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Cory is masterful at what he does. We love how he has catered his lessons to our son's level of experience. He has also inspired such confidence in our son's performances. Cory is a music talent we fe

Alexis (Beatboxing lessons with Cory H.)

Cory is an amazing teacher. He knows how to keep a 5yr old focused throughout the session. Our child absolutely loves working with him

Arhaan (Beatboxing lessons with Cory H.)

My son loved his first lesson! Corey is a great instructor and able to explain things at a level that my 7-year-old can understand. My son is so excited to continue his lessons!

Sebastian (Beatboxing lessons with Cory H.)

Cory is fantastic! He is polite and very professional. His lesson was so efficiently prepared and he kept my active 5 year old son totally engaged for the entire session. We look forward to our futur

JD (Beatboxing lessons with Cory H.)

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Beatboxing Lessons

Anyone who grew up with ‘80s hip hop or has listened to contemporary music since then is familiar with the rhythm and sound of beatboxing. A percussive vocal style, beatboxing imitates much of the rhythm and sounds of a drum machine or scratching a DJ mixing and scratching on a turntable using nothing but hands and the human voice.

Beatboxing requires absolute control of the breath, larynx, mouth, and throat and is ideal for training the brain to focus and memorize specific movements.

It’s also a fun way to make music that anyone can learn and master. If you’re ready to learn how to beatbox and have fun with friends, or you want to improve your current skills, at TakeLessons, we have the best certified beatboxing lessons teachers to get you started.

Certified Beatboxing Lessons Teachers

At TakeLessons, we know much of a student’s success is dependent on the type of instruction they receive. That is why we background screen all of our potential instructors to guarantee that we only hire the best teachers available.

And to get started with beatboxing lessons, we make it easy. Just browse through our catalog of certified beatboxing teachers who match your goals and check out their student reviews. If an instructor fits, see if they offer lessons at a price you can afford, with most beatboxing classes costing $84 per hour, on average. Next, meet with them to discuss your goals for the lessons, and that’s it! You’re ready to start your beatboxing lessons.

Whether you’re looking for a fun class to start, beatboxing lessons for kids, or even adults, at TakeLessons, we make learning easy and fun, so sign up today!

Beatboxing Online Lessons for All Ages

If you think beatboxing is silly, you’re right! At times, it certainly can be. But it can also be a significant contribution to any song, so whether you’re looking to learn a musical skill for fun or otherwise, it’s never too late or too young to learn how.

One of the unique things about all our classes at TakeLessons is that they are fully customizable to match each student’s particular needs. That means if you want the best online beatboxing lessons for your kindergartener or are a retiree, we will create a curriculum suited to match your age, desire, and interest.

Beatboxing Lessons for All Levels

If you’ve never tried to learn music before, or are a professional, at TakeLessons, we offer something for everyone. Our beatboxing lessons for beginners are designed for each of our students to help you learn and master your skills.

Think again if you think your little ones are too young to learn. Beatboxing is a fun combination of making sounds with your mouth and learning rhythm, both things that kids love! And for adults, learning to beatbox is a skill you can bust out at parties to impress your friends and entertain the room.

Ready to get started? Simply sign up and get started beatboxing through TakeLessons today!

Beatboxing Lessons Curriculum

Classes at TakeLessons are designed to challenge students to learn fundamentals and grow in their subject matter knowledge. Even in fun classes like beatboxing, your tutor will devise lessons for students of all ages and abilities to help you improve your skills and grow as a musician.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Beatboxing Lessons

If you’ve never heard of beatboxing before, have a little musical background but are looking for something new and fun to learn, then beginner beatboxing lessons are the ideal place to start.

A sample curriculum for beginner beatboxing lessons may teach the following:

  • Breathing exercises for vocal control
  • Differences in sounds produced by the mouth, frictives, plosives, and affricates
  • Forming basic sounds like a hi-hat, snare, and kick drum

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Beatboxing Lessons

For students with some knowledge and experience with the basics of beatboxing, our intermediate-level course is ideal.

A sample curriculum for the intermediate level course may include topics such as:

  • Advanced breath control exercises
  • Lip, tongue, and mouth warm-up and strengthening exercises
  • Rhythm patterns and changes
  • How to switch between inward and outward aspirated sounds

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Beatboxing Lessons

For experienced beatboxing students, the advanced curriculum depends on their specific interests and needs.

Lessons included in the advanced beatboxing curriculum may consist of the following:

  • Song composition (developing melody and hook)
  • Tone control
  • Developing your own beatboxing style

Sign up Today

If you are looking to become a better musician or even looking just to learn something new and fun, then our beatboxing lessons are an excellent option for you. You can choose to take in-person classes or see why our students say we have the best online beatboxing lessons around by selecting our online programs.

What’s more, we make signing up easy and risk-free. Simply choose your teacher, set a budget, discuss your goals, and get started. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll gladly refund the remaining balance in your account. It’s 100% guaranteed you’ll love our classes or your money back.


Is beatboxing hard to learn?

That answer depends.

You can learn basic beatboxing sounds easily, but becoming competent or even a master beatboxer will require dedicated practice and time to develop skills. At more complex levels, beatboxing is similar to many vocal performances, including breath control, phrasing, pronunciation (in this case of sounds, not words), and performing in pitch and rhythm.

What are some of the benefits of learning to beatbox?

Beatboxing requires plenty of technique, timing, and rhythm to sound good. It also improves listening skills, breathing, and vocal projection and strengthens the vocal cords.

Additionally, like any form of music, creativity, memory, and musicianship are skills that are developed, making beatboxing a perfect form of expression for students of all ages.

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