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Kristilyn W.

Kristilyn W.

I'm a professional, classically trained bassoonist that plays with orchestras, chamber ensembles, and rock bands. I've been teaching private lessons for over 20 years and I'm available to work with students at any age and skill level including beginners, intermediate students who want to improve their skills (or are picking up the bassoon after time away), as well as advanced students looking for audition and performance coaching. Lessons with me are always positive, supportive, and tailored to each individual's goals and needs. My method of teaching is motivating and rewarding, and my students always succeed on their scale tests, Region and All State auditions, and college auditions. We can work on major and minor scales, beginner to advanced etudes, solo literature, audition etudes, orchestral excerpts, contemporary music and extended techniques, music theory, and more.
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Lee Q.

Lee Q.

Lee is an accomplished bassoonist who specializes in working with beginning and developing bassoon players. Lee can direct students to the best bassoon reeds and accessories, as well as advice on preparing auditions for all-state.  Lee uses the New Weissenborn Method book and offers a comprehensive digitized library of solo pieces, standard bassoon literature and orchestral excerpts. Lee received a Master of Music degree in Bassoon Pedagogy (Belmont University) and graduated from Loyola University New Orleans (Bachelor of Music Education), where she performed as principal bassoonist for both orchestras. Lee also graduated from the U.S. Armed Forces School of Music and served as a Bassoon Player in the U.S. Army with the 1st Cavalry Division Band. She currently performs with several orchestras and bands in the greater Los Angeles area.
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First lesson with Jack and my some is really happy!

Noah (Bassoon lessons with Jack F.)

Chris loves teaching woodwinds and it shows! He is amazing at bassoon as well as clarinet, flute, and shakuhachi. He’s great with breath control, musicality, and tailoring lessons to students strength

Mara (Bassoon lessons with Christopher F.)

Great teacher, very knowledgeable, smart, kind and very helpful. My son has loved doing bassoon lessons with Jack and it has helped my son tremendously! Thanks so much!

Mia Routhowski (Bassoon lessons with Jack F.)

My son has been taking lessons with Jack for close to 2 months and absolutely loves his lessons. He really enjoys learning from Jack. Jack's a great communicator and keeps me informed of my sons pro

Shiloh Shaner (Bassoon lessons with Jack F.)

First lesson with Jack and my some is really happy!

Noah (Bassoon lessons with Jack F.)

Chris loves teaching woodwinds and it shows! He is amazing at bassoon as well as clarinet, flute, and shakuhachi. He’s great with breath control, musicality, and tailoring lessons to students strength

Mara (Bassoon lessons with Christopher F.)

In the press

Bassoon Lessons

The bassoon's bass and warm tenor notes derive from 18th-century history and are thought to be a derivative of the ancient dulcian, a similarly two-reed wind instrument.

The bassoon is much more prevalent in modern music, especially in movie scores, than you may realize. It’s often used to create underlying tension in sci-fi and thriller films like The Bourne Identity, The Martian, Predator 2, and others.

Finding bassoon lessons teachers can be challenging if you’ve ever wanted to play the bassoon, so at TakeLessons, we make it easy to find the right instructor to fit every student’s needs!

Certified Bassoon Lessons Teachers

We know that students thrive under the tutelage of great teachers, so we only hire the top-rated instructors for all of our over 310 lifelong learning courses offered. Our online bassoon lessons are individually crafted to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for bassoon lessons for kids, beginners to advanced players, and even if you need someone to teach in your native language!

Our process to schedule your bassoon lesson is simple.

First, browse through our list of certified, background-screened instructors. You can read over student reviews to see their qualifications and meet with any of our bassoon teachers to discuss your interests and needs. Second, choose a lesson package to fit your budget and schedule, and take your first class!

Every teacher is an expert in their field, and bassoon lessons average $63 an hour for private online or in-person instruction.

Best Online Bassoon Lessons for All Ages

If you’re worried that age is a factor in learning the bassoon, think again. Our certified bassoon lessons teachers will craft the perfect course for students of any age and ability, making learning the bassoon flexible and easy.

At TakeLessons, we don’t believe that one size fits all, and our classes are fully customizable, meaning that a course for a 6-year-old will be different than one designed for a working adult. And the convenience that comes from individual lessons allows us to offer in-person classes or online learning to fit your busy schedules and your own pace.

Bassoon Lessons for All Levels

Just as age isn’t a factor in our classes, neither is ability and skill level. We know that we’ll have students of all different skills and interests, which is why we make our classes fully individualized and are known as the best bassoon lessons online. If you need more time and attention to working on how to play a particular section of music or simply need coaching on learning the bassoon, our teachers have the freedom to craft their classes to best suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to learn about music for the first time, are interested in learning new instruments or preparing for concert performances, we have a class and lesson that will assist you in meeting your goals.

Bassoon Lessons Curriculum

Learning the bassoon takes time, patience, and practice to learn. Our selection of teachers will create a class for every student to learn and master the bassoon.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Bassoon Lessons

If you’ve never played the bassoon or have little experience with music, then our bassoon lessons for beginners are the best place to start. As the design of the bassoon is larger than most other wind instruments, getting instruction on how to hold, breathe correctly, and maneuver along the fingering is crucial to establishing a good foundation for playing.

A sample curriculum for beginner bassoon lessons may touch on:

  • Introduction to music theory, chords and notes, music notation and reading
  • How to properly hold and balance the bassoon
  • Breathing techniques and finger strengthening exercises
  • Tunes and melodies for beginners, and much, much more!

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Bassoon Lessons

For students with some musical background and experience with the bassoon, the intermediate-level courses are designed to challenge you to improve.

A sample of the types of things you may learn in the intermediate bassoon classes may include:

  • Greater finger dexterity and breathing drills
  • Improvisational skills
  • Alternate fingerings

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Bassoon Lessons

For players that have a background in bassoon playing, our advanced classes are designed to meet your goals, whether it’s to improve at the bassoon or prepare for a concert performance.

Sample curriculum for advanced bassoon lessons may include:

  • Advanced music theory and composition
  • Performance preparation
  • Advanced drills to increase wind power and finger speed, among others

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Is it hard to learn the bassoon?


The bassoon is considered one of the more difficult instruments in the orchestra to learn to play. A double-reed instrument that stands tall is a strange-looking version of a saxophone that plays in bass and tenor notes. The design of the bassoon and length of the instrument makes it challenging to learn, especially if you were to try to understand it on your own.

What’s harder to learn, the bassoon or oboe?


The bassoon is considered harder to play than the oboe due to its size, complex fingering system, and a lack of control in the higher range of notes. That said, both the oboe and bassoon are challenging to play with good intonation and sound quality at higher notes.

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