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Vasiliy is great! He's an amazing teacher, I know this because teachers usually get frustrated with me very quickly(I'm a slow processor and have some learning difficulties), but Vasiliy explained thi

Murphy (Singing lessons with Vasiliy M.)

Great V is the man helps me with my breathing & bringing out the richness in my voice. Also he gave me more confidence in myself as a artist.

Don (Singing lessons with Vasiliy M.)

Vasily is a superb teacher, extremely knowledgeable, and a joy to work with.

Andrew O Brown (Singing lessons with Vasiliy M.)

AMAZING TEACHER! Had my first lesson and I was so inspired to keep learning to sing. Denise is so knowledgeable and so kind. 100% would recommend!

Jacky (Singing lessons with Denise B.)

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The Right Song For Your Range - Boston Singing Lessons

Maya A.

By Maya A. - Boston Singing Teacher

We hear tons of songs on the radio, on our iPods and on the Internet. Why do the singers make them sound so effortless? As a teacher of singing lessons in Boston, I'm always surprised as to what students think their voice should be able to do already before any lessons. I had one student who was very ambitious about singing songs at the top of his register, so I introduced a few songs that worked on slowly expanding his range. Eventually, he was able to sing higher songs effortlessly.

As a voice teacher of multiple genres, students have asked me if they can sing a song that goes a little too high or too low for their voice. What makes a song right for your range? When you pick a song you want to sing, there are a few things you might want to consider: for example, is the song sung by a woman or a man? Men and women have different voices. Pop and rock songs are usually written to suit the needs of these two different categories. Let's take an example. If you're a guy who feels comfortable singing low notes without much effort then a John Mayer song might be great for you! However, if you are a girl who loves to sing high, a low jazz song may not be right for you.

When you start voice lessons in Boston, you and your teacher should work together to find a song that sits comfortably on your voice: it might have a breathy low or high note when you start learning it, but no notes that take a great amount of effort to sing. Over a period of weeks, working on "comfortable" songs like these will help to expand your range so those breathy low and high notes will become clearer!

It's important to remember that everyone's voice is different. Most songs are written for a particular singer's vocal range. If you've been trying to master a song for months and it still feels awkward to sing, it might not be not you; it might be the song! Move on and try a different song.

I hope these tips help as you embark upon your singing lessons in Boston and work on finding the right songs for your voice. Good luck!

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