8 thoughts on “50 Best Age-Appropriate Theater Audition Songs for Teens

  1. Auditors are really getting sick of “Astonishing”, “I Want To Live Out Loud”, and “Don’t Rain on my Parade”. If you really love the song by all means sing it however just a warning that this is the attitude I am receiving from the people in the industry! “Still Hurting” is not a realistic song for a teen girl to sing. It’s about a woman who is going through a divorce. Sure she could sing it but what really matters is can she ACT it? I do not believe auditors would be convinced that a teen would understand divorce. That song takes serious maturity “Think of Me” or anything from Phantom will truly make auditors roll their eyes. Same with “Don’t Rain” they are insane songs to sing and take years of training that a teen might have but a teen would never be cast in either those roles.
    The rest are good choices.

  2. Hi! I’m an alto auditioning for Meet Me in St. Lois. Do you have any suggestions for an audition song??

    1. Look what happened to Mabel from Mack and Mabel is very cute and time period good for the lead or any female featured parts

      Also the song “he’s here” is really funny and cute alone with happy to keep his dinner warm from how to succeed in business

  3. I’m a girl and I was wanting to audition for a competitive art school because I enjoy singing do you have any idea what school I should look into preferably around Missouri Kansas or Arkansas

  4. Hey! I’m trying out for the King And I and I need audition song suggestions. The song can be from any musical, but preferably something that is similar to the King And I. I also wanted to try out for the main girl’s role. Any suggestions?

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