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Sean S.

Sean S.

4.9 (39)
If you have ever been deeply moved by a song, and want to learn how to write songs that touch people's hearts, inspire hope, or help to make the world a better place, I want to work with you. For me, songwriting is one of the most satisfying and creative aspects of music, where all of our musical skills can come together. Yet it can also be an area where our inner stumbling blocks can seem daunting. This is where partnering with a seasoned songwriter can open up new possibilities, empowering you to craft beautiful songs in your own unique style. Think about what is your biggest challenge. Do you have ideas for songs but wonder how to structure them into complete songs? Do you hear great tunes in your head but don't know how to connect them to chords? Do you wonder how to weave a magical melody to match your lovely lyrics? Stumped by limited rhyme possibilities or awkward phrasing? I'll show you some simple and practical tools to help you jumpstart your creative engine - tools that you can start using right from our first session. There are as many different styles of music as there are musicians, and also many different approaches to songwriting. Whether you start from a snippet of lyrics, a "hook" or melodic riff, a chord progression, a rhythmic groove, or even a mood or message you want to express, I can show you how to build and refine your creation to tell your story effectively. We'll look at several common song forms from contemporary music genres - for example, common verse/chorus/bridge structures - as well as classic hits that can serve as models. And we'll explore possibilities that move beyond conventional formats and devices. Most importantly, I'll help you develop your own signature style, rather than just copying what other people have done or relying on tired formulas. I look forward to working with you to tap your inner wellspring of creativity!
/30 mins
Juan C.

Juan C.

4.9 (15)
Originally from Colombia, Juan has been a resident of New York City since 2008. His music blends classical, modern, and avant-garde elements. He draws from his experience as a recording and touring rock guitarist in Colombia and Miami, his studies of East Asian music, inspired by interaction with musicians and artists in China, Japan, and Indonesia, and his teaching practice. He recently released the album “Preludes and Etudes for the Guitar.” His composition “Reino Incierto” has been performed at Carnegie Hall and the Sounds of the City Concert Series in New York. His Three Movements for Guitar Quartet is included on an album of prominent Colombian composers titled “Entre la huella y el grito.” His guitar sonata Schwarzfahren is being published by Cristiano Porqueddu for Edizioni Curci. Juan earned a master’s degree in Composition from the Manhattan School of Music. He has recently studied classical guitar with Mark Delpriora. His mentors include composers Susan Botti, Reiko Fueting, and electronic music pioneer Joel Chadabe. He earned a Bachelor of Music from the University of Florida, where he studied jazz guitar with Tom Lippincott and composition with Susan Epstein-Garcia. Juan is also an avid cartoonist, collector of rare books, and long-distance runner. *** Lesson Details *** Guitar teaching encompasses many disciplines. One has to be a bit of a psychologist in order to gauge a potential student's needs and musical sensibilities. The mathematical aspect of musical notation and rhythm makes us part mathematicians. In the end, there is also a self-actualizing aspect to guitar teaching in the sense that we are always witness to those moments that made us decide a career on music. During my years of guitar teaching I have encountered many types of students, and I have learned from them as much as they have learned from me as they make me question aspects of music that I would have never thought about. I have learned to not take for granted the definition of concepts such as rhythm and harmony, and to look at guitar technique from different perspectives as I find ways to accommodate to a student’s capabilities. Ultimately, it is also a job that requires a lot of planning and structure. My first step, generally, is to assess the student’s ability and interest to find material suitable for them. Then, I proceed to familiarize with the student’s musical tastes and sensibilities to assign practice material accordingly. For example, if the student is interested in rock or pop music, we will work on a particular song that fits his level and also solves a particular technical problem. During that process I will answer any of the student’s questions, and provide insight into musical terminology. We will also work on basic concepts of rhythm, melody, and harmony. My training as a composer and jazz guitarists also enables me to tap into the student’s creative side. In that case, we would start with a basic blues progression and blues scales, and work on the basics of improvisation or songwriting. *** Studio Equipment *** Basement studio w/ small keyboard, amp, acoustic guitar, 3 electric guitars, music books w/ seating for parents and lots of magazines! *** Travel Equipment *** I provide music sheets, students should have an instrument, tuner, paper, pencil, and a metronome. *** Specialties *** I teach fundamentals of music theory, principles of jazz improvisation, classical guitar technique and repertoire, song writing, pop songs, sight reading, and overall musicianship, as well as Jazz, Rock, Blues, Bossa Nova, and other Latin Styles.
/30 mins
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Axel is very welcoming and have an easy and entrenaining way to teach kids. My son, 10 years old, is very happy with his classes and is very excited for the upcoming classes and feels he will be able

Renata Lima (Songwriting lessons with Axel O.)

Gary is extremely knowledgable and a great communicator of complex musical ideas and concepts. He has a way of breaking things down into "easy to understand" bite size pieces. This allows anyone to c

Steve S (Songwriting lessons with Gary R.)

I felt like it was the best experience that I could have with a teacher in the subject that I wanted

Cortez (Songwriting lessons with Rebecca G.)

EDwin has been a great help over the last couple of years. Don't know how I wrote and recorded songs without his help

Dan (Songwriting lessons with Edwin I.)

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Songwriting Lessons

Music is a universal way to communicate about life, love, and friendship that can span both time and space. It can create a flashback to points of your life and enjoy time with friends. Songwriting is a powerful, fun way to express yourself, with taste running the gamut of singers, rappers, and genres—Taylor Swift to Tool, Linda Ronstadt and REO Speedwagon, and Brittany Spears to Snoop Dogg.

Suppose you’ve wanted to learn how to write a song and express yourself through music. In that case, TakeLessons offers in-person and online songwriting lessons for people of all ages and abilities. You can sign up today!

Certified Songwriting Teachers

There are many ways to learn songwriting, but only one way to truly master the craft. Having private, dedicated coaching and songwriting teachers to help you in every phase of the process is the best way to learn and improve. At TakeLessons, we have simplified the sign-up process to help you get enrolled and started quickly.

Our individualized, customized classes are all taught by certified experts in their craft. You browse through our category of teachers and read over their reviews to find the right match to get started. Select whether to learn in-person or online once you find a teacher you like and schedule your classes.

What’s more, we offer classes for people of all ages and levels, so whether you’re looking for songwriting lessons for beginners to advanced, we offer plenty of options to help you get started writing your songs.

Songwriting Online Lessons for All Ages

Songwriting is a great way to express yourself regardless of age. From songwriting lessons for kids to adults, there are customizable and flexible classes for students of all ages. You don’t have to look very far to find a songwriting lesson near you. Our online and in-person options perfectly suit every student’s needs and desires.

Songwriting is a craft that offers a variety of benefits and is a form of expression. Songwriting improves breathing and lung capacity, lowers blood pressure, improves cognitive function and memory, and is a form of relaxation.

Whether you’re a 10-year-old or a retiree looking for a hobby to express yourself, there’s never been a better time to learn how to write songs. You can sign up today and begin learning from the comfort of your home!

Songwriting Lessons for All Levels

We understand that our students come to us at all different stages of their abilities and levels. Everybody, even the pros, starts out somewhere.

Depending on your skills and experience in songwriting, at TakeLessons, we cater our classes to match each student’s interest, level, and goals. And our flexible style that allows you to choose between online and in-person learning makes our courses the best songwriting lessons near you for your convenience.

For example, songwriting lessons designed for kids will focus on different aspects of the craft than one created to help adults learn how to use narration with lyrics and compose all song elements to evoke the right emotional response to the song.

Songwriting Lessons Curriculum

By offering an individually customized curriculum, our songwriting teachers create lessons that will encourage and challenge students to learn and master the art of songwriting.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Songwriting Lessons

If you’ve ever been curious about how your favorite song can make you feel a certain way, how the story unfolds, and how each aspect of the song is tied together but don’t know where to start, then songwriting lessons for beginners is the place to start.

A sample of the types of things you’ll learn in a beginning songwriting class is:

  • Basic music notation and theory
  • Major, minor, and pentatonic scales as building blocks for most songs
  • Creating a melody
  • Lyric writing to tell a narrative, and much more!

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Songwriting Lessons

If you already have some experience with music and understand the basic song structure, and are looking to grow your knowledge and skills, then the intermediate level classes are best for you.

Our courses are designed as the best online songwriting lessons to get the intermediate students over the hump and become more adept and stronger at song structure.

In the intermediate level classes, you may learn:

  • Song structure or “architecture” of how to craft a song
  • Modes as well as modal interchanges
  • Dominants, predominants, substitutions, diatonic functions, and more

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Songwriting Lessons

If you’re experienced and understand music theory and are tired of searching online for a “songwriting tutor near me,” the advanced songwriting classes at TakeLessons are ideal for you. Classes will be shaped to meet your ability and expectations and challenge you to grow as a songwriter.

Sample classes will focus on:

  • Workshopping songs and lyrics to tighten the hook, melody, and structure with experts
  • Using digital tools, engineering, and production to strengthen and polish your song
  • Basics of the music business from marketing to selling your songs

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Can anyone learn to write songs?

Yes, songwriting is easier than people think.

All you need is a basic understanding of melody, chord progressions, and methodology, making songwriting a fun way to express yourself at any age. However, to master songwriting takes years of practice or specialized instruction, so taking classes and having private tutoring help is recommended for more serious songwriters.

Is songwriting hard to learn?

No. Songwriting is a learnable skill, much like playing any instrument. A person can learn songwriting at any age, but it will take time to master the craft. To accelerate learning and grow as an artist, having private instruction is recommended.

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