15 Powerful Alto Songs for Auditions

audition songs for altos

There are dozens of excellent alto songs to choose from, whether you have an upcoming audition or performance.

The most important part of vocal auditions is taking a piece and making it your own. When looking for talent, directors don’t want to hear another rendition of something they’ve heard many times before; you need to make sure you stand out!

Check out this video for a few alto audition songs, and then keep scrolling for more options that are bound to make an impression.

Best Audition Songs for Altos

1. “I Want to Go to Hollywood” – Grand Hotel

“I Want to Go to Hollywood” is a good choice for younger singers who want to show off their ability to reach lower notes. It is best used for musical theater auditions requiring something a little more upbeat, or for anyone who feels that jazz is their strong point.

2. “Somewhere” – West Side Story

Another one of the most popular audition songs for altos, “Somewhere” shows off your ability to both act and sing. It also includes a number of reasonably high notes, so it highlights your ability to sing a wide range.

3. “I Can Hear the Bells” – Hairspray

“I Can Hear the Bells” should only be attempted by altos who can really nail this challenging piece. When sung well, it can be the perfect choice for an up-tempo and jazzy audition.

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4. “Another Night at Darryl’s” – Witches of Eastwick

This is one of the best alto songs on this list. “Another Night at Darryl’s” is made up entirely of notes that any alto should be able to easily reach, while at the same time shows off a wide range.

Full of character, this song is not very frequently used (nor are most other pieces from Witches of Eastwick), so it presents a good opportunity for you to “wow” your director!

5. “A Change in Me” – Beauty and the Beast

Although songs from Beauty and the Beast are frequently used in auditions, “A Change in Me” is not used as often. The song starts quite low but rises much higher near the end, so it’s perfect for showing off a good range.

Any of these alto songs would be an excellent choice for your next performance. But if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out the additional suggestions below.

  • “Here We Are” – Gloria Estefan
  • “Lithium,” “Good Enough,” or “Lacrymosa” – Evanescence
  • “Close to You,” “Rainy Days and Mondays,” or “Only Yesterday” – The Carpenters
  • “The Power of Goodbye,” “Frozen,” or “Live to Tell” – Madonna

Some final pointers – Remember that in musical theater, your song choice is usually dependent on the role for which you’re auditioning.

We also recommend avoiding alto songs that are overused. Songs from shows like Les Miserables and Wicked are very common. However, if you believe you can sing one of these popular songs extremely well, don’t be afraid to use it!

Do you have any more suggestions of good alto audition songs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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23 replies
  1. Indira
    Indira says:

    Hi im in highschool, im a drama major and im trying out for into the woods. But i wanted to know is the song “i can hear the bells” a good song to sing for this audition Please get back to me ASAP ! 🙂

    • Alexis Kay Bensoussan
      Alexis Kay Bensoussan says:

      I was in the musical Beauty and the Beast at my school (I’m in middle school), and we were given songs to audition with. So here are some songs you could consider to audition with:
      * “Beauty and the Beast”- Mrs. Potts.
      * “Be Our Guest”- Lumiere
      * “Home”- Belle
      These are just a few songs from the musical. Make sure, if you do sing any of these songs, that you know that they are from Beauty and the Beast, and not just a different song.
      I hope I was helpful!

  2. Phoebe
    Phoebe says:

    Hey, I’m in high school and am trying to get into a production of into the woods. I am an alto. I can’t decide between “a house is not a home,(promises,promises)” “dancing through life,(wicked)” or “status quo,(starship).” The problem is that we can only sing 12 measures of the song. Do any of these sound like a good choice?

    • Georgie
      Georgie says:

      Hey! I was just in Into the Woods cast as the Baker’s Wife and I used “No Way to Stop It” from The Sound of Music and “If I were a Bell” from Guys and Dolls…. Check those out!

  3. Nina
    Nina says:

    Auditioning to get into a musical theatre course in my highschool, is I think I got you beat from Shrek a good choice for a female Alto?

    • veronica
      veronica says:

      For an alto, I recommended checking out songs from Heathers the Musical. Personally, for me, I like to use Dead Girl Walking (depending on the type of show I’m auditioning for) because it’s a good one for an alto. All of Veronica Sawyer’s songs from the show would be good, maybe, though.

  4. Alice
    Alice says:

    Auditioning for Les Mis in high school, and I am a low alto. Does anyone have any reasonably low but impressive alto songs I could use?

  5. amie
    amie says:

    hi i am auditioning for the pajama game and i have to sing a song. This will be my first musical/ play audition ever and i can’t find a song that is made for an alto that will work any tips on songs.

  6. Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose says:

    Hey I’m 13 a powerhouse alto and auditioning for Americas got Talent so y’all have any requests for what I might be able to do?

  7. Bethany Lexa
    Bethany Lexa says:

    Hi I’m an alto 1 auditioning for ACDA which is a regional honors choir and I need a good classical song that solos an alto voice. Any ideas?

  8. Bethany Paige
    Bethany Paige says:

    Hi I’m an alto 1 auditioning for ACDA which is a regional honors choir and I need a good classical song that solos an alto voice. Any ideas?

  9. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Hi! My name is Rebecca, I am in high school auditioning for the role of “Wednesday Adams” and I am really finding a hard time choosing a song to audition with (it can’t be from the show) please please help me out!!

  10. Maddie
    Maddie says:

    Hey guys! I’m 14 and I’m trying out for Spamalot! I need an alto song with diva-ish qualities and from a musical! I might try “There are worse things I could do” from Grease… Is that a good one?

  11. Megan
    Megan says:

    Hi! I’ve done many plays when I was younger but I’m and alto and I’m auditioning for South Pacific and I can’t dind a song that fits the theme of the musical with matching my voice style I was think something along the lines of I enjoy being a girl-Flower Girl Drum All that’s jazz -Chicago or another night at Darryl’s-witches of eastwick any help is much appreciated

  12. Nicole Oliver
    Nicole Oliver says:

    I am in middle school and I’m trying out for our highest choir. I was wondering if I should sing “A Change In Me” in Beauty and the beast. If you could respond asp that will be great.


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