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Wei D.

Good habits and an excellent attitude make great cellists. It doesn't hurt to love music too. I love music and I love to share my passion with my students. Having a teacher who is an experienced performer is an important quality in a teacher. I am a professional classical musician currently working as a freelance cellist in the Chicago area. I play with Chicago Philharmonic, the Northbrook Symphony, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the Northwest Indiana Symphony, among others. Before coming to Chicago I played for 13 seasons with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. I have taught privately for over 10 years including 2 years in Paris. My teaching is a reflection of my teacher, Phillippe Muller. I studied with Msr. Muller while studying at the Paris Conservatory. Msr. Muller is currently a Professor of Cello at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.
/30 minutes

Pecos S.

I am a professional performing artist and educator who believes that everyone is inherently musical. I have extensive experience with students of all ages and abilities and enjoy cultivating the interests in those whom I teach.
/30 minutes

Genevieve T.

Having 20+ years of playing experience, and 10+ years of professional experienced cello teaching, I feel very comfortable helping my students understand the foundations of cello technique. My lessons are structured very clearly with some technique work at the beginning, whether it be scales or a study, followed by a piece or work we’ll work on together to finish off the lesson. In addition, I send each of my students off with their very own practice regiment and practice journal/log ✍️, that they can use to track their own progress throughout their week, keep track of their assignments, and lastly, write out any comments or questions that come up in between lessons. I also share music and other supplemental materials to my students when possible in these practice regiments, so that they do not always have to purchase it or search for it themselves :) I’m happy to help and guide my students however they need it :) Here’s some more background on me: I graduated with a Bachelors of Music from the music conservatory Cleveland Institute of Music, and got my Masters in Music from Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music. In addition, I completed a 2 year rigorous Suzuki Technique Pedagogy Program where I am now certified to teach all 10 levels of the cello books. I am confident in explaining any questions a student may have. I love to make practicing a game, so that way we are developing the proper skills but also challenging ourselves while having fun! Even I can understand that practicing can get tiresome and dull at times! As a traveling musician who has performed all over the world, I feel it is important for students to appreciate all types of music. While classical training and technique are absolutely crucial to the beginning stages of a student's development, I like to show the student how their skills can be integrated into other styles of music as they develop. I am in a string quartet, called ATLYS, where we play a variety of genres and styles of music from classical to traditional to folk to rock. All music is connected and I love how my students can see this connection and start to use their skills to be a part of that bigger picture.
/30 minutes

Dave K.

I have been teaching for 18 years and have taught hundreds of satisfied students. When you sign up for lessons with me, you will begin by learning the basics of the instrument including proper holding and playing position, tone production, rhythm, first position notes, basic notation. Once you get the basics down, you will learn how to play very simple melodies and songs. All of this can happen within the first 4-6 months of playing.
/30 minutes

Brendon P.

I have over 20 years of playing experience from some of the best teachers around the world. I am certified to teach all 10 Suzuki books. I cater my teaching to each individual student and my goal is to create a fun nurturing environment.
/30 minutes

Jerry M.

My name is Jerry. I LOVE music and passing my knowledge on to others. I have played many different instruments in many different kinds of bands. It all one major thing in common, it was FUN! If you are not having fun while learning an instrument you won't want to learn. Lessons can be fun AND educational at the same time. I have had many parents tell me I'm one of the best teachers they have ever seen. (A couple of them were public school teachers themselves). I truly want my students to succeed and I will do everything in my power to help them accomplish that!
/30 minutes

Claire A.

Ask me about classes and subscription pricing! Let's get you playing the music you've been hearing in your head. Each week, you'll get a personalized practice guide tailored to your goals. I love playing and teaching the cello, and I cant wait to share that passion with you. My teaching style is as slow as you need, as fast as you can go. Technique should always serve the music, so we'll focus on creating art and telling the story that you want to tell. I'll work with you to create a personalized study plan that is engaging, positive, and progress-oriented. Lessons are open to anyone, even if you don’t have a cello yet! I have worked with everyone from beginning students learning the basics of holding the bow to advanced players & colleagues looking for a discerning ear. I generally recommend 45 minutes for beginners, but there's no time limit; I love to dive into details and can work as long as you can! This year, I founded my teaching studio HelloCello, and I'm so excited to bring you along for the ride. Your subscription comes with group lessons, practice videos, collaborative projects, and performance opportunities so you can learn at your own pace and in your own way. As an added bonus, all new students will receive the 70-page Cello Handbook I recently published as part of my online cello series, "Hello Cello." Congratulations on taking an amazing first step towards learning cello, and I can't wait to meet you in our first lesson!
/30 minutes

Elisa B.

Private lessons for beginning and intermediate cello by experienced string teacher. Also couching school orchestra cello students reading music, understanding rhythms, developing more advanced technique and beautiful tone.
/30 minutes
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Theresa is a wonderful teacher. I am a beginning cello student but with 12 years of upright bass experience, and she tailors our lessons to match my classical knowledge and play style with the basics

Levi (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Very professional. My daughter is so lucky!

Desmond (Cello lessons with Yu Yu L.)

Yu Yu is excellent. My son learned so much in the first one hour online lesson. The online communication posed a challenge, but she was able to communicate thoroughly and effectively for my son to und

Collin McMaster (Cello lessons with Yu Yu L.)

Isabella is a wonderful teacher who is able to quickly adapt and cater to the learning styles of her students. She is a reliable instructor who inspires her students!

Antonio (Cello lessons with Isabella P.)

Theresa is a wonderful teacher. I am a beginning cello student but with 12 years of upright bass experience, and she tailors our lessons to match my classical knowledge and play style with the basics

Levi (Cello lessons with Theresa S.)

Very professional. My daughter is so lucky!

Desmond (Cello lessons with Yu Yu L.)

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