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Anne is very patient, encouraging and understanding with different learning styles and beginners.

Elisabeth (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

Anne brings a vibrancy to her lessons that make it fun. Anne has a keen eye for finger placement and sharp hearing for the beat of the song. Anne has the patience of a saint. I enjoy the harp lessons

Barbara (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

She’s amazing! She is the most patient and lighthearted harp teacher I’ve ever worked with. She doesn’t expect perfection either, but repetition and practice is important. Have fun with your playing a

Nannette (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

Anne has been a tremendous help for our daughter's improvement in technique and ability on the harp. She is encouraging, flexible and a wonderful teacher!

Melissa (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

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Harp Lessons

Did you know the earliest versions of the harp were made from hunting bows? These instruments are considered some of the oldest instruments known to humanity. Though the style and model of the harp changed over the years, it’s still a beloved instrument today.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to strum this angelic-sounding instrument, we’ve got you covered. At TakeLessons, we’re known for offering amazing in-person classes and the best online harp lessons around—just ask our students!

Sign up with us today to work one-on-one with a certified harp teacher. You won’t be disappointed!

Certified Harp Teachers

While you might be able to pick up a few harp songs on your own, nothing beats studying one-on-one with a professional tutor. Here at TakeLessons, we pride ourselves on working with certified and background-checked harp teachers with the skills and knowledge to help students improve their harp-playing abilities.

We invite you to select your ideal match. To narrow down the options, browse each harp teacher’s profile. You can find out more about their expertise, qualifications, and schedule. You can even read reviews from previous students and contact teachers in advance.

As for rates, hourly lessons will range between $25 and $155, depending on the location, teacher, and type of lesson. On average, the cost of a 60-minute session is $80, while a 30-minute session is $46.

Now that you’ve selected your tutor, the rest of the check-out process is easy. Simply choose when you’d like to attend class, and then pick your preferred package.

Harp Online Lessons for All Ages

If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument, why not start out with the harp? We offer harp lessons for kids that are geared toward children. Our tutors are experienced at keeping your child’s attention and encouraging them to explore the wonderful world of music. What’s more, we also offer harp lessons for adults and seniors alike.

The beauty of our lessons is that anyone can sign up as we welcome students of all ages. Our tutors will create customized lessons around your age and maturity level to help you master the harp. Sign up today to find age-appropriate lessons for you!

Harp Lessons for All Levels

Are you nervous about signing up for harp lessons because you don’t know a lick about playing an instrument? Don’t be! Here at TakeLessons, we’re the experts at teaching students of all skill levels, even if they’ve never seen a harp in person before.

If you’re new to music, sign up for our harp lesson for beginners—our introductory course—where you’ll start with the basics, such as learning the fingering positions and reading chord charts. We also offer more advanced courses for harpists who have experience playing this instrument.

Our tutors will assess your skills to see which lesson is best for you.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Harp Lessons

Your teacher might choose to cover some of the following topics during harp lessons for beginners near you:

  • Harp anatomy and care
  • Grand staff and basic fingering positions
  • Reading chord charts
  • Basic songs
  • Warm-up stretching and exercises
  • Introduction to music theory

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Harp Lessons

Your harp teacher might choose to cover some of the following topics in intermediate classes:

  • Dynamic techniques
  • Ornamentation and finger slides
  • Arpeggio exercises
  • Overlapping brackets and crossovers
  • Strumming and percussive damping

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Harp Lessons

Your harp teacher might cover some of the following topics at this stage:

  • Reverse chord strumming
  • String bending techniques
  • Muffled harmonics
  • Transposition
  • Improvisation
  • Performance preparation

Sign up Today

It’s never too late (or too early!) to begin your in-person or online harp lessons. Signing up with us is simple as we make it easy and hassle-free. To start, choose your tutor, select your schedule, pick your lesson package, and don’t miss out on our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


How much is a harp lesson?

The cost of harp lessons will vary, but here at TakeLessons, the average cost of an hour-long session is $80. However, we strive to accommodate everyone’s budget. This means that you can find lessons ranging anywhere from $24 to $155 per hour, depending on your preferences. Rates are determined by the specific teacher, location, and type of lesson.

Can the harp be self-taught?

Yes, you can start off by teaching yourself the harp, but if you’d really like to excel, we recommend signing up for harp lessons. When you work one-on-one with one of our professional and certified tutors, you will receive their full attention as they’re 100% committed to helping you learn this instrument. You don’t have to worry about developing poor posture or bad habits because your tutor will nip them in the bud. Perhaps the best part of taking private lessons is that you have the opportunity to ask all your questions and request feedback to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sessions.

Is it hard to learn the harp?

Of all the stringed instruments, the harp is considered one of the easiest to play. That said, how easy you find it to play may come down to what you already know about playing music. For instance, if you can’t read music just yet, then you may find it a little more challenging than someone who already has that skill.

If you’d like to make learning the harp easy as possible, turn to harp lessons. During these lessons, your tutor will break down concepts and give you step-by-step instructions to help you learn your way around this beautiful instrument.

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