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Neil D.

6 Reviews
Boerne, TX
Starting at $33
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2005
  • Master of Music Education from University of Texas at San Antonio
Teaching Locations:
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Neil D.

6 Reviews
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Private Piano Teacher

* Finally, a comprehensive instrumental course for students of all ages and experience levels that includes:

- Information on brands, supplies, and guidance with professional organizations

- Weekly lessons to develop and improve skills with proper finger placement, dexterity, warm-up repertoire, dynamics, rhythmic meters, and more!

- Music theory (includes music history topics) with emphasis on technology and composition

- Maintenance and repair tips

- Advanced techniques: Pedal techniques, ornamentation, improvising, world music styles, etc.

- Chamber music (accompaniment) to prepare for public performances

About Neil

I am a music educator of 13 years: I have taught both middle school band and choir to at-risk youth, as well as elementary music at a private Christian academy. My principal instrument is the saxophone (which I began playing in 1990), and I play many other instruments. As for my formal education: I

Recent Reviews
Stephen K.
Enjoyed working with Neil. Very professional and I felt very comfortable with his teaching methods. Unfortunately I will not be able to continue my lessons with him in home since I am considered high risk for the virus. I will be canceling the remainder of my in-home lessons and picking them up at a later date
First lesson was great! He's very organized. Good with kids too.
John E.
I had my first lesson with Neil, so far so great. He is a good teacher and takes pride in his work. He is thorough and seeks to enhance my knowledge.
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Tim K.

38 Reviews
Schertz, TX
Starting at $25
  • Speaks Spanish, French
  • Teaching since 1989
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Teaching Locations:
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Tim K.

38 Reviews
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Private Piano Teacher

I have taught beginning piano to students ranging from five to 80 years old. For my younger students I use the Faber Piano Adventures series. For my adult pupils I use the Alfred Adult Beginner course.

About Tim (William)

My name is Tim and I live in Schertz, Texas. I hold a BM and a BME from UTSA and an MM from Texas State. I also studied drama for 3 years at Trinity University. I have been a music teacher for 29 years. I have taught elementary music, secondary choir and college level music courses. I have perform

Recent Reviews
Damien A.
The whole thing seemed to be very unorganized
Nesli T.

April F.

3 Reviews
San Antonio, TX
Starting at $34
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • Teaching since 2012
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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April F.

3 Reviews
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Private Piano Teacher

I have been playing music since I was 3 years old and have been teaching for the last 5 years. I set up every lesson plan to match what the student would like to learn as well as making sure to meet the parents goals and expectations. I work with all ages and all levels. I also work very well with those that have special needs such as Autism. Every lesson is engaging and exciting, it is never a dull moment.

About April

I picked up music when I was very young and have never looked back. I started with the piano and then moved on to the violin, of which I competed regularly in up until high school. In high school I switched the viola and found it to me even more amazing. During high school I competed again in music

Recent Reviews
Vivien K.
She was on time we spent a wonderful our working together and I really like her style of teaching I will definitely be staying with April.
Lindsey B.
She worked with my daughter well in spite on some technical difficulties on the website.
sri nandita M.
April was really good. My daughter liked her and she is all excited.

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Robert S.

3 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • Teaching since 2007
  • Teaches students 8 and up
  • Teaches Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Robert S.

3 Reviews
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Online Piano Teacher
About Robert

It is my experience that no matter what kind of music you end up playing a solid classical piano background is invaluable. I was privately trained in classical piano from the ages 5 - 17 in Los Angeles, California. My teachers were Mary Brady, Mae Gilbert Reese and Jeane Weiss. I graduated from Ha

Recent Reviews
Lynn W.
He is very patient.
Tennessee O.
Really enjoyable lesson. Very pleased.
Moriya B.
Stop wasting your time - take Robert.

I only had the pleasure of taking piano lessons with Robert for two months since I got into Harvard and had to move to the East Coast, but I can confidently attest that he is a phenomenal teacher. To begin with, Robert brings to the table not only his classical training but also an open, creative, out-of-the-box approach. He is extremely knowledgeable and seasons lessons with fantastic facts about composers and pieces which makes everything a lot more interesting and memorable. lessons are versatile and designed to develop several key skills simultaneously. I never really played the piano before but after only two months with Robert I could read notes, develop my technique and actually play two beautiful pieces! If you are looking for a well-rounded, brilliant, cool teacher - search no more.

Adrienn L.

3 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $20
  • Speaks English, Hungarian, German
  • Teaches students 2 and up
  • Master of teaching music and choral conducting, Piano teacher, Violin teacher from Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Adrienn L.

3 Reviews
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Online Piano Teacher

I have been teaching piano professionally for 20 years. All ages welcome. Want to play your favourite songs? I teach it you . I teach you how to write and read music . I teach classical and modern piano music. I teach other musical instruments. Playing the guitar, playing the violin. I teach solfége and singing.

About Adrienn

I am a music teacher. I graduated from Liszt Ferenc Music Academy of Budapest. I studied music in YALE University and Northwestern University. I have been teaching for 20 years. I teach piano, guitar, violin, singing, solfége , music theory and music history. I teach all different ages and exper

Recent Reviews
Adrienn is an excellent teacher. She is a very patient, kind, knowledgeable and fun teacher. She is energetic, and caring person as well as being immensely talented! She helped me a lot. She knows how to analyze your vocal technique right away. She teaches you how to breath throughout your whole body. You even have a chance to work with het own your own songs!
She is an amazing and knowledgeable, talented and very patient teacher! I am very delighted to finally pick up my guitar and want to learn. She is able to adjust to the student's needs with different instrument. She is a pretty amazing teacher! She has a very good technique. She motivates me to learn more. I highly recommend she to everybody.
Adrienn is a wonderful and extremely qualified teacher! She is a brilliant concert pianist!
My kids really enjoy working with her. She inspires them to play and practice. She is very friendly and patient. We have a lot of fun with her. We love her!
She is the best teacher!

Ferlyn F.

17 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $50
  • Speaks English, English, Spanish, American Sign Language, French
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Bachelor of Arts | Theatre Arts and Dance - Dance emphasis from California State University, Los Angeles
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Ferlyn F.

17 Reviews
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Online Piano Teacher

My History of Piano:
I have been teaching piano for 10 years. My 25 years of training is mostly through private lessons and passed down generational methods taught through my mentor, Joann Maybe.

My Teaching Method:
I assess each students' levels, knowledge and styles of learning, determine the best learning paths to incorporate into the lesson and bring a "natural movement" approach of training and education.

With my method, this is to provide a collaborative & supportive environment as well as actively develop a person's life, culture and well-being. I strive to take a step further and deeper within the mind of the person who is learning dance and find one's "True Inner Dancer."

My Teaching Credits:
Private Piano Lessons

My Training Credits:
Private Piano Lessons - Joann Maybe

My Trained Methods:

PLEASE NOTE: For a more accurate look into my experience and resume, please refer to my profile. Any ...

About Ferlyn

My Teaching Philosophy: "Everyone is capable of dancing, playing an instrument, and understanding music & art performance; it is the desire, drive, determination, dedication and discipline instilled within a person and the guidance of my company's methodology that will bring these abilities to lig

Recent Reviews
Ferlyn has excellent skills in teaching dance. My daughter has improved her dance techniques in 3 classes. We highly recommend her to everyone that needs dance instructor.
Dominique N.
Given all of the positive reviews, I am refraining from giving Ferlyn only one star. I am sure she is relatively competent as a teacher. The unfortunate aspect for which she is receiving such a poor review is a significant lack of professionalism.
I arranged piano lessons with Ferlyn for my mother.
Her first lesson (for which I was present) was fine.
I then found out that at their second lesson, Ferlyn showed up very sick. This was quite concerning, especially given my mother’s age. Ferlyn definitely should have canceled that second lesson and not showed up so sick.
Then, only two hours (!) before my mother’s scheduled third lesson, I receive a text message from Ferlyn stating the following:
“Hi Dominique, wanted to let you and your mom that piano lessons will be cancelled today because it is my Birthday! I will see her next week. :)”
This was incredible. This was a cancellation only two hours prior, not due to some emergency or even due to her illness which should have caused a cancelation the week before! This was because it was her birthday. Something that would have been understandable, were she to have let us know well in advance. I am sure she knew in advance when her birthday is.
This does not reflect on TakeLessons, as I have had great experiences with other teachers.
But this degree of inconsiderateness, first with regard to the illness and then with regard to the manner of cancellation, is appalling.
Meets you at your dance level and you move forward from there. Excellent attitude and knowledgeable instructor. Professional and thorough.

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The average cost of 60-minute piano lessons in Jbsa Lackland is $68. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $25 and $167 per hour.
30 min
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45 min
$55 average
60 min
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"Theresa is an excellent teacher. She made us very comfortable in her home but most of all, our child was incredibly happy with his first ever piano lesson. We are hoping for a great outcome."
Took Piano lessons from Theresa D.
"He is very professional, cordial and knowledgeable. I played piano many years ago. He taught me helpful information that I hadn't learned at piano lessons in the past
Clear and concise.
He inspired me to enjoy playing the piano again."
Took Piano lessons from Nicholas C.
"Great first lesson! Elizabeth evaluated where I was at and listened to my ideas. She gave me some great things to practice to improve my technique. She is a very nice person and a great teacher!"
Took Piano lessons from Elizabeth E.
"Great teacher. My son has disabilities and David works around this seamlessly. I couldn't ask for a better piano teacher!"
Took Piano lessons from David E.
"Very patient! Understanding! Thank you!!"
Andrea Meza
Took Piano lessons from Ai P.
"My 5 years old son takes lessons from Karen. I have no idea how anyone can be so patient with a child who clearly somedays does not want to learn but she has this ability to kind of go along with whatever nuisance my child has started and then steers him towards the lesson. She breaks up the time into so many small pieces doing/learning different activities that a child will not get bored with what they are learning that day.
I also should mention that she comes up with different ways to undo bad habits that have been picked up and also find and suggests new ways to learn and remember the right way.
I wish we had found Karen earlier."
Took Piano lessons from Karen A M.
"I have learned so much with Amber in the short time we had together. She is patient, and extremely knowledgeable in her craft. She is amazing!"
Took Piano lessons from Amber A.
"Awesome guy! Very knowledgeable"
Took Piano lessons from Jonathan H.
"Ramona is a very patient and kind teacher who will work with your individual needs and abilities. She’s very talented and it’s a pleasure to talk and play with her."
Took Piano lessons from Ramona D.
"So far I've had 5 classes with Marwan and I have to say he is GREAT!!

He has helped me improved significantly within this short period with both piano skills and theories. Marwan makes sure to understand your skill level and music knowledge in the 1st class and prepare the class based on your current skill level. I am in my late 20's and considered a beginner player, I was a little nervous in the beginning that I won't be able to learn as quickly as younger kids do and might struggle. But that thought disappeared immediately after my first 2 classes with Marwan. He understood it very well about what I wanted to learn and needed to improve at that stage. The class with him is super FUN.

I've had other instructors in the past but I always ended losing interests in playing after a while for various reasons. Because of that, in comparison I can say Marwan is very different from my past instructors and experiences, I enjoy the class very much and always look forward to the following week's class to find out what I will learn next.
He can be strict sometimes but because of that, you are always reminded what's not right with your plays.

I am very satisfied so far and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marwan!!!
(But at the same time if he gets tooooo popular, I will be sad not to have the flexibility of getting his classes...lol)"
Took Piano lessons from Marwan S.
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