you, or even record it on video for you to take home and practice along with! Soon you'll be learning songs you've always wanted to play... and it won't feel like rocket science, hauling 2- ton boulders or brain surgery when learning! It'll be based in shapes and patterns...I think you'll really enjoy this way of learning the piano! Many of my students have gone on to form their own groups and work with major artists around the world. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to know your way around the keyboard, and as time goes on you'll be able to naturally play what you want. I specialize in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country Metal, Music Theater, Electronic & Gospel to name a few. I have extensive experience with ages 5-92 (seriously!) and specialize in children and young adults with special needs. My students have a lot of fun in their lessons while taking in valuable information and practicing coordination, dexterity and muscle memory.
50% OFF$35
/20 mins
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Marwan makes learning piano fun!

Laura (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

My 6 year old daughter is developing a great foundation and is enthusiastic about learning the piano. Marwan is a great match for her!

Sandra (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Funny and engaging teacher who was willing to go the extra mile to structure a lesson plan that met my specific piano goals. Very knowledgeable and accomodating.

Oliver (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Very good and thorough. Great first lesson. He listens and then gets right to it. Friendly and passionate about what he does.

Jason (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Marwan makes learning piano fun!

Laura (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

My 6 year old daughter is developing a great foundation and is enthusiastic about learning the piano. Marwan is a great match for her!

Sandra (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

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Piano Lessons

Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the first piano around the year 1700. Although the original instrument no longer exists, the piano continues to be a celebrated instrument today, as musicians play versions of it all around the world.

Here at TakeLessons, we invite students of all ages and skill levels to take our piano lessons. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to build on what you already know, our piano teachers can help. We feature outstanding in-person sessions and the best online piano lessons around! Sign up today to see the difference our lessons can make in your musical journey.

Certified Piano Teachers

It’s important to us that you receive the best instruction possible to help you achieve your piano playing dreams. To put you on the path toward success, we have a selection of certified and background-checked piano teachers who are excited to work with you!

To learn more about our tutors, check out their profiles. Here you’ll find information regarding their schedules, backgrounds, and qualifications.

We know everyone has a different budget, so we make a point to keep our lessons affordable. The average cost of a 60-minute lesson is $69. However, you may find pricing as low as $15 an hour. The cost of lessons will vary based on the location, type of lesson, and teacher you choose.

Ready to check out? Now that you’ve selected your teacher and decided when you’d like to meet, all that’s left is to choose your ideal lesson package. Once that’s taken care of, you’re all set to begin acting with us!

Piano Online Lessons for All Ages

Did you know that learning to play an instrument can help improve your cognitive functions, boost your memory, and enhance your coordination? It’s no wonder so many students, young and old, are eager to sign up for our piano lessons!

If your child is begging to learn this instrument, then why not sign up for our piano lessons for kids? We also provide lessons geared toward adults and seniors. The beauty of our lessons is that our piano teachers have the professional skills to instruct students of all ages. Don’t let your age hold you back—sign up today!

Piano Lessons for All Levels

Every student learns at their own pace. Some students get the hang of the basics right off the bat, while others need more time to process each concept. At TakeLessons, our piano teachers understand each student comes to the table with different experiences and needs, and that’s why they’re the experts at teaching students of all levels.

If you’re new to the instrument, start with our piano lessons for beginners. But if you’ve already spent years practicing, you might be ready for our intermediate or advanced courses. Sign up today to find the right lessons for you!

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Piano Lessons

Beginner piano lessons will cover topics such as:

  • Proper piano posture and finger placement
  • An introduction to music theory
  • Basic notes and rhythm
  • Ear training
  • How to play simple melodies

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Piano Lessons

At the intermediate level, you’ll focus on:

  • How to play scales and chords
  • Reading chord charts
  • Reading more advanced music
  • Using both hands at the piano
  • Combining melodies and chords

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Piano Lessons

More advanced learners may cover:

  • The circle of fifths
  • Piano modes
  • How to play with greater speed and accuracy
  • Advanced techniques from different musical genres
  • Performance and audition preps

Live Piano Lessons

Want to tickle the ivories like Beethoven? Look no further. TakeLessons Live will get you ready to take center stage.

Our TakeLessons Live monthly membership will give you access to the best online piano lessons available. No need to worry about your schedule or a hefty music school bill. Our expert teachers offer classes seven days a week, and it’s all included at one affordable price. The best part? You’ll learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Our expert piano teachers are experienced and qualified to teach you everything you need to know, regardless of your current skill level. During your live lesson, you’ll work one-on-one with your teacher and learn as they provide you with real-time advice, feedback, and performance tips.

You don’t have to wait until your weekly piano class to practice. Also included in your membership is access to our library of on-demand videos and other learning resources. When you combine these tools with the expert advice you receive during your live lesson, your dreams of playing the piano will come true in no time.

Need a break from the piano? Maybe you want to add singing to go along with your piano classes? Your TakeLessons Live membership can make that happen for you! With our mobile app or your WiFi connection, you can take any of our other 300+ live lessons, whenever and wherever you want. Improve your stage presence, learn how to sing, or pick up an accompanying instrument. It’s all included in one easy payment—regardless of what you’re looking for!

Ready to learn how to play the piano with confidence? TakeLessons Live is here to help you gain the skills and talents you’ve always wanted.

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How much does it cost to learn piano?


It depends, but here at TakeLessons, we strive to make our piano lessons affordable to match any budget. Our lessons range from $15 to $300 an hour, as individual rates depend on the teacher, location, and specific lesson. On average, the cost of a 30-minute lesson is $39, a 45-minute lesson is $54, and a 60-minute lesson is $69.

Can I teach myself piano?


Yes, you can teach yourself some aspects of the piano, but if you really want to excel, we recommend taking private piano lessons. While you can watch a tutorial or read a book on piano playing, nothing compares to receiving private instruction from a certified tutor. During your sessions, you can avoid picking up bad habits because your tutor will correct you and offer feedback to ensure you build a strong foundation. Your tutor will give you all the best tips and tricks to help you learn your way around this beautiful instrument.

Is piano hard to learn?


No, the piano is not considered an exceptionally difficult instrument to learn to play. However, how difficult you find it depends on how willing you are to practice it. As long as you put in the time and effort and follow your tutor’s guidance and advice, you shouldn’t have a hard time learning to play this instrument.

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