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10 Best Piano Brands for Every Kind of Pianist (w/Sound Clips!)

June 14, 2021

10 Best Piano Brands for Every Kind of Pianist (w/Sound Clips!)

Best Piano Brands

When you’re in the market for a piano, the possibilities of piano brands can seem endless. Yamaha or Kawai? Digital or acoustic? If you want to end up with the perfect piano for your budget, skill level, and musical goals, this guide is a great place to start. Any one of these 10 popular pianos will offer you an excellent choice.

Brand Electric Option Endorsed by
Yamaha Yes Alicia Keys, Elton John, Chick Korea
Steinway & Sons No Lang Lang, Mitsuko Uchida, Martha Argerich
Kawai Yes Joe Yamada, Steven Curtis Chapman
Bösendorfer No Kimiko Ishizaka, Beatrice Berrut, Saskia Giorgini
C. Bechstein No Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Vassily Primakov, Kit Armstrong, Michael Dalberto
Blüthner No Brahms, Mahler, Wagner, The Beatles, Rima Chacaturian, Billy Childs, Ying Feng
Mason & Hamlin No Brian Culbertson, Jarrod Radnich, Rod Tanski
Stuart & Sons No Gregory Kinda, Fiona Joy Hawkins
Casio Yes Rachel Sage, Larry Dunn, Kyle Morrison
Roland Yes Jim Brickman, David Benoit, Marcus Johnson

What Are the 12 Best Piano Brands?

The 12 best piano brands include Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Bösendorfer, C. Bechstein, Blüthner, Mason & Hamlin, Stuart & Sons, Casio, & Roland.


This Japanese brand is recognized worldwide for its excellence and versatility. They build sturdy, high quality pianos and offer good digital options, as well. Their pianos are known for having a signature bright sound that still maintains a round quality.

One of Yamaha’s coolest features is its silent piano option, which allows you to play an acoustic piano but hear the sound through headphones.

Many well-known musicians endorse Yamaha including Alicia Keys, Elton John, and Chick Corea. Their prices are fair for the quality, and they are a reasonable option for anyone looking for an upright.

Find them here.

Steinway & Sons

Quality and history come together to form Steinway & Sons, founded by a German immigrant in New York City, where it remains today.

Many famous pianists endorse the brand including Lang Lang, Mitsuko Uchida, and Martha Argerich. Steinway offers different sizes of grand pianos, which are often selected based on the size of the concert hall they are used in.

They’ve also created two lines of pianos for those with a more limited budget: the Essex (entry level) and the Boston (mid-level).

Find them here.


Kawai is another Japanese piano brand that offers pianos at a reasonable price range. They are durable, well-made instruments with unique features, including longer keys for increased technical ease and the use of different materials in their construction.

Kawai’s digital pianos were the first to be built with wood keys, offering the experience of an acoustic piano. Kawai uprights and digital pianos are great for intermediate pianists who want a fairly priced, durable option. Artists playing Kawai pianos include Joe Yamada and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Find them here.


If you care about tradition and history when shopping for piano brands, you will value Bösendorfer. Established in 1828, the pianos have a rich and luscious sound. One innovation is the addition of keys beyond the typical 88.

This piano maker is best for connoisseurs and serious pianists who are ready to invest in a well-crafted instrument. Their pianos are among the most expensive in the world. 

Artists who love Bösendorfer pianos include Kimiko Ishizaka, Beatrice Berrut, and Saskia Giorgini.

Find them here.

C. Bechstein

Bechstein pianos have a long history, with endorsements from composers like Franz Liszt and Claude Debussy creating a worldwide demand. Vassily Primakov, Kit Armstrong, and Michael Dalberto are all well-known pianists who prefer these pianos.

The German pianos are ideal for concert hall performances and recording studio work. They also offer a line of high quality upright pianos. The price range of the Concert pianos is high, but Bechstein has created three other piano brands to suit a variety of needs.

Beginners can explore the Zimmerman and W. Hoffman brands, while advanced players should look at the C. Bechstein Academy brand.

Find them here.


Blüthner is a Leipzig-based, German brand that achieved acclaim in the time of composers like Brahms, Mahler, and Wagner. It also grew in popularity with The Beatles’ music.

These pianos have stood the test of time. Many artists are fans of Blüthner pianos, including Rima Chacaturian, Billy Childs, and Ying Feng.

Blüthner pianos are best for those who value tradition and creativity. Known as the piano with the “golden tone,” the price tag reflects the quality of the brand.

Find them here.

Mason & Hamlin

This Massachusetts-based brand is a stalwart in the industry, making several models of grand pianos and a professional upright model. Their pianos are especially well-built and made to last.

Mason & Hamlin made several innovations in the design of their pianos, including the crown retention system used in the soundboard, and are a good choice for anyone interested in purchasing a quality vintage piano.

The pianos are on par with Steinway in performance, and their price tag reflects this. Artists playing the timeless pianos include Brian Culbertson, Jarrod Radnich, and Rod Tanski.

Find them here.

Stuart & Sons

Want to have your own custom-built piano? Australian brand Stuart & Sons builds pianos with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Custom orders can be placed directly with the piano makers.

The pianos come in concert grand and studio grand sizes, with either 97 keys or 102 keys. These pianos are unique works of art and as such, are best for those with a high budget who want a piano full of personality.

Artists playing Stuart & Sons pianos include Gregory Kinda and Fiona Joy Hawkins.

Find them here.


Casio is an electronic keyboard maker known for producing lightweight and compact keyboards that can go anywhere. Their price can’t be beat. The portable models are popular, but Casio also offers more advanced arranger keyboards and space-saving, discreet console pianos.

This brand comes from Japan, and is popular with singers, pop musicians, and stage performers. Rachel Sage, Larry Dunn, and Kyle Morrison all use Casio.

Casio keyboards are best for young beginner pianists, those with interests in rock, pop, or metal, and pianists who enjoy experimenting with unique sounds.

Find them here.


Roland, also from Japan, offers both digital and acoustic pianos in a moderate price range. They are aesthetically-pleasing pianos that are recommended for a variety of needs.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a digital piano or a more serious pianist looking for a well-made acoustic, Roland has something for you. The F-120 is a popular model for a beginner looking for a digital piano. Jim Brickman, David Benoit, and Marcus Johnson all play Rolands.

Find them here.

How to Find the Right Piano for You

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced pianist, there are some guidelines you can follow to make the process of how to choose a piano easier

  • Do you prefer digital or acoustic pianos?
    • While many prefer the feeling of striking an acoustic piano’s keys, these pianos do come with some additional upkeep. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of annual tuning.
  • What is your budget for a piano?
    • Setting a budget will help narrow down your options. Your budget will affect whether you buy new versus used, digital versus acoustic, or one piano brand over another.
  • What are your goals with playing piano?
    • Just because you’re a beginner who doesn’t need 88 keys now doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Likewise, after a few years you might feel unsatisfied with a cheaper keyboard that doesn’t have weighted keys. Consider investing more so you can keep enjoying your piano over the years. Or if you’re just trying out a piano, start small and upgrade once you’re more committed.

The Right Piano Will Be One You Can Play With Expression

Once you find a piano, you’ll know it’s the right one because it will help you express your emotions through the music. Learn how to play piano with expression in this video:

How to Choose a Piano: Follow Your Needs

Figuring out how to choose a piano is a personal decision with many factors unique to each individual. Trying different pianos in person is the best way to gain insight into the right piano for you.

If you still need help deciding between the many pianos that are available, try seeking advice from an experienced piano teacher. Now that you’ve explored all of the best piano brands, start improving your playing skills in the free piano classes at TakeLessons Live.

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