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Megan C.

Megan C.

As a cellist with 20 years of playing experience, I am a passionate cellist of many orchestras around the US and an even more passionate teacher. I enjoy helping students of all ages and levels! In addition to your lessons, you'll be granted access to my supplemental recordings for personal practice, making your practice routine feel like you're playing with others! Lesson Duration Recommendations: 30 min for beginners 45 min for beginner-intermediate 60 for intermediate-advanced
/30 mins
Victor M.

Victor M.

My goal as a teacher is to help you reach your musical goals! My lessons consist of scales, duets, and solo repertoire. Each lesson is different depending on the student I am working with, but the core of my teach is based around these 3 areas.
/30 mins
Michelle T.

Michelle T.

$10 off each lesson during the holiday for new sign-ups. The regular listing price is $37 for 30 mins. Only one week left for new students. I love teaching strings. Cello was my first instrument. I focus heavily on bow technique. I have gotten students into youth orchestras and passed college auditions. I like to use the Essential Elements and Suzuki books. I also offer online group lessons at a highly discounted price. I suggest that all my students join. This is a great option for kids while class is out.
/30 mins
Jessica G.

Jessica G.

Getting a solid foundation in technique is imperative for anyone wanting to learn the cello, no matter if the desire is to play for fun or to eventually join an orchestra. That is why I make it my goal as a teacher to establish the correct ways to have: good tone, proper posture, flexible bow hold, loose vibrato, and pain-free playing. All of my students that have graduated to university-level teachers have reported back that the teacher was happy with their foundation and they were not required to "move back" steps in order to gain additional technique. I generally use the Suzuki and ABC books to get students started(which employ mainly classical pieces and folk songs), but I am always open to other genres that the student is interested in. If there is a specific piece a student would like to play, we'll go over what technique is required to get there and use alternate pieces and exercises to finally reach that goal.
/30 mins
Charles B.

Charles B.

I have been teaching over 25 years. I have been playing for over 35 years. I have played professionally in orchestras and chamber ensembles. I use both the Suzuki and traditional methods for teaching.
/30 mins
Brendon P.

Brendon P.

I have over 20 years of playing experience from some of the best teachers around the world. I am certified to teach all 10 Suzuki books. I cater my teaching to each individual student and my goal is to create a fun nurturing environment.
/30 mins
Pecos S.

Pecos S.

I am a professional performing artist and educator who believes that everyone is inherently musical. I have extensive experience with students of all ages and abilities and enjoy cultivating the interests in those whom I teach.
/30 mins
Dawnn F.

Dawnn F.

A lesson with music theory, performance tips, and of course playing music! I have been teaching for 6 years. In 2013 I received my Bachelors Degree in music from Bluefield College. I have played for the Rappahannock Youth Symphony and the Bluefield College Orchestra and I have in duets and trios with members of the Roanoke Symphony. I enjoy playing music, because music echoes the soul. Everyone may speak a different language, but all musicians speak the same language of notes and rhythm.
/30 mins
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Ms. Strange was so helpful during my time working with her! She's patient, kind, has a wonderful sense of humor, but above all that: an outstanding cellist.

Sarah (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Theresa is a wonderful teacher. I am a beginning cello student but with 12 years of upright bass experience, and she tailors our lessons to match my classical knowledge and play style with the basics

Levi (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Theresa is one of the most amazing teachers I ever had. I am an adult student, so I was a bit nervous about starting the cello; but Theresa is so laid back, it was easy to feel comfortable around her

Mia (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Today was my daughter’s second lesson from Theresa. My daughter loves to learn from her and she wants to come twice a week. Theresa is a very kind and detailed teacher. She is also humorous too. My

Minnie (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Ms. Strange was so helpful during my time working with her! She's patient, kind, has a wonderful sense of humor, but above all that: an outstanding cellist.

Sarah (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Theresa is a wonderful teacher. I am a beginning cello student but with 12 years of upright bass experience, and she tailors our lessons to match my classical knowledge and play style with the basics

Levi (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

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Cello Lessons

It’s hard to imagine that the first cello dates back to 1550. All those years have passed by, yet the cello continues to be regarded as one of the finest instruments in any orchestra with its deep and mellow sounds.

If you’re interested in learning to play this beautiful instrument or challenging yourself with more advanced orchestra music, then turn to our cello lessons here at TakeLessons. Not only do we offer in-person sessions with certified tutors, but we offer the best online cello lessons, too. Sign up with us today for the opportunity to learn your way around this stringed instrument.

Certified Cello Teachers

If you think back to your favorite teachers, they were likely professional, friendly, and committed to your success, and here at TakeLessons, we’re certain our tutors will leave you with the same impression.

The process is simple when you’re ready to sign up for cello lessons. To start, we invite you to select your preferred teacher. We offer a list of certified and background-checked cello tutors near you who are eager to teach you this instrument.

To get to know each tutor, explore their profiles and learn more about their experience, availability, and rates. Depending on the cello teacher, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 and $102 for an hour-long session, with the average lesson costing $70/hour.

Once you’ve selected your cello teacher and decided on a schedule, all that’s left to do is pick your lesson package. With that taken care of, you’re set to begin your cello journey!

Online Cello Lessons for All Ages

If you have concerns about whether your age will interfere with your ability to play the cello, then it’s time to kick those worries to the curb. Anyone is capable of learning to play this instrument, no matter their age!

At TakeLessons, we specialize in offering in-person and online cello lessons for kids and adults alike. Our certified tutors are experts at catering their lessons to their students’ specific age groups to help them get the most out of their cello sessions.

Whether you’re five or fifty-five, you’re the perfect age to sign up for cello lessons near you!

Cello Lessons for All Levels

Just as your age doesn’t affect your ability to learn to play the cello, your skill set doesn’t have any impact on it either. You can sign up for cello lessons near you if you have zero or 15 years of experience under your belt!

You see, we offer cello lessons for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced students. Your certified cello teacher will determine what you already know about this instrument. From there, they create a customized lesson plan that aligns with your music goals. Below you can see some sample curriculum for each skill level.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Cello Lessons

Cello lessons for beginners generally focus on the instrument’s fundamentals, the basics of music theory, and how to care for your instrument.

  • Body and Finger Positioning
  • Bow Techniques
  • Primary Notes and Scales
  • Music Theory Introduction
  • Basic Song Playing

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Cello Lessons

At this point, you likely feel much more comfortable with your instrument and have a strong desire to continue with cello classes.

  • Vibrato, Piccato, Spiccato & Ricochet
  • Advanced Bow Techniques
  • Modal Scares
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Various Cello Thumb Positioning Skills

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Cello Lessons

How long it takes to become proficient enough to progress to advanced cello lessons depends on factors like the frequency of lessons and time invested in practice.

  • Technique Enhancement
  • Compound Intervals
  • Compound Intervals
  • Seventh Chords
  • Solo Repertoire and Audition Prep

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Nothing should get in the way of you following your cello dreams. To kickstart your journey, sign up for in-person or online cello lessons with us. It’s easy; simply select your favorite teacher, determine your schedule, choose your lesson package, and don’t miss out on our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Can I teach myself cello?


While it might be possible to teach yourself how to play this instrument, we suggest learning with a certified tutor instead. Here at TakeLessons, we offer hassle-free cello lessons. Get to learn one-on-one with a tutor who is experienced in teaching students of all ages and skill sets.

One of the main reasons why it’s important to study with a private tutor is so you can build a strong foundation. You want to grow your music skills from there. In the beginning, you’ll learn everything from the parts of the cello to how to properly hold the instrument. Next, you’ll focus on creating good habits, such as good posture and finger placements. These fundamentals will give you the tools to eventually master the cello.

How much do cello lessons cost?


The cost of your cello lessons will depend on a number of factors, such as the individual teacher and your specific area of interest. Here at TakeLessons, we strive to make it affordable for our students to learn to play this instrument. The average cost of a 60-minute cello session is $70, but rates may range between $50 and $102.

When you browse each tutor’s profile, you can see their starting rates. Before selecting your teacher, you can contact them and inquire more about their pricing.

Can you learn cello online?


Yes! Here at TakeLessons, we offer convenient and flexible online cello lessons. These sessions are ideal for those students who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own homes.

When you sign up for our online courses, it’s the same process as signing up for our in-person lessons. To start, you can select your preferred cello teacher and find a time to learn that best suits your schedule. However, instead of driving to meet with your tutor in a classroom setting, you’ll simply sign onto our online platform and connect with your teacher there. To do so, you need access to the internet and a smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet.

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