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Samantha V.

Samantha V.

5 (14)
My flute studio is based around setting a strong foundation to achieve the student's goals. Each flute lesson is tailored to the individual students needs and adjusted as they progress. Whether you are picking up the instrument for the first time, are a student auditioning for all-county orchestra, or just want to improve your playing, I can help you achieve your ideal musical self! For beginner students, lessons will focus on tone production, breath support, reading skills, rhythm, and technical development to form a strong base for continued development. Intermediate students will continue developing basic technical skills and music theory knowledge. They will begin applying their knowledge to standard repertoire. By focusing on musical context, students will begin to learn the more advanced concepts surrounding interpretation. Advanced students will continue to refine these concepts and artistry. Lessons will focus on applying and interpreting the musicality of advanced repertoire from the common practice as well as preparing for auditions and advanced performances. All students will work on achieving their individual goals whether they are playing for pleasure or working towards auditions. I am happy to work with whatever method book the student is comfortable with but I will recommend materials based on the student's level. Some of my preferred books are the Blocki Flute Method books, the Flute 101 books, and Trevor Wye's series of books however, I am comfortable working with band books or any other material you may have. If you would like to begin playing flute and have not yet purchased one, I do have some recommendations on what to look for. Instruments to look for are carried at any reputable store. Some of these brands are Yamaha, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, Armstrong, Pearl, Trevor James, Artley, and many others. While these are costly if purchased new, it is fairly easy to find a very good deal at a similar price if you do a little searching. Additionally, many of these brands make modified, smaller instruments for young children or people with disabilities. For very young children, starting on a fife may be something to consider. If you are unsure what to purchase, please send me a message and I will help you with the purchasing process or even recommend some instruments that are for sale online. I am an experienced music teacher and musician. I have been playing flute since 2009 and teaching for nearly as long. Lessons are catered to each individual's needs and goals. Send me a message to see if I am a good fit for you!
/30 mins
Julie O.

Julie O.

5 (14)
A Masterful Flute Player is already inside of you; get in touch with yourself and your creative spirit ! With over 30 years of experience and 12,000+ fun-filled flute lessons taught, don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to achieve your dreams! My students rehearse with me for an average of 8 years, and flute beginners quickly achieve musical and technical artistry ! Over the years of my 3-decade career in Classical Music, I have crafted a teaching style that minimizes practice time, maximizes progress, and allows my students, ages 7 through adult, to have fun while practicing. Here is what I do in the first lesson: - Assess the student’s level for interest and progress - Understand the student’s goals - Design a custom path of study for lasting achievement By getting in touch with yourself and your Creative Spirit, the sky will be your limit. We will develop your technical style in such a way that your technique becomes effortless, uniquely yours, and then your musicality will have the tools to blossom. There are three (3) distinct levels of self-mastery to Flute Technique and several areas of specific skills within each level. I explore each level separately and then combine them into one truly integrated technique. My online teaching methods and techniques have reached students in over 30 states in the U.S. as well as Canada, England, Australia, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and South Africa. “The sculpture is already inside the rock; all you have to do is remove the excess stone”. – Michelangelo Success Stories: -Many students have won $5,000/year in scholarship money for 4-year colleges (even while majoring in fields such as medicine, engineering, architecture, and the sciences). -A recent student (taught between the ages of 7 – 17) submitted an audition recording to Brandeis University and was awarded the prestigious Leonard Bernstein Fellowship amounting in $20,000/year for 4 years. -A former high school student went on to music college to major in music therapy with hospice patients. She loved the field so much that she is going back to graduate school for a degree in Social Work. -Several students have achieved a perfect score in the level-6 category of the NYSSMA competition and went on to perform in the ALL-STATE WIND ENSEMBLE and ORCHESTRA (who select the top youth performers in the state).
/30 mins
Carter W.

Carter W.

4.9 (18)
Hello! I am a private music instructor specializing in woodwind instruments looking to take on clarinet, flute and saxophone students in the Orange County area! My lessons consist of a well balanced coverage of exercises (scales, note patterns, etudes, duets, major repertoire, etc) geared towards building a solid foundation in playing technique. This allows each student to be accurate and expressive with a sense of ease in their playing! Students of the studio are also thrown into the world of music! They are strongly encouraged to attend concerts, listen to music regularly, and attend masterclasses. The goal is not just to learn an instrument, but to also develop a life-long love and appreciation for music! I am very proud to say that my students soar through their band and orchestra programs in school and obtain a sound quality/sense of musicality way beyond their grade level! The majority of my students excel past their school music programs! They join youth/honor bands and orchestras, chamber music programs, and solo competitions! I am a music teacher with the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) so most of my students participate in Certificate of Merit every year. CM is a progressive music exam program made up of 10 levels of musical accomplishment in which students (based on their level) perform solos, scales, sight-reading and a music theory exam in front of a committee. This enforces a well rounded musical education for a minimal cost!
/30 mins
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Sorcha takes the time to completely understand what you want out of the lessons and how you learn best, then she does a fantastic job of tailoring each practice session to your needs. I love how she o

Sahba (Flute lessons with Sorcha B.)

I enjoy Theresa's style. She has excellent knowledge and skill and is able to teach while giving the student confidence in a short amount of time. I played piano and violin when I was young. I am l

Kelly (Flute lessons with Theresa D.)

Donna is super kind and encouraging, and she is also a great teacher.

joelle (Flute lessons with Donna W.)

As an adult student, I have a toddler and a busy schedule (FT job). I've been taking the Flute lessons with Miss Donna since last May (over a year now). I really appreciate Miss Donna's understanding

Salome (Flute lessons with Donna W.)

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Flute Lessons

The flute is an instrument heard in diverse types of music, from classical pieces to modern jazz, and is played around the world in various cultures. It’s from a family of instruments in the woodwind category, yet it’s unlike any other. The flute is a reedless instrument, producing sound through a flow of air that moves through an opening.

In addition, the flute is one of the earliest known instruments, dating back to paleolithic times in present-day Germany. Instruments in this family include the Western concert flute, the piccolo, and the fife.

TakeLessons is your resource for the best online flute lessons (and in-person sessions). Sign up today to get started!

Certified Flute Teachers

TakeLessons has employed a team of background-checked and certified flute teachers for our comprehensive learning platform.

The teachers at TakeLessons are available for in-studio, online, and even home visit lessons. Whether you’re looking for online flute lessons or need in-person coaching, we have a lesson for you. When you sign up, you’ll be able to pick teachers based on their starting rates, customer reviews, and a selection of their background. A typical 60-minute lesson costs $62.

Once you’ve found and connected with an instructor that meets your needs, you can sign up for flute lessons right away!

Online Flute Lessons for All Ages

Flute is an exciting instrument to learn for kids and adults. Its accessibility makes it easy to start with basic fingerings and sounds. Soon enough, you or your child will be playing songs you only dreamed of.

TakeLessons has flute lessons for kids that encourage your child's natural inclination to express himself through the instrument. Our teachers pair technical lessons with activities that instill creativity. Older learners can find lessons designed around their particular needs, whether that's playing flute as a hobby or to prepare for a performance.

The TakeLessons platform helps prepare students through the best online flute lessons (and in-person sessions) for all ages. Sign up today!

Flute Lessons for All Levels

Flute lessons can be helpful for any level of learner, from beginners learning their first notes to advanced and professional flute players.

TakeLessons offers a selection of flute lessons for beginners that go over the fingerings and techniques a new flute player will need for success with the instrument. Our flute teachers are experienced in methodically increasing the challenge of each lesson, helping you or your child level up, learn new songs, and achieve your goals.

The best online flute lessons are here for the taking, as well as in-studio and at-home sessions. Sign up today!

Flute Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Flute Lessons

  • Types of flutes
  • Flute styles
  • Classical flute
  • First notes and scales
  • Breathing techniques

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Flute Lessons

  • Jazz flute
  • Vibrato
  • Dynamic Control
  • Alternate fingerings

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Flute Lessons

  • Performance techniques
  • Flute solos
  • Writing music for flute
  • Advanced music theory

Live Flute Classes

Whether you’re looking for flute classes for kids or you’ve missed your opportunity to learn flute in your high school band, it’s time to try again! With a TakeLessons Live membership, you can access the best online flute classes available.

Don’t worry about cramming a rigid course into your busy lifestyle or being hit with expensive music school bills at the end of the month. TakeLessons Live classes have flexible schedules built around you! There are flute teachers available seven days a week, and the classes are available to you at one affordable monthly price.

Regardless of whether you’re a flute beginner or you’ve been playing for some time, our instructors are ready to take you to the next level. During your live flute classes, your experienced instructor will teach lessons that fit the group’s skill level while providing you with the real-time feedback you’re looking for.

In addition to your live classes, you can be sure to get your practice in whenever you can! Also included in your membership is our mobile app, access to our 24/7 library of on-demand videos, and other learning resources to help you master your skills on your own time. With our expert instruction, you’ll be playing beautiful music in no time.

Want to take a break from the flute? Your TakeLessons Live membership allows you to take as many of our 300+ monthly classes as you would like—at no additional cost! Whether you want to learn a new language, an Irish folk dance, or woodworking in addition to your flute classes, TakeLessons Live has what you need!

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You have many options when it comes to your musical education. What you need isn’t another cookie-cutter learning experience—you need flute lessons designed specifically for you or your child. We have private teachers that build lesson plans and exercises specifically for each student. Plus, we offer online flute lessons and in-person sessions while also offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up today!


Is flute easy to learn?

Because of its relatively simple design, it’s fairly easy to get started with playing basic notes and songs on the flute. Like with all instruments, though, attaining mastery of the instrument will take many years of hard work and dedication. Experienced flute teachers help new students and seasoned flute players learn new techniques, mastering complex music compositions while also gaining an understanding of music theory. It’s not easy, but learning to play the flute well is a satisfying endeavor.

Can I teach myself to play the flute?

You can definitely start learning the flute by teaching yourself. It’s possible to learn the basic fingerings, a few songs, and get a decent tone all on your own. Watching a few online tutorials and videos will also help you learn new techniques and try new songs. Eventually, though, it gets harder and harder to level up without access to great flute teachers. Signing up for the best online flute lessons and in-person coaching will help you learn faster, remedy bad habits, and start playing better than you’ve ever dreamed of. TakeLessons is a great place to find flute lessons.

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