How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost

How Much Are Piano Lessons for Kids?

How Much Do Piano Lessons CostDetermining the right budget your child’s piano lessons can be difficult. Some teachers charge very little, while others may charge an arm and a leg. So how does anybody know how much to pay? In this article, we address the question, “How much are piano lessons for kids?”

The Average Price of a Piano Lesson and What Determines the Cost

If you look around on the Internet, you’ll find that the average half-hour lesson costs between $15-$40. While this may seem like a wide range, several factors go into the price your teacher sets. For example:

  • Lesson Length – The length of the lesson is an obvious factor. For example, a one-hour lesson may cost between $30-80, and a two-hour lesson will of course be more than that. While you might be tempted to start with a half-hour lesson simply based on price, it’s smart to talk with your child’s teacher beforehand to see what he or she recommends.
  • Location – Where you’re located in the country, as well as the physical location of the lessons, can both come into play when calculating the cost of piano lessons for kids. Teachers in bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York, for example, will command higher prices than those in smaller towns. Furthermore, if your teacher comes to your house for lessons, the price will likely incorporate their expenses for gas and time spent traveling. This can add $5-$20 to the price of each lesson. Some teachers may also rent studio space where they conduct lessons. Studios or music schools often charge teachers a percentage of the lesson fee, or a set price, in order to use their space and with this added cost, prices may go up $10-$20.
  • Experience and Qualification – The credibility of the teacher is another key factor in determining cost. Someone who has been playing piano for two years is likely to charge less than someone with 10 years of experience.  As with any profession, a person with more experience is likely to be a more mature player, has spent more time teaching and perhaps knows more nuanced techniques. If your child has a learning disability or other special needs, finding a teacher with specific training may raise the price, as well.

Additional Costs

On top of the lesson price, keep in mind that your child may need additional materials, such as books and other accessories – not to mention the actual piano or keyboard, if you don’t already have one. The additional materials don’t have to be expensive, and you may even be able to buy them second-hand.

Books will generally cost between $5-50 per year, depending on what your child is working on. A metronome comes at a one-time cost of $10-20. The piano or keyboard is going to be your biggest expense. Pianos range anywhere from $200 for an inexpensive used one to thousands of dollars for a brand new one.

Do these products seem out of range for you? Don’t worry – many teachers have books you can borrow, or can give you recommendations for lower-cost materials. As far as a metronome goes, why not use your laptop or smartphone to find a free metronome and/or tuner app?

If a piano is too large an investment, why not try out a keyboard? Keyboards offer high quality sound and more versatility at a cheaper price. For detailed information, talk with your child’s piano teacher and find out what they think is best. You may find this article on selecting a keyboard versus a piano useful.

What It All Comes Down To

Answering the question ” How much are piano lessons for kids?” need not be confusing. Look for a teacher with the right combination of the factors discussed above. When you find the right teacher, the investment you put in – both time and money – is worth it!

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