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"I can't say enough about this amazing teacher. My two daughters have been with her for several years now. They have grown as vocalists and performers.
Dena has an extensive range of musical talent, training and knowledge. She is intuitive and respectful of a child's feelings. She always seems to know how to best approach her students to get the most from them. I could go on and on.
If you are looking for a music teacher, I say "look no further"."
"Worked very well with my six year old daughter."
"Bye! Thank You!"

I had been playing Guitar with zero musical training and zero knowledge of theory for about a year and a half prior to being taught by Francesca.
I've only been to lessons once a week for a few months and my dexterity as Well as my knowledge of theory has been vastly improved. The laid back environment coupled with Francesca's great communication skills make learning comfortable and easy. The experience is always focused on bettering your playing and you as a musician. There is never fear of embarrasment from messing up or being incorrect because of the friendly encouraging atmosphere. .From an aspiring beginner to an experienced musician looking for guidance, I believe Francesca's lessons could be helpful to anyone looking to improve on or become a musician."
"We are loving working with Nick. He is teaching both me (mom) and my daughter (age 6) in beginner piano. He has a great way of teaching so it's not over
whelming, but we feel like we progress each week. He's calm and kind and very well educated in his craft. Highly recommended!"
"Matt did a good job for our first lesson. We are definitely looking forward to meeting with him for the second lesson"
"Kevin is a great instructor. Really enjoying my lessons. If doing them over skype, I would recommend using a hardwired connection and not wifi. Laggy s
kype connection on my end is the only problem. Kevin's connection is fine."
"Great teacher, with advanced knowledge and skill in his profession."
"Julie is great. She's been teaching piano to our 5-year old daughter and she loves Julie's encouraging and caring style. Highly recommended."

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