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Glenn teaches: Ages 7 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: January 2005
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I have been active in the entertainment industry since the age of 12, when I gave my first professional performance. Prior to that I was already being introduced to music with years of guitar, and then vocal instruction. I do not remember a time of my life when I was not singing somewhere; in the house, in the yard, in the classroom. That is perhaps why I identify so well with the young people who gather so much enjoyment from "just singing" at every opportunity. I studied professionally for over 10 years with renown soprano and voice teacher Sylvia Jensen, who was instrumental in the enhancement of my vocal knowledge and technique. She is now the Director of Education for the Miss Ohio pageants of the Miss America competitions, elevating many young ladies to the national spotlight. At age 14, I auditioned for, and was added to cast of a network television variety program, "The Gene Carroll Show", that was a television institution for over 30 years in the Midwest. I was a featured performer on that program for over 7 years, all the while perfecting the art of "playing to a camera." This experience was invaluable, and the knowledge I gathered is now included in my curriculum. I also began performing a solo act in the nightclub circuit at the age of 15, performing up and down the "north coast" from Cleveland, OH, (my home), to Erie. PA. At a very young age, I learned the difficult art of choosing musical material and pacing a show; also adapting to performing under a myriad of conditions with a vast array of musical accompaniment. After graduating college with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I assembled my own band, and took to the road. That experience eventually brought the act to Las Vegas in 1982. Over the years my show has been a staple in major casino cabarets in Las Vegas, and all over Nevada. Since my first engagement at The Landmark Hotel in the early 1980's, I have literally been up and down the famed Las Vegas Strip many times over. The Desert Inn, The Dunes, The Stardust, The Maxim, The Tropicana, New York New York, Mandalay Bay, MGM, Bally's, The Flamingo, The Imperial Palace, The Four Queens, The Golden Nugget, The Fremont, The Venetian, The Palazzo, and a three year engagement at The Riviera. My show is truly comprised of musical variety; classics, show tunes, jazz, rock, blues, r&b, country. Even a presentation of "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera, that I perform in full costume. It is this ability to successfully deliver an extensive repertoire that I am enthusiastic about passing along to the next generation of entertainers.

I have been truly blessed in my career to have experienced so many highlights; too many to document. From winning an understudy roll in the Broadway Musical "Platinum" starring Hollywood actress Alexis Smith, to performing our National Anthem at events ranging from Major League Baseball to ESPN Boxing to receptions for major dignitaries, to recording 7 albums and a full-length video, to being asked to perform for Mr. Frank Sinatra at the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament, I have lived a full life on stage, learning and absorbing every bit of knowledge gathered along the way.
Now it is my desire to escalate my status as an educator to a more "one on one" experience; availing myself the opportunity to pass along that wealth of knowledge to individual students who aspire to enjoy the entertainment profession as I have, providing them with the skills needed to successfully compete. Or, should it be their choice not to pursue entertainment as a vocation, to gain a working understanding of all facets of their instrument so as to gain a better appreciation of music. Whatever the goal of the student, I feel that I am equipped to provide them with the tools needed to achieve that goal.

*** Lesson Details ***
Content of Sessions

Generally, the first 10-15 minutes of each lesson will be focused on vocal warm up and exercise. (For guitar students, we will review the previous
week's assignment). For Vocal Students, it is understood that the voice mechanism is made up of muscles, and as an athlete prepares for a sporting event, a singer must prepare to vocalize. It is at this time in our lesson when the student will develop good habits of voice maintenance, which will serve them well throughout their careers. The proper care and preservation of the vocal unit cannot be stressed enough, especially for pubescent and pre-pubescent students. Vocal chords in a developmental stage are most susceptible to damage, and because they are particularly sensitive, they must be handled with care. Our warm up regimen is designed to strengthen as well as preserve the singing voice.

I am not an advocate of getting too involved and "bogged down" in the technical aspects of singing, especially with the young students, and
especially early in our program. This is not to say that breath control, tonality, pitch, etc. are not vital to good singing, because these workings are ESSENTIAL, and their application will certainly be incorporated into our studies. Some instructors, on occasion, have a tendency to lose sight of the fact that much to do with singing happens "naturally", and too much focus on the "technical" can actually be inhibiting. This can alter a beautiful, natural tone into one that is unnatural and contrived.

I adhere to the philosophy that above all else, SINGERS WANT TO SING SONGS, and musicians-in-training want to play music. That is our focus, and all of our training is conceived with that objective in mind. All the technical knowledge and coaching serves no purpose without practical application. It is my belief that the most significant progress occurs when a vocalist is singing a song.

Nearly every element of instruction can be utilized in the performance of one song. This is why the majority of our session time will be spent "in song". For the very young student, we will concentrate our efforts with the students choices of favorite and familiar songs. The older students will undoubtedly have favorite songs, styles and artists. Special attention will be paid to the genre most enjoyed by the student, but diversity will be emphasized as well, and a variety of genres will be unpacked and explored. I believe that whatever a student's musical goals and aspirations, it is in their best interest to gain knowledge and insight in all facets of music, singing, and performance.

The most vital pre-requisite for any student is their enthusiasm. My ambition will be to harness that enthusiasm and channel it productively through stimulating instruction. Our sessions will be informative and educational, but always predicated upon "having fun with music".

I am proud to feature a curriculum that emphasizes the entertainment aspect of singing as well as the technical; created to benefit all ages and experience levels, from beginner to seasoned professional. After just weeks of my "Triple Threat Training" a student will begin to see astounding results: vocally, musically, and in the art of performance. I am excited to share my knowledge with you. Let's get started!

*** Studio Equipment ***
My studio is equipped with a full vocal sound system with microphones that I utilize to teach the valuable art of mic technique. Young students enjoy using the mics and hearing themselves sing and perform. Since our lessons are predicated on enjoying the art of singing, this opportunity has proven invaluable. For the advanced performer, studying all aspects of amplification and what a singer should know about their stage sound is a part of our educational curriculum. My studio is furnished with the equipment that is essential to mastering that knowledge.
Since the practical aspect of my course is based on singing songs, I provide all the latest technology required to allow my students the opportunity to sing the songs of their choosing, with and without the lead vocal tracks. I feel that when students are singing their favorite songs, it offers me the greatest teaching opportunities. I make certain the every musical genre can be represented, and feel I have the knowledge and ability to guide the student is whatever their musical tastes. My studio is also equipped with piano (for vocal exercises), and guitars, which gives me opportunity to accompany my students when the musical moment is appropriate. Be assured that all the technology I need to fulfill the educational needs of my students is but a step away!!


Private Instructor of Entertainment Arts Jan 2005 - Present
The Glenn W. Academy

I have been instructing prospective singers, actors and musicians to some degree and in various capacities since 1980. I opened my Academy for private instruction in 2005 for the exclusive purpose of passing along the knowledge I have absorbed during my 45+ year career, seeking to help talented, passionate and committed students of all ages achieve a dream that I have been lucky enough to live...

Professional Entertainer Sep 1971 - Present
The Glenn W. Show

Working in all aspects of performance including but not limited to vocalist and bandleader, actor, guitarist, emcee, voice over talent, television performer, etc. Did I mention Singing Telegrams?


Associate of Arts/ Marketing Sep 1974 - Jun 1979
Cuyahoga Community College/ Akron University

Languages Spoken

English Professional Proficiency


Working With At-Risk Youth May 2010
Professional Developement of School Employees

Strategies for educating and communicating with students who have histories of environmental debilitation.

Exceptional Student Education May 2010

Strategies for educating students with exceptional talents and abilities.

Advanced Classroom Management May 2010

Strategies for incorporating instructional material in a classroom setting

Instructional Strategies May 2010
Professional Developement of School Employees

How to build and execute teaching strategies


Best Teacher on the Planet Jan 2011
My students
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33 Reviews on Glenn W.

Julie B. May 6, 2015
Singing · Online
Verified Student
Glenn has been the perfect singing teacher for my 16 y/o daughter. Not only has he greatly improved her singing style, he is teaching her how to write songs and writing music for her lyrics. He encourages her every lesson and I have seen her confidence bloom since staring with Glenn.
Valentina L. Feb 8, 2015
Singing · Online
Verified Student
My singing skills have improved so much after I started taking Glenn's classes. My confidence also increased. He is a wonderful teacher.
Flora W. Jan 2, 2015
Acting · In home
Verified Student
Excellent instructor so far! :)
Michelle O. Nov 13, 2014
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Glenn style for teaching is spot on. Encouraging positive and great feedback with positive criticism. Helping my daughter reach her full potential and with humor love and kindness. Great environment to improve anyone's voice at any level. Highly recommend him.
Julie B. Nov 7, 2014
Singing · Online
Verified Student
We have only had four lessons so far, but they have been great.
Sherry B. Oct 30, 2014
Singing · Online
Verified Student
My daughter is 14 years old. She has been taking voice lessons for the past two years. We moved to a very suburban area where there were no voice teachers close to our town. We tried online lesson with Glen for the first time. We are re-signing up. My daughter and I are pleased to find a instructor as gifted as Glenn.
Chuck B. Oct 23, 2014
Verified Student
I just wanted to summarize my thoughts about Glenn W. I am a seasoned CEO of both successful private and public companies. I know a lot about what it takes to be successful and how to motivate people to go beyond their own expectations! I have also taken guitar and voice lessons in the past from what I refer to as "textbook" instructors. Glenn W is NOT your textbook instructor!! He is big time experienced and he knows what it takes to get YOU, his student, to a level you never dreamed of!! He becomes not only your "teacher", he becomes your "mentor", your "coach", and at times your very very "best friend". He doesn't tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you NEED to hear!! He takes copies notes at each session, on your voicing, guitar technique and your ability to "charm an audience" if that's your goal. And, his weekly critiques are "gently", yet brutally honest. I especially LOVE it when he actually "verbally beats me up". It makes me work twice has hard for the next week's visit!!! My goal has always been to be a performer, and with Glenn's years of experience, I know now, I am going to "get there"!!!! And, when I do, the ONE I will THANK FIRST, is Glenn W!!! He's NO "teacher"; he is a SEASONED PROFESSOR of "performance"( whether it's guitar technique, voice or performing in any venue ) and a "silent" gift to those in Las Vegas that have a yearning to learn and perform!!!! This guy isn't a 5 star rating; he's a 5 DIAMOND!!!!!!!

Thank you, Glenn

Chuck B.
Micheal S. Oct 30, 2013
Verified Student
Amazing Just Amazing

I have been watching my daughter grow and become even more confidant in her singing.
Glenn is a fantastic teacher, and really makes his students feel special. He helps them builds on their strengths while pushing them to expand their limits.
I was skeptical at first using on online service to find a voice instructor; I looked at the site for weeks wondering if this was some kind of rip off, I am very glad I tried it. I can’t believe the changes in my girls in just a few short weeks
Robin D. Sep 19, 2013
Verified Student
Glenn is an AMAZING TEACHER!!!

I took my daughter to Glenn for vocal coaching after reading all the great reviews. This man is AMAZING! One of the first things he expressed is that having fun is a big part of entertainment. From the very start he put her at ease letting her know there is no wrong or right as long as she enjoys what she is doing and sings songs that she is passionate about. This is a perfect approach for takes the pressure off of them allowing them freedom to express their talent and evolve naturally. Glens thinks outside the box ...WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM. My daughters voice has improved and she is not anxious when she sings in front of me anymore (-; If you are considering voice lessons ...TAKE LESSONS from GLENN AND YOU WILL BE HOOKED!
Stuart H. Jul 30, 2013
Verified Student
Great Experience with Glenn W.

I started taking guitar lessons from Glenn almost a year ago. It turned into much more than that. I was wanting to expand my abilities and "play list" in preparation for performing in my daughter's wedding ceremony which was June 29, 2013. After my time with Glenn I became a better guitar player, a better singer, and he encouraged me and helped me write a beautiful song for my daughter - someting I never thought I would do - so I am now a composer. Playing a song I wrote in my daughter's wedding was a life event for me and something myself and my family will cherish forever. It has been an awesome experience and I can never thank Glenn enough!!!