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I can't say enough good things about Dyce. I've been playing guitar for 2 years, and had tried several teachers during that time, but none made the music 'click' for me. Dyce is able to teach me

Paul Bianco (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

It is a pleasure to learn guitar from someone like Dyce. He is a great player a great teacher and most of all he is extremely passionate about his craft and his students. He takes the time to expla

Stephen Seal (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

A top rate guitarist and teacher. Dyce is an organized and engaged professional. If you're committed to learning the guitar and passionate about music, Dyce can help you with the rest.

James Roche (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

A top rate guitarist and teacher. Dyce is an organized and engaged professional. If you are passionate about music and dedicated to learning the guitar, Dyce can help you with the rest!

James Roche (Guitar lessons with Dyce K.)

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Musical Theater
Rachel E.

Rachel E.

5 (20)
Ever dreamt of being on Broadway? Ever wanted to study with a Broadway star? Want to work on your technique? Have an audition (college, professional, choir) coming up? Do you just love singing and want to do more of it? Take lessons with a Broadway veteran! Rachel teaches all ages and voice types, and all different styles, including both classical and contemporary in both singing and acting. Whether it's Shakespeare, Opera, Musical Theatre, or anything in between! I've been teaching private voice and acting coaching for over 8 years and LOVE seeing my students improve! I am a working singer/actor, and writer/musician in NYC, but I love teaching so much that I do it even while I'm working on projects! A little bit about me: I graduated from University of Michigan's musical theatre program - one of the top musical theatre programs in the world! And I played Christine in Broadway's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I've trained in all kinds of different techniques and currently have all different types of students and voices in my studio! I teach all levels and ages, from beginners to professionals, and a wide variety of different of styles (Broadway, opera, pop, singer-songwriter, and many more). Together, we'll find the right techniques for your voice, and the concepts that click for you and make your voice soar! Now, any voice teacher worth their salt will be able to work on your technique with you, BUT in MY studio, we will go farther than that! Not only will your technique improve rapidly, but we will work on telling the story, and performing the song. Two major components that often get forgotten! And most importantly, we'll have fun while doing it! Whether you're looking to push your audition technique over the top and BOOK that role, or NAIL that college audition, or if you're just looking to have some fun while singing, together we can make it happen!
/30 mins
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Music Lessons

If you’re interested in learning to play an instrument or expanding on your current music skills, we’re here to help. At TakeLessons, we feature private music lessons and classes that provide you with the tools you need to take your music skills to new heights.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the rich variety of music lessons and classes we offer—try your hand at playing the upright piano, challenge yourself to more challenging flute techniques, or fulfill your dreams of shredding on the guitar. Whatever musical goals you have in mind, our certified music teachers will provide you with expert instruction to succeed.

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Benefits of Music Classes

Music is a powerful thing. It can do wonders for your mind, body, and wellness, as it can improve your mood, reduce your stress levels, strengthen your memory, and even reduce feelings of depression. Not only can it make you feel better, but it can make others around you feel better, too!

When you take music classes with us, you can harness these benefits while expressing yourself and tapping into your creativity and feeding off of the other students around you. One-on-one Private music lessons can also help you expand your skill sets and explore new music concepts, which can open up many new opportunities for you in your personal and professional life.

Online Music Lessons

Here at TakeLessons, we understand you have a busy schedule. Even if learning the cello or mastering the drums is important to you, it’s not always easy to find the time to meet with a music teacher in person. That’s why we offer flexible and hassle-free online music lessons that let you learn from the comfort of your own home, office, or music studio.

Our music lessons online make it easier than ever to connect with your tutor. It doesn’t take much to get started. You need an internet connection and access to a smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet to sign onto our virtual platform.

Live Music Lessons

No time to take an in-person class at a music school? Don’t let that hold you back from the music lessons you long for!

With a TakeLessons Live membership, you can learn music online with the help of an experienced music teacher through our easy-to-use online platform. Have a virtual in-person experience where you form a connection with your instructor and gain valuable feedback in real time.

You won’t have a better online music class experience than with TakeLessons Live. Our vetted and background-checked instructors provide the best instruction possible—regardless of which instrument you want to learn. Our lessons are so personalized that you’ll feel as if you’re directly face-to-face!

Whether you’re looking for music lessons for kids or adult music lessons, the instructors at TakeLessons Live will work with you to develop the perfect curriculum for your needs and goals. With their help, you will be playing your instrument of choice with confidence in no time!

Want to practice outside of your lesson time? TakeLessons Live has the resources you need! A 24/7 library of on-demand videos and other learning resources are available to you at all times—all included in your one monthly fee!

Can’t commit to a specific instrument? With TakeLessons Live, you aren’t restricted to just one type of music classes. Try them all on for size! Your membership gives you access to all of our 300+ monthly live classes. Take a clarinet class one week and a piano lesson the next. Switch it up and throw in a cooking class if you feel the desire! Your learning is never limited here at TakeLessons Live.

Explore every instrument you’ve ever wanted to learn at a price everyone can afford. Sign up for your TakeLessons Live membership and download our convenient mobile app to get started today!

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What are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to learn music online or in person! We offer all kinds of classes, including music lessons for kids and adults, and our check-out process is easy to navigate.

To start, we let you choose your specific teacher. Simply explore our listing of certified music teachers who have all undergone required background checks. You can read their profiles, see their experience, check out feedback from previous students, and browse their starting rates. The average 60-minute adult music lesson costs $69, but you may find teachers charging anywhere between $15 and $300 an hour, depending on various factors. Group music lessons tend to be more affordable than private lessons, so consider that when selecting which route you will take.

Once you’ve selected your teacher, you can go ahead and choose your preferred schedule and pick your lesson package. From there, what’s left to do is take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for new students.

With TakeLessons, learning music is always convenient and affordable!

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