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Britta P.

Britta P.

I approach music lessons with flexibility. The joy of working one-on-one is that we can adjust the lesson to whatever the student brings to the table each time. Practiced a lot? Excellent! Show me what you can do. Having a difficult time with something? Not a problem; let me help. Feeling fatigued? It’s okay; I understand. We’ll take it a tad easier today. I’m sensitive to my students’ needs, and I’m more than happy to make learning an instrument accessible, whatever is going on. I offer 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lessons. 30 minutes each week is enough, and it’s a great place to start. More experienced students usually prefer 45- or 60-minute lessons. The longer the lesson, the more opportunities for repeated practice, covering more material, and faster overall progress. Whatever lesson length you choose, you’ll get a lot out of it! Prices are as follows: $35 / 30-minute lesson $45 / 45-minute lesson $55 / 60-minute lesson Generally, we start with a warm-up. Then, we proceed to go over the songs the student has been practicing since last time. I provide feedback and coaching. When we’re ready, we move on to new music and assign it for practice. I’m your guide as the music gets progressively more challenging. When time allows, we have several miscellaneous activities to choose from, such as theory, ear training, and review. We may also have a Disney book or something like that to work out of. My students typically work on the side on a range of music from outside the books, from video games, movies, memes, and pop music. I teach all my piano students with the Piano Adventures method book series by Nancy and Randall Faber. There are four different versions of the books, depending on at what age the student starts, from Young Beginners (ages 3-5) through Adults. I adore this series; I know it inside and out. More experienced students can also choose to incorporate more and more additional music into our lessons. Playing an instrument can be an absolute joy! Put in a little time consistently, and you will be amazed what you can do. Let’s take a moment to appreciate just a handful of benefits, just off the cuff. 1. The joy of observing progress and growth – fast. 2. Cultivation of creativity. 3. BRAIN POWER. 4. Constant opportunities for self-expression. 5. Reduces stress.
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Marwan makes learning piano fun!

Laura (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

My 6 year old daughter is developing a great foundation and is enthusiastic about learning the piano. Marwan is a great match for her!

Sandra (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Funny and engaging teacher who was willing to go the extra mile to structure a lesson plan that met my specific piano goals. Very knowledgeable and accomodating.

Oliver (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Very good and thorough. Great first lesson. He listens and then gets right to it. Friendly and passionate about what he does.

Jason (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

Marwan makes learning piano fun!

Laura (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

My 6 year old daughter is developing a great foundation and is enthusiastic about learning the piano. Marwan is a great match for her!

Sandra (Piano lessons with Marwan S.)

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